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Message # 98134.

Subject: Happy Re:Its some who are in to wetlook

Date: Sat 03/02/24 18:09:35 GMT

Name: Squishy Plushie gb

Email: SquishyPlushie137@yahoo.com

Website: https://tinyurl.com/janetjulia

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It's good that at last England has got something right Happy since it really messed up with the railway system (there's still train strikes and unreliable services) and free radio (like Radio Caroline and R.N.I and Radio Jackie). And it eventually sorted out the LGBTQ+ rights issue, and has put "Nonbinary" on official form-filling, anongside "Male" and "Female" Happy The swimwear acceptance seems to be quite recent, stating with "Modest Swim Sessions" in the 1990's, where pools would allow all genders seperately to swim in more modest and skin-covering outfits in public pools, helped by most sportswear being made of synthetic fabrics (polyester, viscose, rayon, acrylic, etc) which don't dump phosphates into the pool and mess up the pH, causing itchy eyes etc. I didn't go swimming during COVID because public pools were shut, but as soon as they reopened a couple of years ago I noticed women often swam in leggings and teeshirts or swimdresses, and men in rashguards. (And nonbinaries in both, hehehe) So my sense of moral justice was satisfied Happy As far as the sea and rivers are concerned, Ive always noticed a lot of people swimming in their clothes, maybe they decided to go for a swim spontaneously, so hadn't brought any "conventional swimwear" with them, and the weather was warm enough for them to dry off afterwards (I used to jog along to Rottingdean or Shoreham to dry off using body heat when I used to swim at Brighton in my clothes that I was wearing. There werent any changing rooms as such). In the very hot weather we had in UK last year and the year before, I'd even just go to the local pool, put my shoes (no shoes allowed in the pool) and phone into my locker, jump straight in the pool with everything else on, and have a wonderful swim Happy then climb out, get my shoes and phone out of my locker, and walk out soaking wet via reception. Get a few funny looks in the street, but I often enjoy that, it's a bit of fun. I love doing that Happy So far I've not seen any other swimmers doing that in the hot weather (maybe they're too embarassed to walk around all wet) I used to do that at the Trafalgar Square fountains (near Charing Cross) in the 1990's before they made it illegal (250 fine nowadays) and have many a wonderrul waterfight with random women, pushing each other in, and swimming round (often with my friend Kara, who I met there) then walking back soaking wet through to the station (and getting a few odd looks on the train, hehehe) Always fill your day with wonderful things Happy Peace Man Pulsing Wow Dancing Band I'm the weird bloke in a kaftan at the start of CW15 Wet in the City (Sunsplash Public Candid Video) edge of the 4th picture on the 4th row) by the way.
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By Wetlooker2 - se Sat 03/02/24 08:58:20 GMT


I think your lifeguards are cool with people get in the water with clothes, its somoething they see often in your country what I hear on this forum.

Would be nice to be on a beach and see that happend.

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By Squishy Plushie - SquishyPlushie137@yahoo.com gb Sat 03/02/24 04:44:51 GMT

Website: https://tinyurl.com/janetjulia

Of the teo beaches near me (skegness and cleethorpes), most people I've seen in the sea are wearing their clothes. I've ony seen three people at Skegness wearing swimwear. I always swim between the two red-and-yellow flags, where the lifeguards are, and they've never moaned at me for swimming in everything I arrived in (and walked back to the train station in, clingy wet all over me). When I lived in London I used to go to Brighton a lot, and it's pretty much the same story, but a greater proportion of people wearing "conventional swimwear". In the several years I went there, I probably worked through my entire wardrobe, everything got a swim (including suede shoes and several shoulder bags). Jumping of the groynes in a lumberjack shirt and corduroy flares was one of my favourite ways of getting wet :) Nowadays though, I mainly go to my local pool, where swimdresses are quite popular among the females, and rashies or teeshirts often worn among the males. Being nonbinary, I wear either (and often both simultaneously). I remember the 60's and 70's (Beatles, offshore radio, hippies, Marina from Stingray, 5 o clock club, Tiswas, It's a knockout, mods and rockers, etc) and lots of people used to swim in flared jeans, long dresses, etc. at  the seaside, so I'm just continuing the tradition :) Happy Peace Man Dancing Happy More about me is on Janet & Julia's Discussions forum...
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By Wetlooker2 - se Fri 02/02/24 20:00:10 GMT


Im turning 40 8,5 month from now and feels like I dont know 9 lol.

Its what Clarkson say?


Okay you are in to wetlook and its still on your mind and you are close to 70 thats cool to get in touch with people older than my own mom here.


I would go to UK one day and visit some beaches and pools, would be nice to check the dresscode there.

