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Subject: Thumbs Up I have nothing but respect for your guys that do this, MK

Date: Thu 04/01/18 10:20:59 GMT

Name: jollywetfellow sx



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I know how difficult it is to take pictures of random people having fun in the water - they are constantly moving in unpredictable directions, sometimes fast and sometimes away from the water altogether; or suddenly submerging themselves so that the clothes are invisible; or some other randomly moving person comes between the camera and the subject, or splashes some water across the foreground.....   I have had to delete many pics, intended to be of a woman in wet clothes but instead turning out to be of some other person who got in the way at just the wrong time; and there are quite a few of the pics I have posted, which seem to be of just an unexciting slightly wet woman, but actually there is another, wetter woman who managed to 'hide' from direct view at just the wrong moment.    I have learned just to take the first 'OK' chance I can get and not to try to manoeuvre for the 'perfect' shot, because 2 times out of 3 things'll change in the meantime and I end up with something worse.


And yes, you have to constantly beware of people looking to hassle you - in my case its always "taking photographs of children" is the claim, which has happened to me four times in the last four summers.


So full marks to your guys, MK, for doing as well as they do.     I agree that it is frustrating when a more 'interesting' woman appears in the background and is ignored, but the cameramen can't be looking at everybody all the time - and we don't know whether that other woman, as soon as she is out of shot, disappears behind some obstruction - or is maybe even known by the cameraman to object to being filmed.....     Filming a girl in an animal costume seems to me a waste of time; I doubt if anybody finds that sexy(?), but that seems to be ceasing anyway so maybe they've got that message.   IMHO your guys' biggest avoidable 'sin' is a tendency to miss what you yourself, MK, call "the money shot"; too often, as the girl hoists herself out of the water the camera pans away to somebody else before she has fully emerged.    I guess that shows that the cameraman is on top of his game in one way, in that he already has another 'subject' identified in his head, but sometimes it's just too quick.....


But, knowing just how difficult it is, I am amazed at what they do achieve.    Thanks, MK.

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By MK - wamtec@comcast.net gb Wed 03/01/18 01:30:20 GMT


Thanks for the feedback. On those 2 points you mentioned


1) I cannot start editing the videos myself because I do not have the time to do this.......I have 20 other websites to manage and I only have time to edit the modelled videos I make with Tracie Z. The videos are "WYSIWYG" what you see is what you get, and I just hire camera men to capture whatever they can and to upload their files to my server, and all I have time to do is to download the thousands of mini files ...because these days cameras create a new file every time you hit the pause button...,so all the fles are mostly only 1-3 mins long anyway) and I just quickly scan the mini files and I junk any files that are total garbage and those that have some content I just group the mini files together in 30 minute blocks of video. If I hired an editor to edit the files for me, this extra editing cost would add to the cost of production and the end result would be shorter files at a higher price. Remember, the other guy who proiduces Russian fountains scenes has a big advantage over me, because he lives in Moscow himself and he is wetlook fan so his production costs are zero, where I have to pay 3 mainsteam camera people at cost of $1500 per month to shoot for me, and so to spend another $500 per month on an editor would make things too costly for me and too pricey for consumers as well. So.....I just hire 3 guys and I do my best to coach them on what to focus on and what to ignore etc,


2) I have been doing that for the last 9 years. You are correct.....it is very frustrating when a cameramen focuses on the wrong thing and ignores the more interesting thing happening close by. I have been coaching the camera staff for years and sometimes they just don't understand the mind of a wetlook fan.....but they are getting better because several years ago they were all over the place and the camera work was not smooth and steady......and these days they are getting much better than they were in the past. Some times things happen that are not fault of the camera guy....but due to unforeseen cicumstances......for example


a) I complained at some of the jerky camera work, but then the camera staff explained that they were being attacked by rowdy students who were grabbing at their cameras.

b) I complained that they were ignoring some of the best fountains in Moscow and spending too much time at the less interesting fountains. They told me they had no choice because the cops and security guards were harassing cameramen at some fountains and extorting money from them,,,,,i,e, the old "give me $100 and I will not arrest you" game.


It is not as easy as it looks to get the footage. I have had to buy several replacement cameras for my guys, after they were destroyed by rowdy students, and I have had to pay extra costs for the bribes we had to pay to  corrupt police officers to go away and not to bother us. Also several unexpected events took place that have made things more difficult for wetlook fans.....e.g. Russia invading the Ukraine has now made it too dangerous for my Russian guys to visit Kiev these days, which is where we used to get some of the best scenes from.




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By Father Christmas - fi Tue 02/01/18 22:54:05 GMT


I can, sadly, not help you with finding camerapeople, but I can provide you with some (subjective) feedback:


1) please do not start editing the scenes, "reality tv style" longer shots work much better for me than edited ones!


2) While I very much enjoy most of your videos, maybe you could give your current cameramen a few clues? Although i am not sure if my preferences will hold true for everyone, there are some things that I have noticed:

- Sometimes I can get a little frustrated with some parts of your videos - this mostly happens when I can see in the background that something else was happening at the same time (mostly that is a more fully clothed woman getting wet), while you cameraman keeps filming a different woman who might be wearing much less. I understand that they would want to keep filming the same people for some time and I agree that, generally, this works best. It's just maybe a little bit excessive at points.

- Also, I would enjoy more shots of the women actually getting wet as opposed to them wading around in the water and (if possible) some after-shots after they have left the water (your videos often cut off at that point instead of maybe adding 10 to 15 seconds of what happens afterwards).

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By MK - wamtec@comcast.net gb Tue 02/01/18 19:33:24 GMT

Website: beqlw

2 more hours of Russian girls videos posted today.


Full galleries @ http://megastore.wamtec.com


Sample pics also at https://umd.net/forums/topicid/621697


To answer some of the questions raised viz the unedited nature of these videos. FYI we gathered feedback from candid wetlook fans and many said they preferred the reality tv style of our longer videos (reality as it happens) as opposed to a music video style of quick cut edits, which is what you most see on Youtubes....short videos and quick cuts. For quick cut edits that is what you see a lot of on the pool party videos posted on Youtubes...e.g. Indian pool parties.....with lots of annoying edit effects such as strobing and jerky camerawork.....which is great if you an epileptic and love seizures...and cutesy shots using drones and selfie sticks that are useless because they never capture the best shots.  Also, fyi, none of the 3 camera people we hire in Moscow are actually wetlook fans themselves, they just capture whatever they see that looks interesting, but they do not have the "eye" for wetlook that a true wetlook fan has. I have tried to find true wetlook fans to capture the scenes, but all my past cameramen who were wetlook fans have since retired or disappeared, so now I can only hire mainstream non wetlook cameramen on a day rate basis. This year I will continue to look for new cameramen in places like Russia, Ukraine and Germany, so if you live in those countries and want to join our camera team, then email me for a chat.



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