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Message # 94080.

Subject: Hello Re:outliers?

Date: Mon 20/03/23 19:35:35 GMT

Name: Squishy Plushie ex

Email: SquishyPlushie137@yahoo.com

Website: https://tinyurl.com/janetjulia

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Don't worry about it :) Just do Tantra :) With a plushie if necessary :) Always fill your day with wonderful things :)
In reply to Message (94080. Hello Re:outliers?

By MRN - ex Sun 19/03/23 11:45:27 GMT


With some abuse of the Windows Registry I have managed to keep Internet Explorer alive, and I can post here from within MSIE still, but I donít intend to make a habit of it as itís a nuisance (Edge is still fighting to stop me). This will be my last message here until the forum un-bans my regular browser (if indeed it ever does) -- I am not leaving the forum, just giving up posting messages.


This is not the right place for such discussions, nor is the Janet and Julia forum. Because I keep my interests separate from fetishes (my identity is not protected in my interest sphere) there is nowhere I can go where I can present myself in a true fashion. I don't believe however that anything would ever be gained even if I did explain; my fate was sealed decades ago and nothing is going to change that now. Repeating the same tired old shit does nobody any good.


People are welcome to join me in my interests, and I always keep an eye out for like-minded folk, but they are borderline nonexistent. Fetishes are, let's face it, most definitely second place after interests: intellectual compatibility is far more important than whether someone likes keeping their clothes on in the bath. Yet, the odds for finding fetish compatibility look to be significantly higher, believe it or not.

In reply to Message (94080. Found It outliers?

By NCgreg231LC2 - gy Sat 18/03/23 22:15:30 GMT

Website: https://tinyurl.com/janetjulia

My issue was not understanding the people outside of the "in crowd" as opposed to spreading awareness of how the "in crowd" operates.  And perhaps not even the "in crowd" but the baseline outlook of "the fairer gender" at an instinctive female competition level.  Up until i was 23'ish i had no clue that female mental models were so drastically different from male mental models, but learning of those differences made a big difference in "successful interactions" with the female mental models!


As for the fractal levels of complexity that is outlier mental models, where exactly would the place to go be for that?

In reply to Message (94080.1.1.1) Confused Re:knowledge is...

By Malvineous - mrnemesis@ntlworld.com gb Sat 18/03/23 18:29:58 GMT


I already find life depressing enough that paying too much heed to that video will only serve to dissolve more of what little will to live I have left.


Of course, as a human, by definition everything I do is ďhumanĒ. However, that does not in any way require any level of correspondence with anyone else alive. The idea that you deemed the video relevant to me confuses me, and it appears to show a gap in your own understanding of people outside of the ďin crowdĒ folk. None of it is of any real concern to me at all, but for more average, more typical folk, I see only pain.


This forum is not the place to go into the fractal levels of complexity that is outlier mental models, however.

In reply to Message (94080.1.1) Idea knowledge is...

By NCgreg231LC2 - gy Sat 18/03/23 18:00:32 GMT

Website: https://tinyurl.com/janetjulia

at the present time, my perspective on your search is "she has to be compatible with me" but human behavior is human behavior.  We might have an imagination of what our ideal partner would be like, but if we do not account for actual human behavior:

1) we might never find what we are looking for


2) we don't realize what we thought we were getting turns out to be much MUCH WORSE


Despite how different you are, you still have a place under the variables of human behavior... You might argue you are beyond the boundaries of "normal" but i would counter-argue that you are human, so your behavior is still within the scope of human behavior?


The argument from the video is that predominant female behavior was observed from several levels, also matches concepts that Jordan Petersen has expressed.  Posting this link was not for your benefit alone, but possibly other younger fellows that might also benefit from those concepts.

In reply to Message (94080.1) Confused Re:FAO: MAL! (o.t.)

By Malvineous - mrnemesis@ntlworld.com gb Sat 18/03/23 14:11:08 GMT


I must confess I donít know why you feel this video to be extra relevant to me. After all, I am over 40 Ö School days are long gone, and all the wasted opportunities never to be, lost along with them.


I figure you donít know me well, although thatís true for anyone. My level of scepticism is passing beyond healthy, and I neither bond with people nor trust them. Any woman matching the traits depicted in that video would present not as a red flag, but a whole lorry-load of red flags. Itís a long story and, as noted previously, I donít go into my interests here; suffice it to say, I am sceptical that any viable intellectual match would really be at that scale of concern to me. Further, since I will never meet a compatible soul, I have no real reason to worry.

In reply to Message (94080) Read This FAO: MAL! (o.t.)

By NCgreg231LC2 - gy Sat 18/03/23 13:25:04 GMT

Website: https://tinyurl.com/janetjulia

Slightly off topic, but for the good of the group! Malvineous in particular...


Redonkulous video about female behavior: not news to me, hopefully not news to many others here?



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