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Subject: Hello Re:Outfits and styles

Date: Mon 25/07/22 16:43:40 GMT

Name: Tobias eu



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I certainly agree that some outfits are underrepresented and others are overrepresented. There is also a lot of repetition and certain producers seem to favour particular formulas within their scenes.


I would agree that jeans feature too prominently, as do jackets, sweaters, hoodie, tights and shoes (usually heels and trainers). Dresses and skirts feature less often than I think they should. There are many items which rarely feature at all - e.g. jumpsuits, playsuits, shorts.


I suppose each person's thoughts on whether certain clothing types are over or underrepresented is at least partially dependent on their own tastes. I enjoy candid wetlook and see produced wetlook largely as a replacement for this when it is unavailable. Candid wetlook usually occurs outdoors, at rivers, lakes, beaches and fountains, typically in warm or hot weather. I understand the nature of seasonality but, in my opinion, there is far too much indoor wetlook in showers and baths. This doesn't mean that it is bad but these situations present limited opportunities to make these scenes varied. When outdoors scenes are shot (and I do prefer these), the models often don't wear clothing that one would expect to see women wearing on a day that is so warm that they need to jump into the nearest body of water to cool off. They would take off their sweater / jacket / tights / shoes off first. If they were still too hot, then they would go into the water. But how many scenes show a woman go into a lake wearing a sweater, jeans and heels, get wet, take their sweater off, wring it out and then take their heels off, only to fill them with water and empty it onto themselves? We see this time and again but it is completely unrealistic. I understand that there is a fantasy element and that people must enjoy wet sweaters, heels etc. (me too, on occasion) but his doesn't represent how people actually get wet in real life.


With regards to outfit choices, the more variety the better, as far as I'm concerned. My favourite producer is Gunjee, where a huge variety of outfits are found, probably because the scenes are candid and the girls are choosing their own clothes. Same with various fountains scenes that are popping up on YouTube. Perhaps producers have tried to vary things and sets haven't sold. I just had a look at this page of a general fashion store and 80% of these outfits would be more interesting to me that what is generally on offer.




Another point I have is that I find it rare that women get wet alone in real life. They are usually with a partner or friends. However, solo scenes proliferate. Some producers have taken great steps to have more group scenes, which I applaud, notably Mostwam, Wetlooker and Get Your Snaps. I do appreciate that the cost to hire multiple models is greater but I think it is worth paying for. A note for some producers is that girls very rarely pour jugs of water over each other. However, they do often splash each other.


Anyway, those are a few of my thoughts. I have a lot more that I could suggest but that will do for now!

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By Poliut - us Mon 25/07/22 01:55:58 GMT


OK, so outfit selection is a bit of an important thing here, and this led me to wondering: Are you content with the outfit selection of what gets produced? I realize each producer is different when it comes to that - some no doubt do things better than others, and some probably have varying amounts of hits and misses. I myself have by impressed by what's being worn, and I've also wondered who taught this producer (or model) how to dress or who thought this looked good.

Overall, I think the selections are decent, though there are occasions where I would make a tweak here or there.

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