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Message # 71560.6.1.1

Subject: Talking Nonsense, they usually show just how diverse the wetlook fetish is

Date: Thu 12/10/17 23:29:33 GMT

Name: jollywetfellow sx



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Most of these discussions have some views on each "side" - and often come up with some new twist which producers may not previously have been aware of.    Anybody who is worried about their own particular preferences being downgraded has an easy answer - post a strongly supportive comment whenever something they like comes up, possibly including suggestions as to how it might be made even better (NOT a negative post when something comes up that doesn't include their personal preference).


I do agree with MikeyABQ about the lack of racial diversity, to which I would add that there's a paucity of women over about 30 years old and over about a British size 12 (but I only buy candid stuff so producers ought to ignore me anyway).    


Anyway, the producers keep telling us that it is either their own personal preferences, or sales volumes, which mainly determine their output, not comments on this Forum.

In reply to Message (71560.6.1) None Fun? Nope. They often kill the little output minorities get...

By MikeyABQ - us Thu 12/10/17 20:13:22 GMT


Fun, if you are not a fan of the sub-genre which is being attacked (in a way, as the majority says they don't like it etc). If you are a fan, you wonder if you will still be getting that little output from producers or if they will start ignoring you completely, cause the majority says so and they will go more and more mainstream. I mean, I think the few producers who have a sub-genre have it because they make money from it, I mean even a minority is significant if very few sites cater to it, but I'm not sure. It seems a lot of stuff disappeared over the years from mainstream wetlook sites - one thing is oil, now basically a WAM site only product. The other thing is a bit more political... girls of color, especially Black girls. In the good old days there was even a site dedicated to them. Now there is less and less stuff with Black girls and the same is true about Asian girls, though here the situation is better, as we have some local Asian sites, plus MK and some others are doing their best to go to Songkran... but if you like photos of more exotic girls, well, good luck. It might be because most of the sites are now from Russia and Ukraine, which have a very white population. However most sites from Western Europe are also exclusively white, with the exception being Erik Elsas, who seems to have the most Black, Arabic and Indian models, for which, kudos to him...
In reply to Message (71560.6) None Threads like these are fun

By Poliut - us Thu 12/10/17 19:11:27 GMT


Primarily because here is where we start to learn who likes what (some people like sneakers, some like pantyhose, some like baseball caps, some like dresses...) and on occasion these can morph into interesting academic discussions (which we do have from time to time even from the opening post of a thread).


The interesting thing about exploring why someone likes something is that (in my case), I start to talk myself out of why I should like something. But I still like it and still want to like it and I often just stop exploring the why at that point.

In reply to Message (71560) Confused Ripping

By wetnige - themanfromyork@gmail.com uu Wed 11/10/17 23:50:00 GMT


Can anybody tell me the point of ripping your clothes to shreds when they are wet?

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