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Subject: None Re:Wetlooker.com - review

Date: Thu 25/10/18 08:19:14 GMT

Name: Slawomir pl



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Thx for answer :)


My ideal when it comes to quality are ... virtually all other wetlook services.

Buy a few more / dozen sets of such Eewetlook or any other, for example,a closer distance to you ... WamInStyle website (is from Russia) and see how others do it.


PR is a method to Wetlooker talked about as much, whether good or bad they said, but to be in the field of interest.

It's just that it does not work. Being controversial service is not a good idea.


You complain about work on the verge of profitability. Change the business model. Enter a permanent membership. Do less, but do better.


The Eurowam service from Romania also produced many hundred pictures for many years.

Pictures on rich in many variants and every 2-3 days were new photos. Today it functions as if it had serious financial problems.

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By Dima - dima@wetlooker.com ru Wed 24/10/18 18:38:33 GMT


Dear Slawomir!

Thank you for your detail review.


First of all, my project wetlooker.com for me is not a business, but more like a hobby for what I spend most of my time and constantly donate with my money from other business and savings  to keep it running. Unfortunately, sales do not cover costs of production, a lot of sets are selling only 1 or 2 times.

Any other smart owner (who don't like wetlook personally) would close it instantly because of financial results. And it will be done in one day, but right now I am not tired yet.


1) When at the beginning it was only 50-70 but well processed pictures, we have got a lot of criticizm: "very few, where are all transitions? front/backs?" and so on. So now yes, photographers know their minimum. But they also know a lot of necessary points that they should shoot: front/back/macro/wet/dry/ different scenario / shower / pool / sneakers/socks/without top layer/ about 50 different things in our long-long instruction to care about everyone tastes.

Do you really care about exif data? It is technical information. which does not show when you see a picture.

90% of pictures are post-processed for sure, and It takes a lot of time.



Last months, we ask photographers to make a nice finish of each session.

So, you'll see It, but there is honestly no many ideas for that.



2) We cover sets with names for our two greatest locations.

But unfortunately, I have only 2 hands, so sometimes I just have no time to upload and carry new content to website...

Sorry for that, it is a problem, but if you check website regularly, you'll not miss your favorite girls.


3) Reason for Sales is very simple: we have a huge commision for each single transaction. So, it is only one way to motivate customers not to buy 10 single sets one after one (we will lost more than half in fees and comissions), but collect it to 1 order.

So, thats why we can not minimize price for single sets.


4) For huge number of customers video is over pictures. So, we made a long distance way to improve it in most of our locations. It is long it shows all the process. We have a lot of edited previews on youtube and instagram.

Yes, in one location (sea) video in not good (as for me personally), but we don't calculate it as a surplus to set's price.


5) Some times ago, our photographers were concerned about backstage background. But now - it was my direction to don't care about it. It is natural, it is surprising when you see next girls and some of backstage. For my opinion.

And yes, other models (especially new) are looking at each other.



6) Shoes is always a problem: sometimes it denied to swim in their, sometimes models afraid... But we have shoes in most of our sets.

And it is not a studio, it is sauna and pool for per-hour rent, so we have no warehouse there)

We have sets with bra, no bra, and with changing underwear (but no separate room for dressing). For some of our customers wet bra before set is important, and they welcome it, other dont like it. But by default we ask models to bring changing underwear, but we can't force them if they dont.


Thank you again, hope for understanding.

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By Slawomir - pl Wed 24/10/18 07:54:15 GMT


Wetlooker - review


The website owner counts only for money.

The quantity, not the quality. Unfortunately.


1. Sets of photos:


A whole series of photographs taken, successful and unsuccessful, just a user could see that the photo is, for example, 250  photos and encouraged he bought as much as possible.

The photographer took pictures in serial mode and so also the user gets: video in the form of photos.

The photos often contain accurate exif data. You can see on which settings the picture was taken and, above all.

You can see that the pictures were not processed. (probably no time).

The pictures always end unexpectedly. There is no saying goodbye to the model, some ending point is missing.


2. Photo descriptions:


Sometimes there are names, but not always. Sometimes the same model is specified as "set", sometimes it has a name.

There are no tags, no descriptions, no names.

Forum users repeatedly paid attention about it. Always the owner of the website answered "we will do", "later", we will think "etc.

Nothing about the descriptions and names has changed.

The owner knows that people will buy photos, and complaining people are a small part of people.


3. Prices of photos:


An eternal promotion is under way. These are ordinary PR activities aimed at attracting the buyer.

Meanwhile, prices are always $ 7 and $ 5 for the oldest pictures. You buy more, you pay less. Great, but last "last day" action.

Only promotional codes entered during the purchase change. And dates change. Everything else is the same.


4. Video


It was not once, it is now present. However, when photographs are taken in series, the video is an unnecessary addition.

You can see the work put in over the video, but mainly in its cutting. Usually, the video is cut in the middle and as with the pictures there is no ending.


5. Background


The amount can be seen in the background.

When the photographed model does wetlook, others are visible in the background dry girls waiting their turn.

You can often see the service, you can see the elements of the studio. The owner does not care to hide the queue of waiting girls to take pictures of them.


6. Shoes


In most models, they wear the same footwear in the studio sessions (swimming pool in the basement of the house).

You can see the amount when the same model changes clothes and is photographed again.

You can see wet panties, bra and shoes that immediately wet her fresh clothes.

The same shoes often wear different models. Sometimes you can see that the studio's warehouse is small and one girl is in shoes, the other is without them.

Often, the same shoes are used up to completely break them through the water (you can see torn shoes).


7. Is it worth it?


Every now and then I forget about the disadvantages and buy photos, but often then regret the money spent.

Some models pose very well, other models pose as if they were forced to pose.




My opinion mainly exposed the negative aspects of the site. Plus, it's PayPal, which is not obvious in Russia or Ukraine.

There are pretty girls and there are wet clothes, which is what we like the most.

Will the owner read it and will it treat my opinion constructively? I hope.

I care that wetlooker.com is better than it is.

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