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Message # 75020.

Subject: Talking Re:In my experience.....

Date: Sat 27/10/18 00:11:48 GMT

Name: jollywetfellow sx



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Note the words "warm sunny day" in my previous post.     On the 300 days a year in southern England (and 330 days a year in Scotland) when these words don't apply, I too dislike the feeling of wet clothes.     And these words never apply on the many rainy days, when I dislike wet clothes so much that I spend a helluva lot of money on outer clothes designed to prevent my inner clothes getting wet.     Yet in my experience, the only time that most white British women get their clothes wet is when they're caught in the rain.    I too know many white British women who think that they dislike the feeling of wet clothes, but actually they don't know, because they have never tried it on a warm sunny day.      And I have come across a good many who tried it on a warm sunny beach for the first time in my presence (with a wee bit of persuasion!) and decided that it was actually rather enjoyable....


If you asked most white British women whether they liked the feeling of spreading greasy sun cream over their bodies, they would probably say "no".     And if you asked them whether they liked the feeling of sunburn, they would certainly say "no".     So you could easily prove that nobody would ever go into the water out of doors on a warm sunny day, since they dislike the feeling of all the alternative ways of doing so.    As any pollster will tell you, it just depends how you ask the question....


As I say, my empirical experience suggests that the women who are most keen to go into the water are those who do so in clothes.   And the ones who "find it uncomfortable, and even worse, cannot go swimming as a result" are predominantly those who think that in order to go swimming they must carry special clothes in addition to the ones they are wearing, then faff about changing clothes in public, then smear themselves with greasy (and expensive) gunge or risk the real pain of sunburn, then expose their near-nudity to public view, then......      


I think I may have just proved that swimming fully clothed is all about convenience, and nothing to do with pleasure, which is not what I believe at all - oh well, can't win them all!

In reply to Message (75020. None Re:In my experience.....

By Malvineous - mrnemesis@ntlworld.com gb Thu 25/10/18 22:18:42 GMT


jollywet — it's from people I know who hate how wet clothes feel.
In reply to Message (75020. Talking In my experience.....

By jollywetfellow - sx Thu 25/10/18 21:16:55 GMT


Forum members are probably fed up with me boring on about my 50 years of actively seeking wetlook on British beaches, but I'm going to bore on again anyway.    And with something I've said a couple of times before.     


Of women aged over about 30 who come on to a British promenade or beach on a warm sunny day, I estimate that only about 10% of those with a white skin go into the water above their ankles (this is including both those who go in wearing a swimsuit and those who go in wearing clothes), whilst at least 50% of those with a darker skin go into the water (almost invariably fully clothed).    I don't know where Malvineous gets his information that people "don't like how [wet clothes] feel" from, but my experience is completely the opposite - that women are much more likely to choose to go into the water if they feel able do so fully clothed, which suggests to me that it is women who feel obliged to wear very little when going into the water who "don't like how it feels".    I'm not saying that it is necessarily a sexual thing, but there is no doubt in my mind that those women who feel able to swim in their clothes enjoy going into the water more than those who don't.    But I am open to contrary evidence....


Oh, and I agree with MK about swim training - I and all my class at school in Scotland, and both my sons' school classes in England, had to go into the pool wearing pyjamas to prove we could save ourselves should our houses sink beneath the sea while we were sleeping....     

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By MK - wamtec@comcast.net gb Thu 25/10/18 16:36:04 GMT


I grew up in the UK and when I was a kid at school we had the same clothed swimming lessons at school in England as you see in the Netherlands. They also do the same thing in Japan as well. When I was 10 years old I remember taking my survival swim test and then spending extra time watching all the girls taking their tests as well.


In my school they mostly asked people to wear pajamas or gym clothes for these tests.....and I remember thinking ....whats the point of wearing pajamas for a clothed swimming test.....because if I am ever in a real life saving incident I will surely NOT be wearing pajamas. Those pajama tests are as silly as the flight attendant ditching tests, where 90% of flight attendants take the pool ditching test wearing shorts or leggings and t shirts, and not their uniforms which they would be wearing in a real ditching situation. I guess the logic is, if a plane crashes into the ocean all the passengers will be the first ones to exit the plane, because the flight attendants will too busy changing out of their uniforms to put of leggings and t shirts....ha ha

In reply to Message (75020.2.1.1) None Netherlands in Europe

By Slawomir - pl Thu 25/10/18 07:58:48 GMT


In Europe, there is one country where children and adolescents must take a swimming exam at school.

No other country requires such training, and does not allow any swimming in the pool.

EEWetlook and Wamtherland are wetlook websites from the Netherlands.

Only in this one country in Europe has a social acceptance for doing such things.

In reply to Message (75020.2.1) Question Re:Asian cultures

By Malvineous - mrnemesis@ntlworld.com gb Wed 24/10/18 22:34:59 GMT


I suppose the real question is — how many people find it uncomfortable, and even worse, cannot go swimming as a result? While it seems that many people are indifferent to wet clothes, plenty of people don't like how it feels.
In reply to Message (75020.2) None Re:Asian cultures

By MK - wamtec@comcast.net gb Wed 24/10/18 16:49:12 GMT


Well, I spent 12 years living in Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore and Japan, with numerous trips to Indonesia, Philippines, Malaysia, Thailand and South Korea.....so I pretty much experiemced the cultures all over Asia.


I can say that in most cases clothed swimming has nothing to do with excitement and people are not even cognizant of their wet clothes. They are totally oblivious to it. The main reason for opting to use clothes instead of swimsuit is all about modesty, in that they do not feel comfortable exposing their bodies via westernized swimsuits.


They do not find wetlook exciting nor enjoyable......to them clothed swimming is like brushing your teeth or eating a bowl of noodles....it is just a normal function to every day life.


They ONLY country in Asia where there are known wetlook fans and wetook is seen as a fetish.....is Japan, where wetlook fetishism has been well established for many years.


This is the reason you do not see Asian wetlook fans on this forum....because aside from 1-2 people from India there are no Asian wetlook fans, and the Asian Fans who are into wetlook are all in Japan and they do not communicate in English so they would not visit an English speaking forum.


I have my customer demographics records for 7000 wetlook fans dating back to 1991, and the stats have not changed in 20 years.....i.e. 80% of all wetlook fans come from 3 countries only...USA, UK and Germany. Another 15% come from other European countries, and misc other countries like Canada, Australia account for the rest.


I think the culture which you grew up in has a lot to do with it.....i.e. if you grew up in a culture wher wetlook was "rare and naughty".....then you would find it exciting. But if you grew up in a country where it was "the norm" then you would not even notice it....it would be as normal as brushing your teeth and not exciting.


What is thrill of being a stamp or coin collector......they are not interested in what is common, they get a thrill by finding rare items.


I can only speak for myself, but if I lived in a world where everybody drove a Mercedes, BMW or Audi.....I would not want what everybody else has got. I would get more of thrill driving a rare car that you rarely saw on the road.




In reply to Message (75020) None Asian cultures

By Laszlo - hu Wed 24/10/18 10:11:49 GMT


Dear Members of the Forum,

I have always wanted to know whether people living in Muslim or Hindu countries find swimming fully clothed exciting. Recently a Bangladeshi gentleman posted a YouTube video in which he and his friends jump into a pool fully clothed. I asked him:

“In Europe  many of us like swimming fully clothed because we find it specially enjoyable. In your country it is the norm. May some of your people find it similarly pleasant?”

His answer:

“Yes, it gives us a sense of happy satisfaction.”

Nevertheless I do not assume that this forum has Asian members.

Best regards,


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