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Message # 71562.3

Subject: Thumbs Up Good For You

Date: Fri 13/10/17 01:54:30 GMT

Name: Dangerfield us



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I have also had intellectual property (music and custom fonts) stolen and it's very frustrating.
In reply to Message (71562) Note To Mr. Jim Sutton (everyone else please read)

By EdR - asplashofglamour@gmail.com us Thu 12/10/17 13:38:38 GMT

Website: www.asplashofglamour.com

It comes with great distaste that I have to do this, but recently I received a comment on our youtube channel, which I wish to share here for ll to see;



Jim Sutton 2 days ago  Highlighted comment

Luna was always one of my favorites.  Too bad you had to report me to Facebook for posting some of your free sample photos and get my account deleted or I would still be buying photo sets and videos from you today.  Was not seeing pictures somewhere else that you posted for free anyway worth it to you?&#65279;




AlwaysWet881 second ago

You created a false Facebook account impersonating Wetmar! You pretended to be someone you're weren't and you were using my photos for that purpose. Since you didn't ask for my permission to use my photos, I reported you for infringement. BTW it's well worth it to me to lose a customer if that customer can't respect the models we work with, good bye



A couple of years ago, I was informed by Wetmar of a person who had been impersonating her with a fake Facebook account. Later that topic surfaced again on Graham's "The Wetlook Forum" This individual had been using my photos to perpetuate his lie and after several attempts by Wetmar to rectify this, the individual refused to remove or change the name of his account. Since this individual had been using my photos for the purpose of impersonation, I made a copyright claim of infringement to Facebook under the grounds that this person did not have my permission to use my photos. This is true. He did not ask me to use my photos. Normally I have no issue with anyone using my images for their blogs, photo sharing pages, etc. so long as the images aren't altered or my watermark isn't removed or covered over (My watermarks are as follows; EdwinR Photography, asplashofglamour.com, and in our videos it's either AW&S or Always Wet & Sexy) This person used my photos to make claim that he was Wetmar and that was enough for me, to which I made my claim against him, He responded privately in an email to me, I explained my reasons and it ended. At the time, his FB account was deleted, but I believe it returned minus any photos.


Up to that point, I did not comment on this subject, nor did I reveal the identity of the individual in question. However two days ago, this same individual decided to leave a comment on my Alwayswet88 Youtube account, (Within the latest Luna video) Deciding to post openly, I decided to share with you the transaction before he tries to delete his comments and I will elaborate further here.


You have no right to impersonate anyone. Anyone who does that is a sick individual and needs help. You purposely created a false account with the intent to impersonate another individual and you used photos I created to perpetuate your lie. You will not be using my photos to advance your deception. Therefore, if I see my images on your site again while you try to impersonate the model in that image, (Be it Wetmar, Luna, or any model who has appeared) I have no option but to enforce my right to copyright. I would urge every photographer and videographer to do the same.


Thank you for tolerating my rants



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