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Message # 75094.5

Subject: None 9 Hour Tranquil SLEEP MUSIC: Music For Sleeping, Deep Sleep|

Date: Tue 06/11/18 07:20:59 GMT

Name: Shawnfep gb

Email: admi.n@moukrest.ru

Website: https://audiojungle.net/item/christmas-piano/19056234

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In reply to Message (75094) Links Some youtubes

By Doc Foster - uu Wed 31/10/18 17:03:33 GMT


After the excellent work by jollywetfellow seeking out photos of latinas I thought I'd have a go at finding some youtubes of similar ladies in similar attire. There have to be some out there, right? I spent a long time translating through google, testing phrases, and following chains of links to apparently relevant material. After many, many hours, I can now share the results of my work with you: I couldn't find any. But while I was looking, I did find these:


(Please note there are blokes everywhere. If that will bother you either don't look, or learn to use the geometry / crop / interactive zoom and A-B repeat functions in VLC. I apologise if any of these have been posted before, but to be honest I can't even remember what I've seen before, so my chance of remembering what you've all seen is pretty slim)


Presumably you've seen the Cambodian fishing girls.


Let's start with an example labelled in English, the snappily entitled "Beautiful Girl Fishing Amazing Fishing at Battambang How To Catch Fish By Hand Part 150":



Three girls get wet and muddy and don't focus that much on fishing. Presumably their village doesn't go hungry though as they have successfully monetized their channel and now eat out at restaurants where you can buy a whole medium rare cow for 12 Baht.


Now some labelled in Spanish, new to me.



Not much wetness, and it could be a ladyboy. But I can't be sure since they don't provide the usual helpful hints such as "CD", or a weird miss-spelled female name such as "Elsbeth" in the title.



Cambodian bloke and girl in a black skirt roll round in a river for a bit.



Two girls in dresses roll around in the mud for a bit. I'm beginning to think that lulling the fish into a false sense of security is an important component of the Cambodian technique.



A mini sarong. And what else do you keep in a tuna purse? This talented girl doesn't even need to use her hands to catch fish. I should probably leave the topic there, as I don't really want to open Pandora's box.



A white dress and some wetness . . . eventually.



Ok, from there I did find some Latino stuff, but the clothes were predominantly shorts, jeans and leggings.




Shorts. Eventually. About 6 minutes in should do it.



Shorts after 14 mins



There are no crocodiles. Jeans, about 45secs in, and a fuzzy video.


Have you guys ever heard of Wet-book?



Wet-book 2016? I've never heard of it. Or have I? Hmmm.



Wet-book 2017?



Time for a coffee.




Thank fuck for countries where "political correctness" just means not pissing off the Dictator in charge. The money shot is at 3:28. Yeah, sorry about that. I'll make it up to you, I promise.



Japanese girl in black trouser suit shower. If you really enjoy this one then I probably shouldn't mention that she seems to get more bewildered and disenchanted as the video progresses. But then again she's probably just acting, Japanese men seem to actually require that women do not enjoy sexual encounters. I don't. It just happens that way.



Wedding guests jump in the pool. Various types of party outfits.



Turkish ladies in evening dresses in pool. We join the action part way through, seeing ladies that have obviously already had a dip. Evening dresses. The bride herself turns up at one point, but doesn't go in. If her outfit floats your boat, you can purchase a replica of the bride at https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/311818365089 and go dunk her yourself.



Office black skirt outfit in bath. Part of a list of stuff that everyone prolly knows about.



Couple of girls in jeans in shower, missed previously because the video was not labelled "reto ducha" or "shower challenge".



Girl in jeans vs hosepipe. I don't speak Spanish myself, but I believe the girl in question admitted to a co-worker that she found Donald Trump enlightened, respectful and incredibly attractive. After this video there were three further ones showing her undergoing involuntary colonic irrigation, electro-convulsive therapy and Catholic exorcism, but apparently in the end she had to be committed for her own safety.



This girl in a white shirt and black trousers is being congratulated on completing her first solo flight. Bet she wishes the local card shop carried a bigger range of greetings cards.



Three women get wet in bizarre tv sketch. Jeans, dress and Ann Summers cop outfit. Appalling acting, women made to feel really uncomfortable, terrible performances and awful script. Probably qualifies as Japanese porn.



TV hostess does #ibc in glorious 360p-o-vision. There is a second bucket.



Water war with black dress, fun starts about six minutes in. IMO not as good as Wisteria Water war. If you haven't seen that go look it up on youtube.



Like sports shorts? Love chubby bunnies? Knock yourself out.



heavy rain hits party of girls. Possible under age. Various outfits.



Dancing in rain. Bit weird. 1x brown shorts, 1x black trousers/joggers.



Blue dress dancing in the rain.



Sports clothes, in icy pool. Sexy girl and a bit of a dog.



Girl in rain, short skirt. Fun starts around 49 seconds. This Spanish film is provided with Greek subtitles to take your bewilderment to exciting new levels.



Lots of people dancing in the rain, various outfits, lots of blokes.



Mix of ages and outfits. Some are probably underage, so you'll have to promise me that you won't enjoy yourself while they are on screen.



Girl in jeans jumps in river. Brilliant camera work, when you consider that the videographer had lost all inner ear function, has no arms and was holding the camera in his three remaining teeth. Bravo, Bravo! Give yourself a round of applause. Oh, wait a minute . . .



And finally, my personal favourite.




TV show with paper thin pretence that this is a competitive game rather than just a spectacle. Attractive female contestants wear short grey pleated skirts. Not huge amounts of wetness, but enough for me.

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