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Subject: Read This A youthful Mrs. CC enjoys two outdoor wet image sets - WSM html

Date: Fri 07/09/18 16:55:54 GMT

Name: WSM Productions ex

Email: webmaster@wsmproductions.co.uk

Website: https://wsmprod.com/updates

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We look again at 2 enhanced wet image sets of Mrs. Custard Couple (CC), S241 ‘Slip & Slide in Cooking Oil’ with 50 shots, then W318 ‘Wet and Wild Outside’ with 97 shots.

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We take a look at a couple of image sets shot by Custard Couple (CC) before they acquired a video camera.
Oil sets can be defined as Wetlook or Sploshing.
A toss up as Oil can produce sheer drenched clothes.
In this instance we go for Wetlook.
This image set was the 4th image instalment of our own ‘soap opera’ with Custard Couple (CC).
They are an ordinary couple who enjoy WSM fun as a prelude to sex!
We feature Mrs Custard Couple in ‘Slip and Slide’ in cooking oil.
We have 50 images in set S241 of this sparkly outdoor adventure.
Making their own fun with just bottles of sunflower cooking oil, watch the oil flow, becoming glistening on the clothes and shining Mrs CC’s hair!
This is not the best photography, but Custard Couple never intended it to be published.
Luckily we can share in their sleek and messy fun and see the sheer enjoyment this brings to Mrs CC.

This is what Mrs. Custard Couple (CC) wrote about set S241 Slip and Slide.
“In this set our mission was to use 9 litres of cooking oil all over my clothes.
I had always fancied being submerged in oil and in this set my fantasy came true!
Preparation is vital, so I took the trouble to dress up in white underwear and stockings, knowing the oil would soak them, making them totally sheer!
This is something which Mr. CC and I love!!
In no time at all my clothes and underwear were drenched……just as we like it!
The slippery feeling as he and I poured the oil down into my clinging panties……Yeow!
It was just so horny!!
So with encouragement from Mr. CC, I explored myself through the soaked and glistened material, while I continued to pour yet more oil into my flimsy, saturated panties!!
It didn’t take long before my panties were even damper as I soaked them further squirting my cum in rasping gasps!!!
As we walked back to the car to go home (still covered in oil), I thrust my hand into Mr. CC’s shorts and with just a few very slippery caresses his aching cock exploded!!
Still quivering with excitement we drove home to clean up and Mr CC ravaged me further as we mutually washed off!!!”

So another sizzling account of their relationship play!
Our presentation of these messy Custard Couple sets pivots on their mutual satisfaction.
It is all about having WSM fun and bringing this fun into your own sex life!
We show you 4sample shots from this image set S241 (which was before CC acquired their video camera).Do you like the Enhanced images?
But if you are unable to view these images full screen, we recommend that you always go to the ‘What’s New’ header at www.wsmprod.com website.

S241_Ad1 S241_Ad2 S241_Ad3 S241_Ad4

A double blessing is a double grace said Shakespeare!
So we have another 2ndgreat outdoor set of images from Mrs. CC.
But all these Images have all been Enhanced to Full Screen shots!
We revisit wet image set W318 with 97 shots and all this action is outdoors and so this image set is titled ‘Wet and Wild Outside!’
But, how come Mrs. CC ended up soaked and eventually stripped to nude?
Once again, Mrs. CC takes up the tale:
“Let us go for a country walk I pleaded to Mr. CC on a warm summers day in 2009.
Mr. CC was easily persuaded as winking at him I paraded in my tight pink jeans and full knickers and a filmy white blouse.
After a pleasant enough stroll, I led Mr. CC to a quiet country lane and into a field.
I had come prepared with a backpack laden with water bottles.
‘I need to cool down Mr. CC’ I purred.
Mr. CC was bemused but knew exactly where this was going.
The water soaked my white blouse exposing my erect nipples.
It ran down over my tight jeans and into my knickers!
‘Mmmm! This is what I really want!’
‘Pour it over me!’ I shrieked.
More and more water doused over my clothes saturating my outfit and underwear.
The sight of my wet, clinging clothes soon proved too much for Mr. CC, especially as he espied my taut sheer knickers.
Pulling my jeans down, he pumped his rock hard cock over my bum, exploding his hot sticky cum everywhere!
This triggered me off as I reached down to play with myself through my panties, soaking them more and more as my orgasm reached its height!
Walking back in my soaked outfit did cause some raised eyebrows from passers-by, as we began to plan our next wet/messy adventure”.

Custard Couple always seem to be looking for an opportunity.
That is why they have so many wet and messy adventures.
We show you 5 Enhanced sample shots (now full screen) from image set W318.
Seeing sample shots 4 and 5, it is no wonder that Mr. CC lost control!

W318_Ad1 W318_Ad2 W318_Ad3 W318_Ad4 W318_Ad5

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