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Subject: Info Re:Wetlook guy, non wetlook wife

Date: Thu 14/03/19 20:33:34 GMT

Name: Dangerfield us

Email: rdeditor@hotmail.com


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Okay, this has to be the best question I've seen on here in a long time. Normally I wouldn't respond to this but since I've been in this same boat, I'll add my own two cents.


I was married to a woman to whom I confessed my love for wetlook. At first she was sort of "okay" with it, hell, we even set up a website and sold pictures with her getting wet, but in the long run, I discovered that she only did it for the money, which wasn't much, and even with that, she never really cared for it and finally stopped doing it. In the end, it contributed to our divorce. She was raised quite conservatively and since she saw it as a "fetish" eventually convinced herself that it was wrong and no longer wanted to participate and convinced herself that my liking it made me a "pervert."


I finally met another woman who does truly enjoy it, not for how it makes her feel but how it affects me. We've talked about it quite a bit and I always talked about it being fun and made it something enjoyable, not just asking to get in a shower or tub in her clothes. I suppose if I asked her to do that she might, but frankly, that's not what "really floats my boat." I like getting wet outside, in spontaneous situations, such as the beach, rivers, lakes, and a couple of times at Tart.


On our third date we took the ferry across Newport harbor and at the ferry landing there is a place that rents jet skis and I mentioned that we should rent one and she jumped on the idea. We both had jeans and t-shirts on and went out into the ocean, ended up swimming and just having a blast. We never slept apart from that day on until a few years later when I had to work out of town.


But that's kind of what I mean. She likes doing it because not only do I like it, but we make it fun. It's something that spices up our lives and makes things more interesting. Occasionally we go clothes shopping with the express intent of looking for things to get wet in and even that gets me aroused, which she takes advantage of and enjoys. Sometimes I'll be taking a shower in the morning and I'll hear the shower door open and turn around and she's dressed in something she knows I like, which then of course makes me late for work.


Granted, she doesn't do it as much as I'd like but once every week or two is better than nothing. I'm lucky because she knows I come on here and she sees it as a win win for her. I come here, get turned on, and she reaps the benefits. I'm extremely lucky because she isn't jealous and is very secure in herself.


At this point in my life, if something happened to her and I found myself single again, I would not settle down unless the person had the same qualities. I do have one female friend who truly loves and gets turned on by wetlook so I know they exist, but as few as there are I wouldn't expect to find one available. But to find one who does enjoy it because you do is, I think, essential if it's truly important to you.


The one caveat that I would put here is to make it fun, at least for her. Even the woman I knows who loves wetlook, doesn't really care for just getting in a tub in her clothes. Try to make it something that will make her laugh and enjoy and the chances of her doing it again greatly increase. That being said, if what really turns you on is getting in a tub to get wet, I guess you'll have to work with what hand you're dealt with.


Good Luck To You. It can be a challenge but the rewards can be fantastic.

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By RoscoeBC - us Thu 14/03/19 05:51:34 GMT


I don't think anyone has ever quite posed this question.  If you've got a wetlook fetish, is there any point trying to have a long term relationship with a woman that doesn't want to partake in wetlook, either because she likes it or because she wants to please you?   The wife and I just split up after 21 years.  I know in my mind it was partly because I wanted wetlook, and if she complied occasionally, it was begrudgingly and with as little effort on her part as possible, not much fun.  I really grew to resent the fact that she couldn't do something so simple and harmless just to please her husband.  Heaven knows I did enough to please her.  If she couldn't do something so simple because it really excited me, why did she get into this relationship, just the money?


Has anyone here had a successful long term relationship with a woman who can't at least enjoy partaking because you enjoy it?  I dated a few women that could have fun with it.  I think I should have married one of them.  Of course once they were married, things may have changed.  I'm pursuing a woman now that absolutely leaves me speechless, but if she can't enjoy it, should I bail and look for another?

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