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Subject: Hello Re: Wet Story

Date: Wed 16/05/07 17:50:22 GMT

Name: carpie ex



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why dont you write your own  instead of copying someone elses


i did,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,


lets here your reply to this Angry

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By Anonymous - slider5282003@yahoo.com us Tue 15/05/07 23:06:46 GMT


I had moved into a house on the golf course at the beginning of summer and I tried to play a couple of times a week.  That’s where I met Andrea.  She worked in the office at the clubhouse as the membership entertainment director.  We had talked a number of times so I knew that she had no significant other and that she was 25 years old.  On this particular mid July afternoon a typical Florida afternoon thundershower had moved in and driven me off of the course, so I was killing time talking with Andrea before she had to head home.

The storm didn’t seem to be letting up so I offered to walk her out to her car under my umbrella on my way to my truck.  Even with the umbrella, we got a little wet on the short walk through the parking lot.  As she dug her keys out she looked down at her legs and commented, “I guess this was not a good day to wear white.”  I followed here eyes and saw that her white pants were saturated and stuck to her leg below the knee.  Above that they were splattered with drops and had become somewhat transparent, giving away a hint of her white panties underneath.  The umbrella had protected her light blue short sleeved shirt except where a few drops had hit her arm and darkened the material of the sleeve.  I thought she looked great in her outfit and the dampness just complimented the look, but I couldn’t ring myself to say it aloud.  The expression on my face must have given me away since Andrea gave me a friendly punch in the arm accompanied by a sly little smile as she got into her car.

With another quick glance at her wet legs I turned to head to my truck which was parked a couple rows away.  I had the rear hatch up as protection from the rain and I was sitting in the back drying my clubs as best I could when I heard splashing.  Andrea appeared and ducked under the hatch.  I’m not sure what surprised me more, that she was laughing or her appearance.  She still had the white pants and blue shirt on but they were now totally soaked and clinging to her like a second skin, leaving very little to the imagination.  The pants were almost totally transparent, allowing me to see the Victoria Secret stitched  along the waistband and the decorative bow on the front of her panties.  The shirt was plastered to her chest and stomach showing all the details of the lace cups of her white bra as well as the darker spots of her nipples.  Her  dark hair was matted down with water and she had small droplets all over her face.  I don’t think I could have come up with a more beautiful picture if I had been dreaming.  She started to say something about her car not starting but I must have had one of those blank looks on my face which implied I was preoccupied with something else since she stopped and became aware of her appearance.  Then she surprised me again by looking down her front and shrugging it off like “Oh well.”  She seemed comfortable enough that she didn’t even try to cover up.  By then I had gathered myself enough to listen when she restarted telling me about trying to get her car started.  I said that I would take a look so we started off towards her car.  She didn’t even wait for me to get my umbrella opened before she ducked back into the rain.  I didn’t bother with my umbrella figuring if she didn’t need it, neither did I.  As I was trying to catch up to her, I noted how her pants clung to her backside allowing me a perfect view of her wet panties through the white material.  Her bra straps were also clearly visible through her shirt.  I almost didn’t want to catch up to her until she asked if I liked what I saw as she looked back and gave me another sly smile.  I was busted so I gave an honest answer, “Of course, I think if more people dressed like that the world would be a better place.”  She smiled and turned to her car and lifted the hood to look at the engine.

“It won’t start.  I tried it a couple times and all it was doing was clicking.”  She kept looking down at the engine as if she could will it to start.

“That sure sounds like your battery is dead.  I’ve got some jumper cables in the truck but I’d rather not be messing with the electrical system in the rain.”

“I could call a friend for a ride home.”  It was then that she looked up at me.  “Do I look like that?”  She saw the confusion on my face so she added, “Your shirt is plastered to your chest.  That look is good on you.”

I looked down and sure enough my yellow shirt was soaked through and I could see my chest very clearly.  My tan shorts were starting to cling to me and I could even feel the water starting to soak into my underwear.  The feeling was wonderful and it seemed to add to my arousal from seeing Andrea in her soaked clothing.  I was glad the water was warm as a cold shower at that point could have been embarrassing.  I nodded, “I thought you shouldn’t be the only one running around with see-thru clothing.  What can I say, you’re a trend setter.”

