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Message # 76445.

Subject: Thumbs Up Re:Street Splash Public question

Date: Fri 15/03/19 13:19:29 GMT

Name: Greg us

Email: Greg709108a@gmail.com


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Hi Leon... Appreciate what you said. I also own a lot of these videos, and even if they are ringer certainly enjoyed them, and would recommend the series. They look great all wet, and they were still in public that way. I know you won't answer this, but my guesses as to which are the ringers in London are:   1. Louise, mainly since she was spotted in that video of Deanne. 2. Georgie - fantastic girl to get wet, but didn't seem to be offered pay, and walked off without signing a release form. 3. Ivana - she was almost kind of snarky. While looking good wet, it was the way she acted prior. I do like her not taking her boots off when you asked, preferring to leave them on with water in them. Couldn't quite hear what she said when you asked. 4. Maybe Deanne herself. A sexy radio DJ may have been game. 5. Jessica - Not really sure here. Just a feeling.    Regardless, they are all hot women who I'm glad took the dip. My hat's off to you for even trying this. I don't know of anyone else in the world who would have. So, don't take this as being critical. It is not for sure! ... Greg
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By leonmoomin - leon@mostwam.com ex Fri 15/03/19 00:14:36 GMT

Website: www.mostwam.tv





We always used a couple of ringers, girls we had found through model sites and pre-arranged to do the shoots.

Just in case we were unsuccessful getting girls to get wet in the right types of clothes.

The London ones in particular, we used 5 ringers (5 out of 10), due to the complexity and risk of doing the shoots in central London.

We won’t say which were real and which were not.


At least 75% of all the girls taking part on the whole site were genuine random girls, the closer to home we were, the less risk and the less need for ringers.


So to answer your question.  We think that on a few occasions, girls saw what was going on and negotiated a better price, from us, but we were happy to pay.



In reply to Message (76445.1.1) Hello Re:Street Splash Public question

By Greg - Greg709108a@gmail.com us Thu 14/03/19 23:25:47 GMT


The answer is the majority are real, but a few are plants.  Louise, as I remember, worked for maybe not that show, but others produced by Leon over time. My opinion is it was a set up. A nice set up for sure! Louise is lovely and fun all wet. Even if staged, she is in public. The other girl I question I cannot remember the name of. She was a woman in her 30s, and just agreed right off to get in the tub. No problem except at the end she just thanked them, took her towel and walked off. The problem there is all the other people had to sign a waiver and release form before leaving, and pick up their money. This woman wasn't even offered pay. Great looking wet babe, but I don't think she was a casual person. Most are. I remember Annie in particular. She didn't much like it. Very short time in the tub, and she wanted out to where she could leave. I still would recommend getting this series, or at least most of it. Enjoyable wet fun.
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By NCgreg - ncgreg231@yahoo.com gy Thu 14/03/19 01:34:03 GMT


streetsplash has *SO* many videos... if you had included a link, that might have helped to narrow down which video you specifically were referring to?


And thus, with nothing but my paltry skills of clairvoyance, i dare say it was ALL scripted... but it maybe it WAS 100% spontaneous & legit... (i haven't even seen the video...so how could i know???)



In reply to Message (76445) Question Street Splash Public question

By Julie - Juliejeans2000@gmail.com us Sat 09/03/19 06:35:35 GMT


I recently saw two of the older Street Splash Public videos. In one, with Deanne going into the tub, there is a quick moment twice that you can see another woman who would be in the tub later. Now that woman was named Louise, and when they approached her, she was totally surprised at what they were doing, and got a nice price to get in the tub. But obviously she was standing around earlier looking at what was happening. Now the question is, do you think that Street Splash Public planned it with Louise, or did Louise play Street Splash Public up for money and publicity? Louise was nice and dry when Deanne got in the tub, and Louise looks fab all wet, too. I think she played them up, and just acted surprised. Any opinions on that series, or this possibility?

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