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Message # 72317

Subject: None Wifes jeans

Date: Thu 04/01/18 12:00:35 GMT

Name: Jayson uu

Email: Jayson.scott@yahoo.com


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         Over the last week i have just been on a houseboat holiday with my family on a river. It was typical hot summer weather & we did lots of swimming.

On the 1st day there my wife wore her bathers top, which is a tankini singlet style, with her old blue swimming shorts. We enjoyed a great play & swim late in the afternoon.

        The next day we decided to again take our daughters swimming in the afternoon off the rear deck of the houseboat where you can plunge into the deeper water & not have to worry about the mud by the bank of the river. I was already in my swimming shorts but my wife went to our cabin to get changed to swim. Only thing was that when she returned she had on her dark blue denim skinny jeans that she had gotten for christmas! I looked at her suprised & asked where her shorts were & she said she was "just gonna wear her denims today as she doesn't like how she looks in her swimming shorts". She knows of my wetlook & clothes ruining fetish  but it didn't seem to have anything to do with that. But all the same she knew that I would like it. I was suprised more by the fact that she wasn't worried what the rest of  my family on the boat would say.

        I jumped in the water & turned to catch one of our daughters who jumped in too. My wife sat down & dangled her legs in & watched me swim & play with our daughters. After a while the little ones got a bit cold in the river & got out & went to play with their cousins on the front deck. I asked my wife who's jeans by this stage were mostly soaked by splashing, if she was gonna swim with me properly? She asked if i thought her jeans would be too difficult to swim in? I said to try it & see, she slid off the deck into the water. We swam around,jumped ,played with a ball & occasionally cuddled & kissed in the water till we had enough.

      When we got out we went up onto the upper deck where my sister in law was sitting, she asked if my wife had  been swimming in her jeans? She used the same explanation i had been given about not liking her swimming shorts,so shd just wore her jeans. This  seemed to satisfy her & she went off to do something elsewhere on the boat. We sat on chairs in the sun for a while & chatted over a couple of drinks, whilst this was going on my wife made it hard for me to concentrate by constantly running her hands up & down her  slowly drying jeans. After a while she stood up & looked dowm at them for a minute while still feeling the half dry denim with her hands. She looked up to me & asked if she should cut them off into shorts? I said hell yeah & she rolled her eyes & said "no seriously do you think they'd make good shorts?" I said yes i guess so as long as she definitely wanted to cut those ones. She said "yeah why not, I don't have any others & I'd like some cool cutoffs to use for the rest of the week". I didn't mention how expensive they were & neither did she.

     So I looked around the boat for some scissors & then we decided on a lengthd just above mid thigh, not too short. I got her to stand on a chair while i cut around one leg of the jeans my heart pounding as i went. It wasn't an easy thing to do & it turned out a real mess. She took the jeans off & we trimmed up that side meaning it went a bit shorter than originally planned but ended up ok. We folded then over & matched the cut on the other side . Next we spent a fair bit of time fraying the edges to make them look a bit more like genuine cutoffs. She put them back on then & they lookex fantastic, in fact she looked fantastic in her bathers top & cutoffs & I told her so. She must've beleived me & agreed, as for the rest of the week she hardly wore anything other than those shorts! She swam, waterskied, walked around town, went in the jacuzzi & basically did every activity in them. At the start of the trip they were expensive new dark blue skinny jeans, by the time we headed home they were considerably lighter in colour from all the time in the chlorinated water of the jacuzzi & well frayed around the edges of where we cut them off.

     I loved seeing her in them for the whole time as it just excited me that we did that to her new jeans!

    We are home now & they have been washed & hung on the line, ready for the next chance to wear them. It's going to be hot Saturday,  maybe we should go to the beach.


This whole scenario is absolutely true, hope you enjoy.


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