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Message # 74227

Subject: Read This Mrs. CC soaks her business suit – 92 enhanced images - WSM html

Date: Fri 03/08/18 14:34:13 GMT

Name: WSM Productions ex

Email: webmaster@wsmproductions.co.uk

Website: https://wsmprod.com/updates

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We take another look at image set W310 as Mrs. Custard Couple (CC) arrives home hot and sticky and takes a fully clothed hosepipe shower in her garden.
Shot in May 2009 this was before CC acquired their video camera, but we have 92 enhanced shots of the action. An appropriate set to celebrate the current UK heatwave!

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I consider this one of Mrs. Custard Couple’s (CC) best Wet image sets!
Image set W310 features Mrs. CC with 92 shots titled ‘Soaked Business Suit’.
Shot in her garden on a summer day in May 2009 in a beautiful flowery setting, this set is all about Mrs. CC’s desire to get soaked and have some Wet Sex Fun!
But let Mrs. CC tell us about this photoset:
“Ever wonder what your primly dressed female boss or female work colleagues get up to after a sweltering day in the office? Well, I thought I would show you!
As I dressed for another dreary day at the office in the midst of a heatwave, I felt that familiar tingle in my stomach as I hitched up my black skirt and pulled on my stockings.
This time I put a little extra effort into my hair and make-up as I knew this day would be somewhat different!
Little did my colleagues know what I was going to enjoy later that day.
My mind reeled in the anticipation to feel once again my saturated clothes clinging to my body. To get them soaked and drenched is such a turn on for me!
On my return from work, Mr. CC had read the signals and was prepared with camera and hosepipe at the ready!
Grasping a full glass of wine and without bothering to take off my jacket or work glasses, I grabbed the hosepipe desperate to start my lush soaking!
Within seconds the wine had already spilt over my satin blouse and the water was spilling over my skirt and stockings!
Desperate to saturate myself, my skirt was hitched up to fully enjoy a pantie soaking.
My tits pressed hard against the wet material of the confining bra, and Wow! How good did that feel! My clit reacted to the sudden wet cold shock!
It was all too much! I turned the hosepipe on Mr. CC and we both enjoyed the delights of each others soaking clothes!
Finally, I pushed Mr. CC to his knees as I slumped into a patio chair.
I forced his head between my legs…..his tongue exploring the wet material before entering my cunt……I came in seconds with a shuddering orgasm.
So this is what I get up to on those hot, summer days, when I return home dressed in my sexy business suit!! If you get a chance you should try it!”
We show you 5 sample shots from Mrs. CC’s Soaked Business Suit set W310.
Sadly this is an image only set as no movie was shot.
But with the Enhanced images……it is well worth a look!

W310_Ad00001 W310_Ad00002 W310_Ad00003 W310_Ad00004 W310_Ad00005

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