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Subject: None Re:Some youtubes

Date: Wed 12/09/18 03:54:43 GMT

Name: NEOhioWet uu



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Love the descriptions too. All great. Especially "shot from a neighboring country" and trying to look around whatever's in the foreground to see the background. I catch myself doing that too.
In reply to Message (74625.1.1) Dancing Re:Some youtubes

By Doc Foster - gb Wed 12/09/18 01:24:35 GMT


Thank you!
In reply to Message (74625.1) Thumbs Up Re:Some youtubes

By sms - thebangbros2013@gmail.com uu Tue 11/09/18 15:10:11 GMT


The description of the third video was absolutely hilarious and made my day. Well done lmao
In reply to Message (74625) Links Some youtubes

By Doc Foster - gb Tue 11/09/18 14:50:26 GMT


Here are some youtubes for those of you who can appreciate females partially wet, and don't complain that their eyes are burning if there are also men in the frame.


Firstly, a somewhat reluctant lady in black jogging bottoms in an ice bath. It's been out there for a while, so apologies if you've seen it. If you're a particularly patient wetlooker with a penchant for sports clothing, a love of suspense novels and sadistic streak this will probably tick quite a few boxes.




Next the Germans are continuing the cold water challenge, with minor new variants "cold water beer challenge", and the "cold water grill challenge". If you like shorts and leggings and don't mind men in the frame you'll have a field day. Otherwise the pickings are slim. This one has a men to women ratio of about 20 to 1, but if you look closely you'll see a couple of ladies in short-ish black dresses who get wet to the waist. Beware though, the scene where they get into the pool was apparently shot from a neighbouring country.




This one has a higher ratio of women to men, the women are mostly more mature and in some kind of band uniform featuring a green skirt. Annoyingly there is also an attention-seeking weird bloke in a dress and his pal who will probably give you nightmares. He probably has his own youtube channel, calls himself "Marina" and posts "POV" videos that only show the waist downwards.




Next girls wearing one pairs of jeans, two pairs of shorts and a couple of skirts. They are stand amid lots of blokes and get sprayed from behind. A bloke then walks to the front and annoys you by talking to the camera. If you're anything like me you'll find yourself craning your neck to try and look round him at the girls in the background. I blame the attempt to invoke parallax firmly on the brief time I had a VR headset, but it's more likely to be an age thing.






Finally, baptisms. If this ain't your thing, run now. Bearing in mind my preference is women in skirts/dresses. I find it helps to mute the audio and simultaneously play the audio track from a porn video. Hehe, only kidding.



Here the baptees (?) wear crappy white coats. But it's the handy helpers getting somewhat wet that float my boat.



Two women



Handy helpers again



Mature lady, you'll wish the camera was filming her face, and not the pastors. Then she turns round.



Claudia is just big boned, apparently.



Had to include this one for the name. "Bautizarse?" Really? And I like to support sufferers of Parkinson's disease. Such as the camera operator.



Three ladies, with the fun starting at 7 minutes.



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