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Message # 72621.6

Subject: Hello deja vu

Date: Thu 08/02/18 18:42:10 GMT

Name: MK gb

Email: wamtec@comcast.net


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Ummm....didn't we just have a discussion a couple of weeks ago that wetlook fans are 99.5 % male and that almost all females (Majorie and a couple of others are the exceptions) are not true wetlook fans and only do it to either accommodate thier husbands or boyfriend's interests and not their own, or they are only interested in monetizing themselves, or they are attention seeking people who just want to get a lot of views and followers etc.They are not true wetlook fans....their only interest is gaining a following via monetizing their Youtube channel. These girls soon learn that there are not enough wetlook fans in the world to sustain enough views to make a monetized wetlook oriented Youtube channel worthwhile...and they are better off if they create a separate website or work with a wetlook producer.


.  E.G. look at the raw data...


- If you monetize your Youtube channel they will pay you on average approx $6 per every 1000 views you get.

- Look at Miss Viki's channel and her videos average less than 10,000 views per video after 6 months or less than 25,000 views after the video has been online for a year.

- Congrats....after 1 year you made $25 x $6 = $150,,,,,,,BUT.....Youtube takes a huge cut and takes 45% of your earnings and only pays you 55%.....so you made a wopping $82 off your video in 1 year,


Only a true wetlook fan would continue doing wetlook videos with the abysmal traffic and views that wetlook videos views can get.


Sooner or later.....those who want attention and followers on Youtube.....figure out that wetlook is NOT a trending topic that gets you the views you need in order make a monetized Youtube channel worthwhile. They soon figure out that they are wasting their time because if you post "wetlook" the best you can get is a mere 10,000 to 20,000 views in 1 year......whereas if you pick a mainstream topic like "The Tide Pod Challenge"....just look at the views those videos are getting.....i.e. 400,000 views in a month and many Tide Pod videos have 1-4 million views. You can make 20-50 times more income by making Tide Pod videos than making wetlook videos.


Whats more.....making trending topic mainstrream videos bears a  LOT less baggage.....i.e. you don't get all the stalkers and weirdos posting crude comments when you make a Tide Pod Challenge......you get 10-20 times more views...without the hassle you get when you post wetlook videos that are akin to "waving a red flag at a bull" videos. Many folks don't seem to realize that in their efforts to get traffic, they may be waving a red flag at a bull by teasing a certain portion of wetlook fans who may post inappropriate comments or hassle you with "when are you going to wear socks" or "let me see you naked" etc.  Folks unknowingly posting "red flag to a bull" videos will eventually get upset when some of the bulls charge their red flags.....duh.....when you wave a red flag at bull....sooner or later the bull will charge. .....and so they quit.....when they realize there are far easier ways to get 10-20 times more traffic without the hassles of attracting the weirdos.



In reply to Message (72621) Sad Miss Vicki gone

By Matt - uu Wed 07/02/18 22:56:44 GMT




Maybe some of our Russian friends can translate this for us, but from what I understand Miss Vicki, who has posted videos of her bathing in different types of outfits will no longer be doing wetlook videos. I would love to be able to watch an English dub so I can see what is going on. Sad

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