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Subject: None Re:Wetlook has become creatively bankrupt

Date: Mon 25/02/19 09:23:46 GMT

Name: justauser uu

Email: justauser2001-1(at)yhoo.com


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Yes, quite some stuff lacks some passion.

Girls getting wet is nice, sure, but thereīs a big difference between just getting wet and celebrating wetlook.


For the latter I got two good examples.

Those are from Styx:

034-sarah and 109-lizb

This is what I call celebrating wetlook!

A little bit of a setup, of a story where wetlook is more the result of, less the reason for.

(He had quite some scenes which can be classified as porn, but even those I often consider kind of classy)


Still - if wetlook is the reason for the scene, it may work extremely well also!

Like in 141-keira.

Maybe a little too much shower gel and as a result too many foamy bubbles for some, but still wetlook at its finest.


Wetlook is about attire getting and/or being wet.

Each item should get itīs close-up moment, the color change or glistening surface of the fabric, the slow filling of footwear or a cleavage, the dripping hem of shirt or jacket.

All the items from the start of the scene should still be on at the end, when the model leaves, in dripping clothes and squishy shoes.

This is what I like about the Wetlookhunter series.

In the older ones the girls kept everything on and stepped out of the tub still wearing their footwear, in the new ones not always, but there they leave completely soaked.

But no matter if old or new sets - all the items are what you find worn on the street, all varieties, from very casual to formal to classy to sexy and the girls where perfectly authentic in their curiosity, surprise or even the complete lack thereof.


And itīs not only about the outfit, itīs also about the person in it, because without her, there would be no wetlook!

Thereīs a big difference between a girl getting wet while wearing clothes and a girl who gets wet to deliberately soak her outfit.

Let the girls choose which outfit they want to get wet and it which way. Maybe provide some budget, send them shopping or let them dig in their closets (everyone has out-of-style stuff in there) and leave the rest to them.

In reply to Message (76315) Depressed Wetlook has become creatively bankrupt

By Moody - dakina200@hotmail.com uu Sun 24/02/19 20:23:08 GMT


Sorry, but it has to be said.


Wetlook producers and sites have become completely, creatively bankrupt. Its 99 percent all the same stuff these days no matter where you go, one to two models in a shower, pool or river, with either jeans, t-shirts or the odd dress for outfits. Model giggles, gets wet rapidly, then rips off clothes to either flash their breasts at the camera or to strip completely naked as if they are doing a simple porn movie and not a wet clothes fetish video. If there are two models they will engage in lesbian make out sessions that will result way to often in their clothes being removed.


Why, just why? Its wetlook, its about the clothes being wet while worn and the thrill of seeing them soaked, not about naked women playing with sex toys as they fake pleasure for the camera. And where is the creativity, show us other ways besides jumping in a pool, walking into a river or dancing under a shower with the fake as hell lesbian make out sessions. The only time I see any creativity from producers is when someone finally breaks through their shields and get a custom video produced and even then it always seems to fall into the same tired old standard.


Producers, just stop this trend of copy pasting. Be a bit creative and start doing something different with your videos, put some effort into it, give us a little story, a different setting and some new outfits and for gods sake, leave the porn to the porn industry.

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