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Subject: Note Re:Controversial discussion - undeage double standard

Date: Fri 05/10/18 14:52:16 GMT

Name: MikeyPhX us



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I donít really see any double standard. Are you maybe getting older and have a daughter or something? Cause 16 year olds look young. And I guess most of the girls in the fountain videos are 16 or more. Some people in the broad scenery may not be, but you know, this is a whole discussion about candids and rules regarding personal rights with the persons image. Candid videos shot in public and used commercially are Ok by Russian law, unlike say EU law.

The other main difference is that candid videos are innocent, while Pixel may brand the videos as games and fun, but they are sexually styled and are clearly fetish videos. And youtube has deleted their channel (which always comes back) at least twice already. While youtube does not delete candid fountain videos, as only one of these types is sexualized and itís the Pixel games.


I think the rule of thumb is to not post anything underaged when the girls age is known, like stuff from social media, peopleís yt channels etc, where the age is usually clearly stated. The when in doubt rule would mean basically NO candids at all as SOMEONE will always have doubts, depending on the persons mindset. There are some YT challenge videos of guessing peoples age. And the results are funny. The thing is if someone wants to see underaged everywhere he can even have doubts about 20 something year olds. Look even at actresses. Some (say Emma Roberts, Miranda Cosgrove, Sarah Hyland etc etc) are cast to play teens years after they stopped being teens and actually many people are fooled. So the when in doubt rule as in anyones doubt will mean no candids as someone will always have doubts (especially people who have daughters and see them as eternal children, some older people out of touch with how youths now look and a group of sjws of the worst sort). Theyíll flag even college students as underaged. So who should be the judge? Why do you suggest the most extreme members of the public? Why not the uploader, admin or credit card processor. The sites showing stuff you call underaged used well established processors like CCBill and Verotel. These companies tend to kick out producers who break the law and they are also Ok with the videos. So why should the most extreme people be the judges? Do you really want and Internet Saudi Arabia and censorship? The uploader, the forum admin and the credit card processor are good enough judges and they do take action if something is illegal. Just the fact that you and a couple very active people who protest many posts (but are few) see underaged even in 18-20 year olds, does not give them the right to be judges.

In reply to Message (74842) Question Controversial discussion - undeage double standard

By GSK - uu Fri 05/10/18 14:29:15 GMT


I have been thinking about starting this topic for a long time, a year or two, and I am always reminded of it every time somebody posts candid fountain videos.


The forum rules state th minimum age of the subject of the video should be at least 16 years, with which I fully agree. Now the controversial part. Don't get me wrong, I respect the effort some producers, like MK, put into their candid videos, hiring local videographer talent in Russia, etc.


But many times I can see candid stuff here where the girls are, in my opinion, undrer 16 years old. Other underage posts here like th Pixel Athenas stuff, are (rightly) reported, almost instantly, but there seems to be a higher tolerance for official videos for sale as they are produced by reputable wetlook producers.


I realise that sometimes it is difficult to ascertain the age of the girl in a fountain video, but there should be - in my opinion - a simple rule spelled out in 6 words rhyme I learned from a friend:

"If in doubt, neg it out", meaning, if you are nor sure, you don't use the footage.


How is it possible that we have this double standard? Or am I wrong?

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