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Subject: Wow Re:Burt Reynolds R.I.P.

Date: Fri 07/09/18 19:32:12 GMT

Name: Tim ex



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Thanks Mark for Sharing, he was a true Hollywood star, and an icon for movies made after his.  I can only imagine he will be very much missed by his close family and friends, fans like us remember him on the big screen and that's is his legacy to us.  But they all have private lives and I'm so glad he was left alone. to live a normal life.  

10 4 Bandit - out

RIP Burt

In reply to Message (74584) Info Burt Reynolds R.I.P.

By MK - wamtec@comcast.net gb Fri 07/09/18 05:15:07 GMT


With the passing of Burt Reynolds today I thought I would add some remarks that you won't see written in all the mainstream magazines, and more from a wetlook perspective.


Burt was my next door neighbour when I lived in Jupiter, Florida from 1992 to  2001 and my proerty was a small mini ranch on 3 acres that was the location for over 1000 wetlook scenes that we shot on my property. It was great living in this rural area, Burt had a massive 150 acre property on the other side of the street to me. That property was made famous by Al Capone in the 1930's as it was one of Al's hideouts during the prohibition era. Burt acquired this land in the 1960's and his property had it's own air strip as well as many of the movie sets that were built for his Smokey and  the Bandit films. He also had a petting zoo where the local kids could come and pet all his animals and he even had his own chapel on his property, which is where he married Loni Anderson. Burt was an extremely private man and we rarely ever saw him, only a few times I saw him walking ihs dog in the street early in  the morning, though most people would not recognize him without the wig.....he looked just like an old man walking his dog.  Sadly his marriage to Loni went south and soon after he declared bankruptcy and was forced to auction off much of his movie memorabilia. I am still kicking myself that I was travelling overseas and not able to attend this auction, and later found out that one of his prized Smokey and the Bandit Firebirds had been sold for only $8000 (today that car is worth over 200 grand).


Burt was married twice, to sock it to me girl Judy Carne and Loni Anderson, and had two long term relationships with Sally Field and Dinah Shore......he must have liked wetlook because all of his relationships were with wetlook actresses and many of his films and tv series had wetlook scenes.


He was an underrated actor who was much maligned and ridiculed as a "male biimbo" ever since he posed nude for Cosmopolitan magazine in th early 70's.....the old joke often told by critics was that you could tell the good Burt Reynolds films from the bad ones by whether he was wearing a mustache or not.....but what few people know is that he was an "actor's actor" and in our local town of Jupiter he ran his own theater company and acting school to teach up and coming actors. He was rarely given credit for his great films (Deliverance) and always mocked for his light comedies. He was a big fan of Benny Hill and Mr Bean....and appeared in documentaries about them.


Most wetlook fans know the iconic wetlook dunk tank scene with Jill Clayburgh in "Starting Over"......this film was praised by the critics....probably because Burt did not have a mustache in this film......so it must be good....right. Personally I liked his 1959 tv series "Riverboat" in which there were 5 wetlook scenes in 5 epiisodes,, the best scene was with Elizabeth Montgomery.


He was one of the great action stars, who never won an Oscar, but always entertained his audiences.



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