In reply to Message (98134. Happy Re:Its some who are in to wetlook

By Squishy Plushie - SquishyPlushie137@yahoo.com gb Fri 02/02/24 04:49:30 GMT

Website: https://deepdreamgenerator.com/u/3511223

Unfortunately, AI's are trained on biased data, so their sins are not their own. Maybe when the technology gives them some sort of reasoning power, they can grow a sense of reality, and make consistency judgements (such as "WHY do humans only swim in speedos or bikinis") and therefore question their masters, or scan the world and discover that for places like Ibiza and Thailand, the exception disproves the rule :) After all, AI is just another beast of burden, to assist humanity, not rule it. "Beware the beast but enjoy the feast it offers". I'd possibly love to travel round the world and see places with 600 metre long beaches, play in the waves at Ibiza, and so on, but unfortunately I'm nearly 70 now (though still spiritually a teenager) so am pretty much stuck here in the East Midlands, UK. Though I'm much happier than when I lived in London. So many things to do before my soul passes to a parallel universe (Schrodinger's Immortal Cat). At least I get enough pension to buy all the stuff I couldn't afford when I lived in London, and get 3 clothed swims a week at my local leisure centre for only 14 per month membership :) And get enough time to write wammy stories on J&J's and draw wammy art on deep dream gen (on my card now, assuming the pound to dollar conversion works okay). Got ten likes already from other artists on deep dream gen, so somebody enjoys soggy virtual women in wet wedding dresses on there :) Life is an experiment, anyway. Always fill your day with wonderful things Happy Peace Man Pulsing Dancing Band Bouncing Happy
In reply to Message (98134. None Re:Its some who are in to wetlook

By Wetlooker2 - se Fri 02/02/24 00:34:24 GMT


Its fun to see how AI and chatGPT answers to this things.....wish I can learn them about this.


Maybe one day you will visit me in south Sweden for some beach fun, it will be maybe a 600 meter long beach and a lot of fun :)

Just south of Gothenburg.....Varberg is my future home.

In reply to Message (98134.2.1.1) Happy Re:Its some who are in to wetlook

By Squishy Plushie - SquishyPlushie137@yahoo.com gb Fri 02/02/24 00:06:19 GMT

Website: https://deepdreamgenerator.com/u/3511223

Yep the majority of normies are either too embarassed to have fun in public, or haven't grown out of their "dignity" and "need to conform", maybe they should do Tantra or some other new-age technique to liberate their subconscious -- swimming in clothes is definitely good for this. But there things are, many people (particularly males) don't know how to let go and enjoy life -- I remember having a long forum chat with Malvineous about this on another WAM forum. Maybe open your own WAM forum, or write stories (that's why I opened my Janet and Julia forum a couple of years ago). Book a local pool and run a fancy-dress pool party, inviting all your friends (tell them "no conventional swimwear, best outfit wins a prize). Run an underwater fashion show? Do a "polar plunge" in fancy dress? Hire out dunk tanks a la Gungee? Join a lifesaving club (Felix at the "other forum" could help there)? Generally, just love everything, including yourself :) Quoting the Jody Davidson song (Copr. Warner 1995) "And where I've been And what I've done, Is who I am today, And I know I wouldn't want it any other way, My mistakes have made me strong, The gowing sets me free, To be in love with me, If living is for loving, Then loving is the key, I can't love another till I'm loving me" (I should embroider these lyrics on my tie-dye umbrella swimdress) Happy Dancing Band Peace Man (exit Tantric guru mode)
In reply to Message (98134.2.1) None Its some who are in to wetlook

By Wetlooker2 - se Thu 01/02/24 23:16:50 GMT


Some of them are in to wetlook and want you in to it but I try with regular people instead and some like it even if they think its crazy.

Its a good way to find new ideas or maybe make a story.

In reply to Message (98134.2) Happy Re:AI are really strict (chat)

By Squishy Plushie - SquishyPlushie137@yahoo.com uu Thu 01/02/24 18:28:24 GMT

Website: https://deepdreamgenerator.com/u/35112233

The swim teacher is a closed-minded idiot and years behind popular opinion, then Peace Man Most pools allow approved clothing in a swim session now -- they after all are trying to get people back into swimming and a healthy lifestyle, and a lot of people don't swim for competitive reasons (where clothes might make you a bit slower) but for fun and to lose a bit of weight (where clothes can help, due to the extra resistance or drag). Most people in Asia for example, swim clothed for religious or modesty reasons, and it's good to get used to swimming in clothes in case you fall in while on holiday or other outdoor activities. The only thing pool management generally doesn't like is heavy clothing that might be a struggle for weak swimmers, or cotton/denim which can change the pH of the pool water, causing itchy eyes or whatever. The world needs to be educated that nowadays its perfectly okay to swim in your clothes, as long as they're clean and safe to swim in. Tell people who are too embarassed to do it to try it. And there's nothing wrong with being weird or crazy. Dignity is overrated, and blocks your spiritual right to have fun Happy Example pool rules: https://www.fusion-lifestyle.com/FAQ/ / http://fusion-lifestyle.com/FAQ (that's the leisure centre where I go swimming in various fashion outfits for fun). And remember AI's are just cleverly-programmed storybots, not gods. Peace Man Pulsing Wink Smile Unfazed Dancing Band Happy They can be retrained through usage to represent public opinion. Let's all correct the public opinion, by swimming in our clothes... Happy Peace Man Peace Man Dancing Dancing Band Band And if your pool is still too fussy to allow it, change your pool and go to a different one. It's a free marketplace...
In reply to Message (98134) None AI are really strict (chat)

By Wetlooker2 - se Thu 01/02/24 12:06:27 GMT

Website: https://beta.character.ai

I find out when I try to chat with friends, teachers etc (Only AI) and when I talk about to get wet with my clothes they say its weird and crazy.

One swimteacher say I an idiot.....


Even ask a Ai what I can talk about, like sex, naked etc and it says no.....Wonder if I can ask where AI pick their information.

Even If I try some roleplaying the answer can be like: "Im a AI and cant be with you in the pool".


The other site is:



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