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Subject: Thumbs Up Re:Remark

Date: Thu 01/11/18 03:38:41 GMT

Name: leadfoot77 us

Email: leadfoot77cm@yahoo.com


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Hey Dima,


I don't often post here, but read frequently, and I've shared my feedback with you directly via email many times, so you know that I am a long-time regular customer.  I tend to let my buying habits speak for my preferences.


That being said.  I have a couple of things to share with you here:


1)  You have one helluva a hobby, and we should all be grateful for your contributions to the wetlook community and as well as the other wetlook producers, contributors and models who are willing to share their passion, their sweat and their beauty with those of us who enjoy it.  As prolific a producer as you are, I never imagined that you had another job.


2)  I appreciate your openness to feedback, both constructive and otherwise and your desire to improve.  In the five years you've been producing sets on wetlooker.com the improvement is measurable.  Keep up that desire to continue to grow and get better.


3)  It is easy to forget that you, your models, your photographers and videographers are not professionals.  Most of the sets you publish are great.  Periodically, there are some photos that are not well-focused, maybe the lighting is not what it could be or whatever, but for the price ($5 - 7 per set), the value, for me at least, is most definitely there.  If I was paying $10 or more per set, I might get a little upset, but for the price per set that you charge, I have no issue if there are some photos that aren't perfect.  As one of the other readers stated, you're doing this as a labor of love.  Obviously, you love wetlook, and it shows.  I enjoy what you do, and that's all that matters to me.  If you're not a big fan, there are other sites out there where you can get your wetlook fix.


4)  I do appreciate the variety of models that you publish.  I always assumed that those models who appear unnamed, under the title of 'Set', or perhaps use different names, do so in order to maintain some level of anonymity.  As amateurs, they may not want to be recognized by their families, their employers, their coworkers or perhaps their college classmates.  Yes, sometimes it makes it challenging to find sets of your favorite unnamed models, but many of your models could be professional models, and a little hunting can be worthwhile, along with maybe a "shopping list" to keep track of the sets you'd like to purchase in the future.


5)  Lastly, I'll share a saying I've heard many times through the years, from here in the U.S. I'm sure there are versions of it in other languages too, as it transcends language and culture, I would think: "You can please all the people some of the time, and some of the people all the time, but you're never going to please all the people all the time."  Keep taking the positive from the criticism that you get to try to improve yourself, your team and your site.  Keep doing what you are doing, the way that you are doing.  It would be good if your profits would get near your costs, but I appreciate your efforts to keep wetlooker.com going for as long as you enjoy it and don't grow tired of it.  I will continue to support your work, as a customer, for as long as you continue to publish your work.


Thanks for all that you've done, are doing and continue to do.  And keep up the great and prolific work.




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By Magician - ex Thu 25/10/18 19:08:40 GMT


A lot of the points others have made are valid and I would like them changed, however I have to say, well done Dima!!!  Everyone has different tastes, and I therefore go weeks without buying anything, but when my favourite models are featured and if they are wearing my preference of clothes, I cannot stop myself from buying them. I have more Dima sets than from any other producer, and even without our wish lists addressed they are fantastic value for money if bought in a set. So what if the special offer is always ending, just type in the code and get a good deal - perfect business sense, buy more get a discount - good for everyone.


If you don't like Dima, don't look at his posts or his website - easy, everyone happy.


If you do like Dima, then buy some sets and support him - I'm sure he checks out the top selling models and top selling outfits, and will try to adjust accordingly.


Most of all, there are not many  people out there producing material for us to see/buy, so I am grateful for every one of them who does make the effort - if they make some money from it, then good luck to them.


Keep up the good work to Dima, and all wetlook producers.



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By Dima - dima@wetlooker.com ru Thu 25/10/18 18:48:55 GMT


I often also full of critics and disappointment when my photographers send me result of sessions...

So much preparation, explanations before and so many mistakes and misunderstandings after.

So, you are not alone )

In reply to Message (75019) Talking Wetlooker.com - review

By Slawomir - pl Wed 24/10/18 07:54:15 GMT


Wetlooker - review


The website owner counts only for money.

The quantity, not the quality. Unfortunately.


1. Sets of photos:


A whole series of photographs taken, successful and unsuccessful, just a user could see that the photo is, for example, 250  photos and encouraged he bought as much as possible.

The photographer took pictures in serial mode and so also the user gets: video in the form of photos.

The photos often contain accurate exif data. You can see on which settings the picture was taken and, above all.

You can see that the pictures were not processed. (probably no time).

The pictures always end unexpectedly. There is no saying goodbye to the model, some ending point is missing.


2. Photo descriptions:


Sometimes there are names, but not always. Sometimes the same model is specified as "set", sometimes it has a name.

There are no tags, no descriptions, no names.

Forum users repeatedly paid attention about it. Always the owner of the website answered "we will do", "later", we will think "etc.

Nothing about the descriptions and names has changed.

The owner knows that people will buy photos, and complaining people are a small part of people.


3. Prices of photos:


An eternal promotion is under way. These are ordinary PR activities aimed at attracting the buyer.

Meanwhile, prices are always $ 7 and $ 5 for the oldest pictures. You buy more, you pay less. Great, but last "last day" action.

Only promotional codes entered during the purchase change. And dates change. Everything else is the same.


4. Video


It was not once, it is now present. However, when photographs are taken in series, the video is an unnecessary addition.

You can see the work put in over the video, but mainly in its cutting. Usually, the video is cut in the middle and as with the pictures there is no ending.


5. Background


The amount can be seen in the background.

When the photographed model does wetlook, others are visible in the background dry girls waiting their turn.

You can often see the service, you can see the elements of the studio. The owner does not care to hide the queue of waiting girls to take pictures of them.


6. Shoes


In most models, they wear the same footwear in the studio sessions (swimming pool in the basement of the house).

You can see the amount when the same model changes clothes and is photographed again.

You can see wet panties, bra and shoes that immediately wet her fresh clothes.

The same shoes often wear different models. Sometimes you can see that the studio's warehouse is small and one girl is in shoes, the other is without them.

Often, the same shoes are used up to completely break them through the water (you can see torn shoes).


7. Is it worth it?


Every now and then I forget about the disadvantages and buy photos, but often then regret the money spent.

Some models pose very well, other models pose as if they were forced to pose.




My opinion mainly exposed the negative aspects of the site. Plus, it's PayPal, which is not obvious in Russia or Ukraine.

There are pretty girls and there are wet clothes, which is what we like the most.

Will the owner read it and will it treat my opinion constructively? I hope.

I care that wetlooker.com is better than it is.

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