As we stood there laughing at ourselves, Andrea leaned into her car and pulled out her cell phone.  When she bent over her pants pulled tight across her backside, giving me an even better view of her wet ass encased in its double layer of pants and panties.  What a sight.  “you know, I live just around the corner.  If you want you could come over to my place and wait out the rain.  Then I could bring you back later and we could get your car started then.  I don’t think you need to inconvenience your friend by having her drive all the way out here.”  I had no idea where her friend lived but I was just trying to come up with a reason to spend more time with her.

“It’s no trouble really.  My friend lives really close by.  She could be here in a couple minutes.”  She sat down in her car and looked up at me.  The rain actually seemed to come down harder, plastering my hair down and running down my face in streams.  My clothes were now totally saturated and clinging to every part of my body.  I saw her eyes look me up and down, then they settled on my hardness encased in my wet shorts and she gave a slight smile.  “Well if its really no trouble.  I mean I wouldn’t want to impose on any of your plans.”

I couldn’t really tell her what my plans may have been after seeing her all wet and having all sorts of thought spinning through my head.  “No you wouldn’t be imposing on anything at all.  This rain has put a damper on any plans I previously had.  Now come on let’s go before we get too wet.”  That got a big laugh out of both of us.  She grabbed a gym bag out of the back seat of her car with a comment about dry clothes.  I thought about yanking it out of her hands and tossing it away, but that probably wouldn’t have earned me any points.

We hopped into my truck and started driving to my house.  I couldn’t help stealing the occasional glance her way.  She looked beautiful.  There were water droplets all over her face and hanging on the ends of her hair where it wasn’t plastered to her head and shoulders.  The weight of the water in her shirt had pulled it off of her left shoulder, exposing the shoulder strap of her bra.  Farther down her nipples were getting hard from the truck’s air conditioner blowing on them.  I could see them straining through her shirt and the thin material of her bra.  Her belly button showed through her shirt where it clung to her flat stomach.  Every time she shifted I could see water dripping out of her pants and her panties showed on her hip where her pants were tight to her skin.  Her feet splashed in a little puddle forming on the footboard of the truck.

When we arrived at my house I showed Andrea out to the covered patio next to the pool and went in to get us some towels.  When I  came back out of the house she wasn’t there.  I called out to her and heard a loud squeal followed by a big splash in the pool.  She had climbed the spiral stairs up to the second floor balcony and come down the slide.

She surfaced and looked over at me.  “After you went in to the house, I noticed the slide and it just looked like so much fun that I had to try it out.  Since my clothes were already soaked I didn’t think I needed to change into a bathing suit.  I hope you don’t mind.”  How could I.

As she spoke she swam over to the shallow end of the pool.  I could see her blouse swirling around her as she moved through the water.  When she was finally able to reach the bottom and stand the water level was just below her breasts.  Some of the little buttons of her blouse had come undone and it had opened enough to slide across her right breast, leaving only her lace bra covering her nipple.  She saw my expression change and quickly ducked under the water which only served to swirl her shirt around her again.  What a sight.  She surfaced but kept the water at neck level allowing her clothes to float around her.  “Why don’t set those towels down and dive in here with me.”

I couldn’t pass up an offer like that and I was in the air before she got the last sylable out.  I came up right next to her and we laughed at ourselves.  Andrea playfully splashed me saying, “Now you’re as wet as I am.  I figured you would at least take off your shirt.”

I stood up in the shallow end and started to pull my shirt over my head.  I was a little disappointed because I loved the way it clung to me as the water streamed down.  She must have noticed my sad look because she came over and rubbed her hand across my chest and down my abs, “If you really want to keep it on it doesn’t bother me in the least.  I like a man in a wet shirt as much as the next gal.  I like the way my shirt swirls around me as I move through the water.”

I had to agree.  “Your shirt looks incredible wet, and not only when you stand up.  The swirl of the loose material looks great too.”  For the first time I moved cloe enough to touch her and brushed my hand through the water behind her and felt her shirt.  “The feel of cotton floating in the water is so wonderful.”  I looked down at her and we moved closer to each other.  She stood and I got a quick glimpse of her clothing clad breasts before she pressed them into my chest as she wrapped her arms around me.  I pulled her close to feel the woderful wetness of her clothes as ourlips met.  I moved my hands over her back, feeling her bra straps and her panty line lower down.  I couldn’t get enough of the feeling of our soaked clothes.  I moved into the deeper water so that it lapped at our chins but it allowed our clothes to swirl around us.  We continued kissing and exploring each other’s wetness.

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