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Message # 76372.

Subject: Info Forum rules and ToS etc

Date: Sat 02/03/19 13:03:21 GMT

Name: Michael uu



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Yes, but all forums have rules and terms of service, this one has a rule banning non constructive critisizm, which worked for some time, but now it seems the forum is all whinning. And this place may look ancient, but it does have some scripts in place, as some posts disappear instantly and some are taken down by mods. And those people who only bully producers, post nothing useful or worthwhile themselves, should not be welcome here. Sure, they might have dynamic IPs or can use a VPN, but as they are destroying this forum and community, they should at least feel the wrath of it. We have very few producers and they should have some protection, as if 3-4 main ones disapperaed, this community is gone. And itís clear not only by Dimas (main provider) but also Leons (also large provider and legend) reaction that they are fed up. Dima incorporated a lot of ideas, yet he only faces critisizm here, despite single handedly producing at least 20 percent of wetlook output. When freedom of speach becomes freedom to hate and bully itís sadly time to act, as the big social media have. This is awetlook forum with rules and terms of service, not a free for all hyde park. And it should stay that way, as uncostructive critisizm, apart from being bullying is also just a waist of everybodies time. Quite a few producers donít come here and advertise here anymore, so it is a big problem. And it canít be sweapt under the rug much longer. Even if the mentioned thing was a publicity stunt, Dima had every right to do it, as the hate has gotten out of hand. However the anonymous poster is just taunting him and trying to provoke him to do it again, and then we all lose. So the anonymous hater should be banned and his post deleted.
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By Magician - ex Sat 02/03/19 11:48:54 GMT


There will always be haters, it seems to be the way things are these days, it's fashionable to incite hatred, just look at Trump and Brexit. Social Media and anonymous internet posts are all too easy to make with no accountability.  Ignore these haters, don't answer them, just let their comments languish in the irrelevant section, if the comments are rude and offensive then ban the IP address or delete, but for the most part I believe that everybody has the right to say what they want as long as it is not offensive, free speech should not be silenced, however, a multitude of comments and replies when someone posts something controversial only encourages them to post again, they enjoy the attention.  I enjoy Dima's work, I enjoy wondering what the daily updates will contain, I look forward to seeing if my favourite models or outfits will be featured, and anyone who provides content in our non-mainstream world should be applauded and encouraged whether the material appeals to you or not - if it does not appeal to you, then you can be sure that it appeals to the next guy that comes along, so bear it in mind that we all have individual preferences.

Thanks Dima for all those updates, I'm glad you came back.

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By Slawomirro - pl Sat 02/03/19 09:29:49 GMT


(no text)
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By Anonymous - uu Sat 02/03/19 07:24:24 GMT


From the first day it was a game and it was visible (instagram and youtube were not blocked, weekend)

Everything was done in order to attract attention and to raise sales

He needs money and acts like a locust. "Quickly buy all my materials. Support me"

He thinks that we are fools and don't understand all his manipulations.

Industrial wetlook production is in action.

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By Dima - dima@wetlooker.com ru Fri 01/03/19 23:04:00 GMT

Website: http://wetlooker.com/

Dear fans!

First of all, it was not a hack, it's really my message.

It was a beatiful day yesterday, 2 great sessions with absolutely perfect results (for my opinion). Itís like I got wings, I was so happy. And later I read one of the forum boards with somebody's opinion. And for me all was changed immediately. Like a small stone thrown into the glass of a full speed running car. I felt sadness and absolute loneliness during next hours and sleepless night.

Today I received UNBELIEVABLE words of support. You are INCREDIBLE, AMAZING and very very CAREFUL AND KIND FRIENDS!

Sorry, I am afraid, I can't reply to all of you personally! BUT I DECIDED, that no one can't ruin connection between absolutely wonderful and passionate fans and their lovely models!


Today I couldnít find the strength to tell my motivated, looking forward team: "Stop doing your loving job"

Because during these 6 years everyday we enjoy all part of process: discussing new ideas, locations, scenarios, models, clothes, equipment.

I can't also betray so unique PEOPLE - genuinely loving fans, well-skilled and improving team, our permanent models (constantly preparing and improving their wardrobe and impatiently waiting for nearest sessions).

Wetlooker.com is not part of my life anymore, it is also part of everyone's involved life.

I don't care who don't like it. It's a club with no special invitations. If you like it - you are inside with us, if don't - we don't care.


But of course, it does not mean, that we will not become better! We will improve, correct known mistakes every singe day to involve more and more truly loving wetlookers.


Dima, wetlooker.com

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