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Subject: None Re:What's with the Tagstube?? Can someone explain?

Date: Thu 24/06/10 07:37:48 GMT

Name: MK ex

Email: wamtec@comcast.net


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You raise a good point....cos I do not "get it" with that site either. It does not seem to have any useful purpose or merit of it's own....it is merely a site that plays Youtubes....and I cannot find one useful feature that the site has.....that gives it some validity or a reason to exist....it is merely a  website that re-feeds youtubes.....i.e. why go there.....just go directly to the source and go direct to Youtube instead.


Personally, I think if you want to create a website....you need to have some new concept that you can offer the fans....that does not exist already.


For example.....Rapidshare has no search engine where you can search files that you want to find.......so it is not possible to find files on the main Rapidshare site......so many sites like www.filez.com create spiders that collect and store rapidshare links and then they  make a search engine where you can find stuff you are looking for. Thats a valid reason for a website....when you create some new feature that the original site does not offer.


But Tagstube offers nothing new....it is merely a recycler of stuff you can already find on Youtube.....and so all they are doing is riding on the backs of Youtubes success....in order to sell their own advertising spaces.....so this site merely replicates and replays youtubes, and offers the viewers nothing new at all.....so my opinion is....just go directly to Youtube and avoid sites like Tagstube that are merely replaying youtubes.


FULL DISCLOSURE: It is true that EuroWAM TEAM and I also created a site that replays Youtubes.....and that site is here....




But we did not merely create a site that replays Youtubes....our first objective was to create something that Youtube is not able to do....i.e. give accurate results on what are "real wetlook" videos that are recommended by wetlook fans. The tagstube site does have a wetlook section, but that is a flawed concept cos it assumes that all videos on Youtube that mention certain "wet" words....are going to be "real wetlook"....and we know that does not work, cos you get 90% garbage if you just ask Youtube to feed you with videos that mention "wet" words. So EuroWAM TEAM and I avoided creating a site that merely replays Youtubes that mention certain "wet words", cos that will give you 90% garbage and irrelevant videos. Therefore we created a site that avoids honing in on keywords that Youtube users use...and instead our site only uses "recommended Youtube links" that have been suggested by true wetlook fans.....so we get good results and wetlook fans can find lots of stuff recommended by other wetlook fans etc.




In reply to Message (44892) Question What's with the Tagstube?? Can someone explain?

By Phoenix - eu Thu 24/06/10 06:55:53 GMT


I asked this question before, but got no answer, so I ask again - hope Nigel doesn't get mad. I just don't understand while almost all links to youtubes are given via "tagstube.com" lately. It seems a dubious site, with no info what so ever who it belongs to and a shocking amount of ads. And also it is often down. Does it pay money for linking to it or what? As it makes no sense to link videos from a normal trustworthy site through such a strange gateway. Is it the "linkbee" idea over again? If so, it should be banned as linkbee was. And the biggest question of all is... is this thing even safe. It looks veeeery unprofessional. So, all in all, can someone (especially people linking to it) explain this new phenomenon?

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