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Message # 72584.

Subject: Happy Re:research study

Date: Sun 04/02/18 21:17:54 GMT

Name: John duLac uu



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I found the poll to be an interesting process and hope that some good can come of it.  Even if it only contributes to a young man's education;, that's a good thing.


I noticed that the "test questions" in the second part was a textbook example of a test to see if a person has Asperger's Syndrome.  

I know this as I was asked to take a very similar test to see if I had the syndrome; the results in my case demonstrated that I had a very clear case of Asperger's.  Since this time, I have wondered if people like myself have this unusual love of water and clothing and other fun fetishes..


I suspect that this is the case.  I look forward to reading the results!

In reply to Message (72584.1.1.1) None Re:research study

By Malvineous - mrnemesis@ntlworld.com gb Sun 04/02/18 20:16:44 GMT


If I specify that I'd be doing it privately, it still indicates that I have entered some private place to watch someone being sexually choked for no reason. There is simply no way to avoid having to specify exactly why I would be observing something that I would never be observing in the first place. I can't indicate how I would feel about it if for some *unknown* reason I watching it -- I am forced to explain how I'd be watching it.


That is, there are not enough decision axes, and I can't safely assume that the survey can correctly understand what I am trying to record. The survey cannot distinguish between reactions to activities, and modes of participation in these activities.


I simply had to abandon it.

In reply to Message (72584.1.1) Info Re:research study

By Matthew Belmonte - matthew.belmonte@ntu.ac.uk gb Sun 04/02/18 18:04:30 GMT


Info Thanks for your thoughtful note.  We've tried to use settings that are fairly common and general, albeit events within those settings that are unusual.  To verify this generality we have piloted candidate survey questions with groups of respondents before releasing the complete survey.  We also have conducted some qualitative research to identify themes of unconventional sexual interest.  Nevertheless, as you point out, it's difficult to find scenarios that would be common to the experiences and interests of all the people surveyed, and we accept that the scenarios that we have developed will not be germane to everyone.  We use what psychologists term 'forced-choice response' when asking respondents to place themselves in one of three roles within each scenario, so that any small preferences will turn up in the choices even if none of the choices seems a good fit- for example, some respondents who don't go to parties might select the most private of the several versions of the party scenario.


We also complement these forced choices with an indication of sexual interest that includes the option 'no sexual interest at all' and we do expect that most people will endorse this no-interest option for most of the scenarios, because such interests tend of course to be very specific:  As you point out, most people don't have most fetishes.


George Box famously wrote, "All models are wrong but some are useful".  Again as you observe, all such surveys reduce their subjects, projecting unique and multidimensional personalities onto just one or a few dimensions or scales represented within the survey.  The issue, though, is that if psychologists didn't conduct any such reduction then we'd be able to describe people only one by one as individuals, rather than as whole populations.  Both approaches have value (and this is why we began our work with the qualitative and piloting phase), but if we want to be able to draw inferences about people in general, including the people in the world who have not responded to the survey, then we need to be using some model of personality which, inevitably, will fail to encompass all individual differences.  Our hope is that our model will capture enough to be useful in drawing general conclusions.


Again we thank you very much for your kind observations.

In reply to Message (72584.1) Exclamation Re:research study

By Malvineous - mrnemesis@ntlworld.com gb Sun 04/02/18 16:50:29 GMT


The survey begins with the premise that I am at a party, and continues to assert that this is true.


I do not got to parties, so right from the outset I have the impossible task of fitting my reality into the reference frame of the questions. I would not "be" anything (where people can see me, or where people cannot see me) because I wouldn't be there, and I wouldn't be doing any of the things described. If I were the person choking/being choked or whatever, then yes it would be meaningful to select whether I would be conducting this fetish openly or in private. But if I do not have this fetish, and I don't party, then there's no meaningful option to choose, because none of them are applicable.


Surveys might make you cute little charts, but they are absolutely hopeless at capturing real information; they are a tool for brain-dead management whose own fetish is charts they cannot comprehend.


My own unique personality and experience would be reduced to some dots on a graph, and due to the impossibility of fitting my reality into the options available, my data would be completely open to misinterpretation because I can't express my reality unambiguously.


If there's something you really want to know, then you just need to come out and ask it.

In reply to Message (72584) Help Me research study

By Matthew Belmonte - matthew.belmonte@ntu.ac.uk gb Fri 02/02/18 20:48:59 GMT

Website: https://NTUpsychology.eu.qualtrics.com/jfe/form/SV_1ZIeVRBwFFhItCJ

I found this forum via a web search for unconventional sexual interests, have read the rules, and believe that this request falls under the "request for information" category of permitted posts:


One of my students, Will Simpson, is conducting a research study on the relationship between diverse sexual interests and certain personality traits.  Responses are entirely anonymous and no information will be saved that could be used to deduce respondents' identities or specific locations.  We are genuinely interested in what you think, and hope that the results of this work, when published in the psychological literature and publicised to counsellors and to the general public, would be of use in the context of relationship counselling and also to members of the public in understanding more about how unconventional sexual interests arise and function.


If you have about half an hour to spare and might be interested in participating, please go to https://NTUpsychology.eu.qualtrics.com/jfe/form/SV_1ZIeVRBwFFhItCJ to read further details.  We thank you very much for your kind consideration.


We would be happy to post in this forum- if deemed appropriate- a summary and theoretical analysis of the results, which should be available later this year.


Kind regards

Matthew Belmonte

Reader in Psychology, Nottingham Trent University

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