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Message # 76382.9

Subject: None Well, moody, welcome to reality

Date: Sun 03/03/19 18:28:17 GMT

Name: justauser uu

Email: justauser2001-1(at)yhoo.com


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(Others already touched on some points, but I want to express the way I see it)



Letīs put it plain and simple:

NOTHING in this world is done for the sole purpose of pleasing single, individual needs.

No food, no goods, no living conditions, no entertainment, no content, no porn.


So just as everytthing else wetlook content is created for two reasons:

1: For profit.

The creators make stuff that sells.

2: For fun.

The creators make stuff they like.

(There may be quite some overlap between the two)


Both do not do it to please everyone, because this simply is not possible.

No content creator does it to especially please YOU (or every other single personīs individual preferences).

They please the market or themselves (in fact even pleasing just the market is pleasing themselves in a way, albeit just monetarily).

Take the stuff you like, skip the rest.

If you can not find stuff you like: Find someone to do custom work and pay for it.


Yes, I also would like to see some more original, new stuff.

But the world does not revolve around me and it does not around you!

Get used to it.

Not easy staying kind of unpleased in many ways, I speak of personal experience, but if you want change, donīt act like a defiant kid and blame the world.

Do not ask others to make the change, make it yourself!




Sorry for caps here and there, could not get the html tags to work properly

In reply to Message (76382) Depressed I'm done with this.

By Moody - dakina200@hotmail.com uu Sun 03/03/19 09:18:12 GMT


So, my complaint about wetlook being the same thing over and over with too much focus on nudity and lesbian make out sessions had some blowback that has exposed just how creatively bankrupt wetlook has become.


For one, it seems my complaint triggered Leonmoomin into doing a shallow damage control stunt that involved tagging four submissions with the claim "This isn't creatively bankrupt" regardless of the content of the submitted vidoes before going back to produce the same old as always. I find it especially sad that his defense involves taking pride in having the two top spots on a porn production site like UMD while claiming porn in wetlook is a small niche thing.


Second, Dima took Wetlooker's front page offline for less than 24 hours by faking that complaints about his content was making it too hard to keep going, thus sparking a collection of sheep into kowtowing while throwing money at him so he would bring the page back which he did. It also had the effect of making it obvious that no changes will be made whatsoever since people are willing to pay so much just to keep the status quo.


Third, we now have people asking for forum modders to IP ban users for daring to, complain, with the asinine claim of it being harassment to do so. I have also see we have the tired old "If you don't like it, go do something else" BS line getting pushed around as if telling people to get lost because you don't like their opinion is a valid thing to do. I've been into wetlook since 1993, I've spent tons of cash on videos and images, I've sponsored the creation of at least 12 videos from different wetlook producers over a seven year period. Yet I'm the one getting told to fuck off because I actually question the massive drop in quality and the factory assembly line nature of wetlook production for the past few years based off of 26 years of experience.


But, I'm dropping out now.


I have grown tired of this state, nothing changes, nothing improves. When constructive critique is treated as harassment and the general census of the crowd is for everyone to shut up, keep your head down and mindlessly consume or face exile, then there is nothing left to salvage. Wetlook is creatively bankrupt and it will continue to be creatively bankrupt because the vast majority is happy to pay for the bare minimum of effort from creators while silencing those who object.


I'm leaving and I am taking my money with me.


PS Dima, it still looks stupid when your models start off their videos looking like they pissed their pants because you recycled the same set of wet underwear for each shoot, no fake retirement will change that fact.

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