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Subject: Idea "situational"!!

Date: Sun 30/09/18 14:16:34 GMT

Name: NCgreg gy

Email: ncgreg231@yahoo.com


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Hello wetlooker!


and finally to add to the comments that have already been made, my idea (that i've seen to be applicable to *MANY* different scenarios) is that many thing are *situational* - and by that, i mean it might be better to use one version in one particular situation but in an different situation a different version (or wording)


also, non-native speakers OFTEN construct sentences under the influence of their native language, but like has also been said, we understand *what you mean to say*... i can already say that your english will be WAAAY better than my Swedish for a long time to come!  If anyone ever criticizes your english, you can say "thank you, english is not my native language"...don't take it personally... if the person doesn't understand what you are trying to say, try to pick completely different words that mean the same thing because some people can't understand your accent (and that even happen within north/south/east/west accents!!)

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By RoscoeBC - us Sun 30/09/18 04:17:53 GMT


I was born in the Chicago area (yes, the home of Al Capone), and am pretty typically (for an american) mono-linguistic.  Learned a little French and Spanish, even a few words of Chinese (of which there seem to be many dialects).  Never got enough practice to build on them though.


I agree, swim with clothes does not specify that they are being worn, might just be dragging them along behind, that may be correct, but it isn't the way an American, and probably not a Brit (after all, it is their language :) ), would put it.  If you add "on", swim with clothes on, that would clear it up, although I'm not sure it's proper English to end a sentence with "on", or just say "swim in clothes" or "swim wearing clothes".


As I understand it, adopting English as a non-native language is pretty tough as there are a lot of rules, and a lot of exceptions to the rules.  I never learned all the rules, wouldn't know a conjunction from a dangling participle :).  I have some fun messing with the rules I do know, so I'm not sure knowing them would help  :).  Generally only English Majors, Editors, and language nitpickers actually care :).  For most of us, as long as we can figure out the intent...  


I spent some time in Hong Kong and China.  I was wondering why young Chinese were often asking us (in pretty darn good English) to take a survey that seemed to have no real point, or offering to spend some time showing us the way to someplace.  Aside from being very genuine and helpful people (we never had problems getting help finding our way in China), many Chinese students apparently are encouraged to find a way to spend time speaking English with westerners to help learn the nuances of the language.  They often apologized for their English skills, which were probably more correct than mine.  I always told them their English was better than my Chinese :).  The thing to remember if you are over there, there are subjects that you absolutely do not bring up.  Don't put them on the spot.  Absolutely avoid politics.  Anything controversial.  When they are speaking to foreigners, the walls have ears, the wrong comment could get them, and their family, in serious trouble.  In Hong Kong or Singapore, maybe you can relax a bit.  Let them lead.


And don't give a Chinese a green hat :).  A Chicago Bulls hat absolutely yes, any green hat, no :).

In reply to Message (74796.1) Info Re:Swim in clothes or swim with clothes?

By DungeonMasterOne - gb Sun 30/09/18 02:13:56 GMT

Website: langstonedale.com

Swim in clothes, or swim while wearing clothes,, or swim fully dressed.


Swim with clothes sounds like the swimmer is just in a bathing suit but takes a bunch of clothes into the water with them, like luggage, being carried, but not worn.


(I'm a native English speaker)

In reply to Message (74796) None Swim in clothes or swim with clothes?

By Wetlooker2 - se Sun 30/09/18 01:41:43 GMT


Some people like like to say swimming with clothes, but some people like to say swim in clothes.......

How sounds that in english for you?


Im from Sweden and think its crazy even in english to say it that way,

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