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Date: Mon 25/02/19 11:53:29 GMT

Name: Dima ru

Email: dima@wetlooker.com


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Dear gull,

thank your for some ideas.

In group sets, we usually use Rock–paper–scissors, but I think we can change it to more interesting manner as you suggested)

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By gull - uu Sun 24/02/19 23:08:59 GMT


OK Dima. TBH your work is sometimes great and sometimes not so great but you seem like a sincere guy and like you're really trying, so here's some ideas I've either seen or had myself. Try some or all of them with your gorgeous models.


1. Guess or Dunk. There were a series of great videos around here once where a guy asked a woman sitting up in a full bathtub some questions. If she got it wrong, she had to dunk her head under the water, all the way, face down, then come up again. Simple, but brilliant and really good wetlook.

2. Water Trivia. Similar, but different enough to be worth doing. Two girls quiz each other and when one gets a question wrong, water gets dumped on the top of the head. No ponytails, hats, hair clips, or anything else to get in the way of water dispersal. You can start with smaller cups and move to bigger ones.

3. Water War. For this one the two girls just play High Card, and whoever draws the low card gets water dumped on her. The interesting part is if you assign different values to the cards - ace is worth two cups, joker is a full bucket, etc.

4. Bobbing For Things That Don't Float. Pretty self-explanatory. Since this is a Halloween game it's a good excuse for costumes.

5. Bad Interview. Girl dressed nicely sits down in an office for a job interview. As the interview starts a small water drip appears above her. She complains, but the interviewer tells her to muscle through it, to prove she can deal with adversity. Well, as the interview goes on, the drip gets bigger and bigger until finally she's sitting under a gushing torrent of water. You can do this effect by slowly turning a hose's power up. The fun in this one is how slowly she gets wet and how she tries to pretend that nothing is happening, as well as the fact that whoever is playing the interviewer can just ask all sorts of ridiculous questions.

6. Video Reaction. Here the model watches a video and every time something happens the model gets water poured on her. It can be anything - the person in the video says a bad word, or a certain word, or if it's a car crash video every time a tire comes off, or if it's a fails video every time someone falls on their face, or if it's a gaming video every time someone dies - this could be a lot of fun and very wet. Admittedly this would be best for wet hair & boobs fans because the model would be mostly filmed from the waist up.

7. Jump Scares. A model who hates scary video games has to sit next to someone playing a scary video game while holding a cup filled to the brim with water on top of her head. Watching her try to keep the cup steady while startling and yelping in fear, getting more and more soaked, would be priceless.


And that's just a few. This is why people who share this fetish should run more websites: when you think about what you really like and really want to see, it inspires more creativity.

In reply to Message (76315.1) None Re:Wetlook has become creatively bankrupt

By Dima - dima@wetlooker.com ru Sun 24/02/19 21:04:32 GMT


Could you provide some more scripts?

Several years in wetlook production taught me that there only 2 ways to put our models in a pool: jump/fall or slow immersion.

Each our team is doing these sets in their own manner, but in fact it is very hard to find absolutely new ways)

In reply to Message (76315) Depressed Wetlook has become creatively bankrupt

By Moody - dakina200@hotmail.com uu Sun 24/02/19 20:23:08 GMT


Sorry, but it has to be said.


Wetlook producers and sites have become completely, creatively bankrupt. Its 99 percent all the same stuff these days no matter where you go, one to two models in a shower, pool or river, with either jeans, t-shirts or the odd dress for outfits. Model giggles, gets wet rapidly, then rips off clothes to either flash their breasts at the camera or to strip completely naked as if they are doing a simple porn movie and not a wet clothes fetish video. If there are two models they will engage in lesbian make out sessions that will result way to often in their clothes being removed.


Why, just why? Its wetlook, its about the clothes being wet while worn and the thrill of seeing them soaked, not about naked women playing with sex toys as they fake pleasure for the camera. And where is the creativity, show us other ways besides jumping in a pool, walking into a river or dancing under a shower with the fake as hell lesbian make out sessions. The only time I see any creativity from producers is when someone finally breaks through their shields and get a custom video produced and even then it always seems to fall into the same tired old standard.


Producers, just stop this trend of copy pasting. Be a bit creative and start doing something different with your videos, put some effort into it, give us a little story, a different setting and some new outfits and for gods sake, leave the porn to the porn industry.

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