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Subject: Thumbs Up Thomas, I enjoyed the story [nt]

Date: Sat 09/09/23 23:25:40 GMT

Name: plonss nl



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In reply to Message (96923) News/Mag/Book My niece (story+photo) html

By Thomas - nl Fri 08/09/23 09:17:28 GMT


Note: This story contains acts of sex and is not strictly wetlook, if you don't like that, don't read.


So this happened two years ago when I was 21. My niece came over with her parents. My parents and hers (my aunt and uncle) went to a concert out of town and had a hotel room booked for the night. Me and my niece (who was 19 at the time) stayed at home together to watch a movie. We had a lot of fun that evening, laughing and drinking, watching some 90s comedy. I had a beer or two and she had a bottle of wine.

After two movies we got a bit tired so we headed upstairs and made ready for bed. Personally, I think my niece is fucking hot (as you can tell by the photo), so after secretly trying to get a glance at her cleavage the whole evening, I was ready to go to bed and have a wank. But before I had time to turn off the light, she came in, in her pink pyjamas and asked me if I would like it if she slept in my bed that night. She did put the emphasys on sleeping, she made it somewhat clear (not in so many words) that sex was not going to happen, since we are family after all. But I could tell that she was definitely up for more.


So we were laying there cuddling a bit. I was trying extremely hard to not just grab her all over, but obviously I got pretty hard and I think she noticed when she poked her butt against my crotch. We were in the spooning position at that moment, I was laying on my left side and she was too, with her back against my chest. She wiggled her butt against my hard-on a bit and I was now so extremely horny that I could not stop myself any longer and just went for it and purposefully put my right hand on her breast and started squeezing it softly and she let me. I had never felt breasts this perfect, big and soft before. I just love big breasts. At that moment I was obsessed with them. I know she was excited too and most likely very wet, but I never dared to touch her down there to check, her body language suggested that she was enjoying it, putting her hand on mine a few times and squeezing her breast.

After about 10 minutes I could not hold out any longer and asked if she was ok with me jerking off. Without hesitation she reached back with her right arm, put her hand in my pants and started masturbating me. It didn't take more than a minute before I came the first time, but I was determined not to let this be the last. I came in my pants and her hand. It was dark so I'm not sure, but I think she might have licked her fingers.

I was still focused on playing with her breasts, my hand now inside her pyjamas and I started masturbating myself and I came a second time, this time took longer. Feeling somewhat satisfied she turned on her back and we started kissing. We kissed for an eternity and she was an amazing kisser. After probably 30-40 minutes of kissing and playing with her breasts I was hard again. I took off my pants and gave it another go. After that third time she noticed that I made her pyjamas all sticky and told me that she felt 'dirty' and that she needed to take a bath.


My heart pounding at this moment, praying to God that she would get wet in her pyjamas, I followed her to the bathroom and to my surprise she started to actually fill up our bath. And after a while, when there was barely enough water in the bath, she got in. I knew at that moment that I would absolutely come again that night. At first she just sat in the water, with the bottom part of her pyjamas getting wetter and wetter. She was being all sexy and playing with the water. She started rubbing herself down there on top of her wet clothes and she got realy horny as well.

I took the shower head and slowly soaked the rest of her pyjamas while playing with her body. When she was fully soaked, I turned off the shower and got a random bottle of soapy stuff from the rack and squirted half the bottle over her breasts and started to 'wash' her body. After some time she was entirely soaped and slippery, so I took the showerhead once more and rinsed all the soap off her. It was so hot to see the soapy water run down her wet clothes. I know she was really into it, and I wondered if she had done something like this before. After I turned the shower off, I sat next to the bath and had my hands all over her wet pyjamas, her breasts, her ass, I even stroked her pussy a few times. She absolutely loved it.

At one moment I felt the urge to take a photo, I NEEDED to capture this moment, at first I was afraid to ask, maybe it would ruin this extremely hot moment. But yet, I dared and asked "do you mind if I take a picture of you being all wet and hot" and she just said "okay". So I grabbed my phone and took the picture that I share with you today.

After that I was playing with her breasts some more and she unbuttoned her pyjama's, letting me see her fully naked breasts for the first time. I got in the bath too and when I grabbed them with both hands it felt like the best moment in my life. I touched them, I even licked and sucked her nipples. I then asked 'please let me fuck you', but she said she wasn't going to have sex with family, even though she felt really attracted to me. I had to try right?

So while we were in the bath together, her naked breasts in front of me, her wet pyjamas hanging around her shoulders, we kissed and she played with my dick again untill I came. A bit later I helped myself another time while she played with herself as well, but I'm not sure that she came, I'd like to think so. I am not sure how long this lasted, but it was deep in the night when she asked me to go back to my room. I heard her take a quick shower and when she came back in she was changed in blue joggers and a white t-shirt.


She got in my bed again but told me that we really needed to go to sleep now. I put my arm around her and she was snorring in about 10 minutes, I'm not sure how long I was awake, but I could not sleep. I could not believe what just happened.

In the morning I begged her to let me come once more while playing with her beautiful breasts and she took off her tshirt for me, it was heaven, she had the most amazing breasts I have ever seen. This time she laid on her back and we masturbated together. At one point I did slip my hand in her joggers and masturbated her wet pussy for a while, but when I tried to put my finger in, she pulled my hand away and put it onto her breast. This time we both came. I felt her shaking at the very moment and I saw on her face that this was real. I squeezed her breast and shot my load on her joggers and her belly.

Then we kissed some more, she got out of bed, dressed up and we had breakfast when our parents came home. A few months later she found herself a boyfriend and we never spoke of this again.

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