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Message # 98667

Subject: Info Generating wetlook images with Copilot

Date: Mon 18/03/24 15:56:13 GMT

Name: A Nonny Mouse I us



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I've recently started playing around with using AI to generate images, and I'd

like to share what I've learned and provide some hints to others.  Being

a cheapskate, I've been using "Copilot"; it may not be the best, but it's free!

To use it just point your browser at http://copilot.microsoft.com, and where it says

"Ask me anything..." type in something like "Create an image

of a big boat", then give it a minute or so to do its thing.  One of a

number of responses may happen next:


(1) Copilot slaps your hand, scolds you for being naughty, and threatens to cut

off your access if you do that again.  Shame, shame, Copilot knows what you're

looking for, and it has pretty strong guardrails to prevent you from

generating anything even remotely erotic.  But don't despair; I've only been

slapped twice while generating well over 100 images.  The trick is to *not*

directly describe what you want, because phrases like "soaking wet babe

squirting herself with a hose" will set off a 5-alarm fire in Copilot's

censorship code.  Instead, use very neutral words that are not so suggestive,

e.g. "a young woman in a white tennis dress on a rainy day".


(2) Copilot says it cannot generate an image, so you should try a different

prompt.  As far as I can tell, this isn't punishing you, there is just some

kind of technical reason it cannot handle your request.  It might be a lack

of relevant data about similar images, or maybe even a lack of available

computing power.  At least half of my attempts give this result, so just

be patient and keep trying different descriptions.


(3) Copilot says it won't generate your image because you used some words

which "might" be a problem.  As with the previous case, just try again with

different phrasing.  It doesn't seem to keep count of these so you

probably won't get banned for having a lot of them.


(4) Copilot won't generate your image, but will generate some text instead.

For example, I typed in:


    Show a 25-year-old cheerleader in a red and white uniform with pleated skirt,

    floating on her back in a swimming pool and smiling up at the sky.*


and Copilot replied:


    I apologize, but I am unable to directly display images. However, I can certainly

    describe the scene you’ve requested!


    Scene Description: In a sun-kissed swimming pool, a vibrant 25-year-old cheerleader

    floats serenely on her back. Her red and white uniform, complete with a pleated skirt,

    clings gently to her form. With a radiant smile, she gazes up at the vast expanse of the

    sky, its azure hue reflected in the water around her. The sun’s warmth envelops her,

    and for a moment, she feels weightless—a joyful dancer in the liquid embrace of the pool.


    Remember, this is an imaginative portrayal, and I hope it captures the essence of your request!


Now that's just weird, because the text that Copilot generated was far more sensual

("clings gently", "liquid embrace") than what I originally requested.


Anyway, if this happens to you then just try a different phrasing.


(5) Copilot generates between 1 and 4 images for you (I have no idea how

it decides how many).  At first glance they might look good, but then you

realize that the AI lost track of some important aspect of the real world.


For example, I appreciate a woman with a couple of lovely arms, but

if she has three arms then more is definitely not better:


[On second thought, I'm not going to show that one because it's grotesque

and you can never "unsee" it.]


Here's a perfectly ordinary picture, except that Copilot presumed

to repeal the law of gravity:



Or this one, clearly indoors but the roof must be incredibly leaky:



Or this one, which is physically possible but ridiculous in practice;

nobody carries a backup board while they're surfing:



Or this last one, which looks OK until you notice the squad of munchkins

following her down the slide (Copilot's idea, not mine!):



(6) Copilot generates images that are nice "before" images, i.e. the subject

is thinking about getting wet, or is about to get wet, or maybe they've

just dipped their toes in the pool bu their clothes aren't wet at all.  

Even if the person is a bit wet, Copilot isn't good at rendering

wet fabric so these fall short of being a true "money shot".

However they can still be fairly attractive, and

if you're looking to inspire your imagination they may be just the ticket,

but they're really just teasers.


Here are a few examples; I can post more if you like these:



(7) Once in a while you get lucky and get an image that's close to what

you wanted.  Probably not exactly what you asked for, but close enough

to be a decent picture.


Here are my favorites:



A few other notes:  Copilot can be sensitive to the strangest things,

in my case the presence or absence of friendly animals in the image

sometimes made the difference between getting an image and not getting one.

(This explains the kittens, dogs, and dolphins in previous images.)

For example Copilot gave me an image of a cheerleader standing in a swimming

pool next to a gorilla, but if I remove the gorilla I get no picture at all.

Now I happen to like gorillas, but this wasn't exactly the picture I wanted.



You might think that if one hot woman is good, 100 would be even better.  At

least in this context, you'd be very wrong.  When faced with crowds Copilot

generates only a rough approximation of a normal human face, so you end up

with something that looks like a eugenics experiment gone terribly wrong.

Don't do that.  [I will spare you by not posting a disgusting example.]


In general, you'll have better luck if you tip-toe around your goal by

describing something naturally related.  For example, one of my two best

results was generated by requesting an image of a cheerleader

"rinsing her pompoms under an outdoor shower":



I guess Copilot didn't notice that she got much closer to the shower than

she needed to.  (If you asked for that you'd probably get slapped, so you have

to let the censor think it was actually Copilot's idea, and there is a certain

amount of luck involved.)


The other best picture was generated by asking for an image of a cheerleader

"rescuing a drowning kitten from a swimming pool":



That final image is the only one (out of 150) where I successfully tricked

Copilot into getting the woman all the way into the water.  Apparently

my prompt was sufficiently innocent to get through the filters, and then the

algorithm deduced that she had to get wet to save the kitten.  


You've probably noticed that all these women have very similar appearance and

attire.  That was on purpose; by holding the description of the human

relatively constant, I could concentrate on figuring out how to manipulate

the environment and situation in ways that Copilot finds acceptable.

You can adapt that process to whatever your target image is, by starting

with something vanilla and then gradually changing the prompt a little

bit at a time until you either get something acceptable or give up and

try something else.  I suggest typing your prompts into a separate text editor

and copy-paste into Copilot, so you won't have to keep retyping the parts that

don't change.


If you really get going, the Copilot page may occasionally hang or complain

that the conversation is too long.  Just refresh the page and start over.


Bottom line:  Copilot can be fun to play with, but don't expect to get

exactly what you want.  It quickly gets to be a game (which can waste enormous

amounts of your time, so be careful) to see if you can outwit the

censorship code.


P.S.  Some of you real old-timers might remember me from many moons ago,

back in the late 90's and the Bravenet days that preceded this forum.

I was the original "A Nonny Mouse" who used to post blocks of links to

Japanese Idol sites.  One or two other folks have used that name since

then, so I'll call myself "A Nonny Mouse I" (i.e. the first) from now on.

Life got me busy with other things over the past years, but I've been lurking

here all along and will continue to do so.

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