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Subject: Hello Re:wildlife / nature photography

Date: Mon 25/03/24 23:59:35 GMT

Name: Ronnie uu



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Hi Laura, interesting read.I have tried some myself. One thing I like to do is take my dog for a muddy walk. I am not looking for a meeting but wondered if you have any good tips on places to get muddy or wet?
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By messylaura - ex Sun 24/03/24 02:04:47 GMT


i've do alot of wildlife photography as a hobby and i'm always getting wet and muddy sometimes in a park / field or woods a couple of times on the banks of the thames,

99% of the time i'm just dressed normally for me in everyday dress heels / flats etc


one thing i did notice, when i used to go play in the thames mud 9 times out of 10 someone would call the police because " a woman was in the mud on the thames" but since i been taking a tripod and camera people just assume i know what i'm doing and leave me be lol

even had one woman come up to me and say "oh i thought you were wearing boots but its just mud"


so it can be a dry rainless day and if i'm walking back and any one asks why i muddy i just tell them i been shooting wildlife,

was out doing that just a couple days ago


also i joined my local park friends group last year and i go help them do stuff, on a couple of occasions i been helping out plant water flowers in the muddy mucky ponds, they provided waders but some how i still managed to get them flooded, :)

both times wearing tights and a dress / top skirt, with the wadders, great fun and i do enjoy helping them out too, so after the work and a quick rinse off in the not so clean pond i just put my dry shoes on and they soon get soaked from the rest of what i'm wearing and we sit around having lunch etc, then i get to squelch home.


so there are two ways you can get wet, either with others who probable will try to avoid getting wet, three of the other girls and one guy got very wet to with the parks help group, see if you have a wetlands or park with alot of wet / muddy areas you can volunteer at.


you could just simply fake falling in a pond or other water body, to date i have accidentally fallen in a pond twice, last time only ment to get my shoes wet and thought the first ledge as about 6 inches down, i was completely wrong and where i went to put my weight down it was too late to pull back and i went right over and got fully soaked, it was a bit embarrassing because i wasn't wanting to be that wet with the added embarrassment of a load of green slime all over me.



one of my weaknesses is puddles and thick mud, getting wet isnt so bad esp if its been raining, people hardly notice and when they do they must think i just fell in somewhere.

but thick mud, yeah that can be a problem, i try to avoid being seen if i'm going to get fully covered in mud, like a proper full on roll around and fill all my clothes up with mud inside and out, i did do that one ot two times during the day time,


once in a local but fairly well populated park there was alot of mud from recent rains, i have an old car which is 90's so its not packed with electrics, i've no carpet in it and drilled several extra big drain holes in the floor so i can get drenched a drive it without any problems


so after discovering this huge load of mud i honestly cant resist it, i was wearing a dress i was fairly fond of and shoes that were not as tight as i'd want for a muddy wallow, i was wearing a slip and stockings rather than tights or  hold ups which was good as they didn't fall down when they got muddy, i needed to keep my stockings on as bare legs i wouldnt have stood a chance in keeping my shoes on on they way back to the car,


i checked to see if any one could see me and i was good so i took my dress off and rolled around in the mud, the dress i was wearing was a button through so that was an easy one to get on and off muddy, if it were a pull over the head i'd have left it on, i dragged it through the mud got it thick with mud had a couple of "pleasures" all the time looking to see if anyone was looking like coming this way,

 then i had to get home, driving the car fully muddy was fine, done that before, getting to the car fully muddy except my face w=in daytime was going to be a challenge.


most of the walk was across the park this was good as i had space to avoid people but bad because it ment every small eneven bit of grass ment my now very slippery insides of my shoes were very difficult to keep on my feet so i either had to take them off or walk really slow, it was a nice day so i kept them on and enjoyed the very muddy dress and shoes, i'd already figured out a story if any one saw me and sure enough i was questioned, a couple thought i'd fallen in a pond to which there wasnt one, my story was they were having a muddy challenge run and i asked if i could have ago as i was dressed, one couple fully believed that and said oh that sounds like fun we'll have a look lol,


so acceptable? well fully muddy like that maybe not but it depends how confident you are.


one of the times i got knee deep in mud when doing photography at a park i'd walked along a horse bridal way, when i got home i'd not planned to get muddy that day so i hadn't left the rear entrance to the house off the main inside bolts so i had to go in through the front of the house,

i really didnt want to walk smelly horse hud through the house so i used the front garden hose to stand at the kerb out side the house and hose the mud off my legs and shoes, the front garden is only about 5 foot just enough for a few flower pots so the kerb was near


while i was hosing myself off one of my neighbours was out doing her garden, she laughed at me and said do you want a hand there, at first i thought no, its fine but i said if you could get the backs of my legs i cant see, she came over and hosed me off and i told her the story of the horse bridal way and she said, yeah, you always coming home muddy, anyone would think you jump in muddy puddles for a living.

i said i cant denied its not alot of fun and left it at that.


wet is easy, just watch the weather but look at the observations more than the predictions, you'll get a better feel for the rain and how it will come your way, just go out during the rain and get wet, if you have a pond or clean lake jump in there and get totally soaked, if the rain is heavy enough no one will know you been in a lake, then you can walk about fully drenched, you'll soon just be very wet and then squelchy but not obviously drenched so you'll just look wet like anyone else.


if you lucky you can get out during the day during a real heavy down pour where you get drenched by just the rain,

i've caught a hand full of those super heavy storms when i seen them coming, the ones where you walk out the house dry and three to four steps down the road your shoes are already squelching,

on these days i love getting on a bus and standing by the center pole with water dripping off me in a pool, and its all natural, i just got wet from the rain and anyone else getting on the bus is just as soaked

the only real down side is 99.9% of women now wear trousers and trainers, hardly any wear shoes, be it flats or heels with dresses / skirts

when i was growing up in the 80' and 90's a rainy day was just so great, lots of others wearing pretty dresses and shoes getting soaked


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By XXXX - uu Thu 21/03/24 16:44:50 GMT


What are the best situations to get wet and muddy without anyone paying attention? In sports clothes or casual clothes such as jeans


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