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Subject: Read This Becky in French maids outfit in Lake Windermere - WSM html

Date: Tue 26/02/19 07:53:10 GMT

Name: WSM Productions ex

Email: webmaster@wsmproductions.co.uk

Website: https://wsmprod.com/updates

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We have reworked image set W214 with Becky as a French maid posing in Lake Windermere in the Lake District. This set now has 73 enhanced shots plus 11 minutes of movie in Stream 3 of WSM016.

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We have enhanced to full screen the 3rd image set of Becky shot in Lake Windermere.
This is set W214 which has been increased from 67 to 73 shots.
See Becky in black French maids outfit plus stockings and garter belt in the panoramic Lake Windermere.

This was the only shoot I did at Lake Windermere.
I did go there one more time but my model had suffered a personal crisis and I was wise enough to know when to leave things alone and not push her to go in the Lake.
So much for it being easy doing Wetlook shoots!
A shame as I would have loved to have shot her in the big Lake! (no, it was not Dee or Jade).
But back to the girl who did get into Lake Windermere.
This is BECKY and image set W214 plus Stream 3 (running 11 mins) of movie WSM016 still proves memorable.
I once had aims to do shoots at major beach and lake sites in the UK.
Why has this not happened?
Because the customer demand was not there!
But I succeeded in shooting Becky on the hottest day in England in the 1st decade of the 21st century.
If Becky looks a little bewildered, that is because she was!
An inexperienced model, it was a big ask to shoot in 3 outfits in Lake Windermere.
We believe we succeeded to create a nice balance between Becky personal shots and the panorama.
Check out the 5 sample pics from image set W214 which has 73 shots.

W214_ads1 W214_ads2 W214_ads3 W214_ads4 W214_ads5

Movie WSM016 runs over 47 minutes and features BECKY in 3 different outfits.
This week we concentrate on Stream 3 running 11 mins 21 secs with BECKY in a black French maid outfit plus stockings and suspender belt.
But did you notice Becky wore no knickers in this shoot!
We show you Clip 3 of movie WSM016 with Becky in this magnificent Lake.
>>>>> SEE CLIP

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