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Subject: None Re:To Dima

Date: Fri 01/03/19 23:10:33 GMT

Name: WAM photography at


Website: https://www.wetandmessyphotography.com/ / www.wetandmessyphotography.com

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Maybe this is not the most prominent place to chime in to the discussion, but since I was mentioned in your post (wambert), I though I'd add some thoughts on  the topic.


First of all for me it is still true that overall I do not earn a profit of what I am doing. But I roughly  managed to break even with the money I spend on models compensation, location cost, shooting equipment, software licences etc.

But making a profit is not my main motivation. I basically started producing, many of the scenes I bought online myself were somehow lacking a certain detail. I oftentimes though, what would I have captured in that situation, would I have focused on a different aspect, woiuld the whole scene have played out differently ...

So at a certain point I decided to try to find a model and do a scene exactly the way I thought I would like it best. And boy did I suck during my first shoots. I didn't know how to handle my gear, I was incredibly nervous telling a woman how to get soaked or messy  and I forgot 90% of what I planned to do during my first shoots (btw. some of my early shoots are still not released ;-) ) . But reviewing my stuff made me get rid of mishaps, I got more confident and I somehow found my style and way of producing. And while I thankfully have many loayl supporters, I still produce most of what I offer myself and I allways shoot and edit scenes in the way I like them best. While I like wet clothes, wet hair is paramount for me, so no matter what, any of my scenes will feature multiple full hair soakings :)


And also I simply love still photography, so not shooting photos would break my heart. I never researched how many of my customers come for the photography, but I would not quit it, till video reached the quality level I like to see. 4k video is almost there, but this stil means investing in new equipment and this takes time and earnings ;-)


So coming back to the original topic. It is always sad to see a producer quit, because it reduces the variety of what's available on the market, so less to choose from. I usually refrain from criticism of other producers, because like me, everyone has his own take of our fetish and has his or her own motivations for what and how he or she produces wetlook. In fact I remember offering Dima feedback on lighting and image quality back when he started and from what I remember he was thankful for it and tried to use some of my feedback.


I am not only a producer but still a consumer of wetlook and messy productions and as such I bought some of Dimas scenes and soon stopped, because they didn't work for me. But that's that, no need for constantly trying to get something out of it, that will not be there. I allways envied him for the incredible amount of beautiful women he got for his scenes, but I was simply overwehelmed by the sheer numer of scenes. It was simply impossible for me to review them all and make a purchase decision.  So would I have done things differently? As pointed out above, sure, that's why I started producing. But dima has his own motivations for how he produces and that's ok. Maybe clsoing down completely is also not the best decision. When I understand his statement, he focused on quantity and it somehow began to "hurt more than satisfy" ... so maybe cutting back on quantity and focusing on quality would be a viable approach. But he has to make his own decisions.


Not sure if I was able to make my point, I somehow got lost a bit while writing this, but I'll let it stand like this ;-)

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By Anonymous - be Fri 01/03/19 18:01:12 GMT


Many people toled you allready in the beginning, this is a hobby and you normaly loose money doing this type of buisiness.


I remember Mark (Wamtec) and Wambert writing this here in the forum.


"You can be glad when the earning is paying your expansions. Nobody is able to live from this type of buisiness."


Now I think you are understanding.

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By Anonymous - ca Fri 01/03/19 02:35:48 GMT


As a long-time fan and customer of Dima (Wetlooker.com) - having bought over 400 sets since my discovery of the website in 2015, I can't believe my own eyes right now.


If Dima truly closed his wetlook business because of all of the complaints and negative remarks about this work, then this is deeply saddening. I get that he had been claiming that his work was not profitable, but I doubt that this was the main cause here. I'm completely devastated to see him gone, and I hope that he will change his mind, or that as some people have already said in a below thread, that perhaps he was hacked. If that's the case, I hope he can sort out the mess.


Either way, today is a very sad day for me and for many other Wetlook fans / consumers.


Kind regards to Dima and his team.

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