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Subject: None Re:Socially accepted ways/situations to get wet or dirty (muddy)?

Date: Sat 12/11/22 22:51:14 GMT

Name: messylaura ex



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wildlife / nature photography, i often come home muddy from doing wildlife or nature photography, i don't wear boots or jeans for it just my regular dress or skirt / top etc, if its going to be very sticky or deep mud then i'l wear courts with ankle straps, sometimes wedges.

i was hosing off the backs of my legs (before the uk hose pipe ban lol) and i had a neighbor take the hose off me and help without me asking her lol


if you go park run etc you can turn up as a volunteer steward, they always like the help, they will get you to marshall or just be a cheerer for when the runners run past, i've often done this at out local one esp on rainy days or when its been very muddy, if you stand in the right places you can get very muddy on the grass / mud ones


riverside / foreshore photography, i've been on the thames (london uk) foreshore many times to play in the mud, usually it was at night for the lower attention but usually have a visit from the plod as someone reports it in in case i'm in trouble etc, the plod don't really care as long as i'm not burying bodies, yep, thats what they said,

But i have found that i can take my camera and a tripod in the middle of the day at low tide, wade around in knee deep mud and people just leave me be as far as reporting it as they assume i'm just out doing photography, to which i am but also enjoying the thick creamy mud, when the tide comes in i just wash off clean, drip dry a bit and go to the pub, sweet

people are also on the foreshore, mostly they stay out of the mud but a few people with water gear on go into the water, mostly they are looking for stuff, i just take images, one woman was about to comment on my nice boots then said oh, you wearing shoes, i thought they were boots


take a friend or two and just play in the mud, when you on your own people think you are weird, when you with someone they think your just arsing about and having fun


lie, anyone who knows me knows i really find it hard to resist mud, i was out over ally pally when it was wet and soggy, i did know it would be very muddy so i had plastic seat covers on a car i use for muddy and wet fun, i found a slightly secluded part and got 100% muddy from the neck down, wore a dress that unbuttoned through the front so it was easy to get on/off, took that off laid it in the mud and got myself muddy too wearing just a slip and heels, put the dress back on and took a slow walk across the park , along the way back i had a few people ask me if i had an accident or fell in some pond, i just lied and told them there was a muddy obsticale coarse event over the other side and i did it in my dress and heels for fun,

one couple said cool we can go watch that, lol,

another time i told a couple of people i was telling rugby team i could do it better and they took me upon the challenge.


just go for a muddy walk, there are lots of park land walks around cities across the world, or even just muddy parks,


even if you cant take a picture to save you life its worth getting a stupid cheap camera that looks like you know what you doing, its a license to walk around in the mud.


i've not found any atv / off road muddy events stuff around north london but its one i'd love to try either as a spectator or maybe competitor

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By Anonymous - uu Sat 12/11/22 13:46:37 GMT


I have been always interested in testing new hobbies and ways to spend free time. Lately I have figured out that there are some hobbies where people either dont mind getting dirty (e.g. trail running ) or do it on purpose (e.g atv). I like that I can go to trail running and splash puddles and no one cares.


What are best ways to get muddy in public without people minding?

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