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Subject: None Re:Some candid wetlook from England

Date: Fri 03/08/18 06:25:57 GMT

Name: joe uu



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I like how they wear clothes because their religion says that they can not show bare skin then the clothes just go see through anyway!
In reply to Message (74208) Pictures Some candid wetlook from England

By jollywetfellow - sx Thu 02/08/18 11:56:19 GMT

Website: https://www.flickr.com/photos/105715846@N06/

At last, I managed to escape from family business in Scotland to Bournemouth beach - just as the heatwave broke down and it turned into what will probably prove to be the worst weekend of the summer!    However, fortunately I arrived on the Thursday (well, strictly speaking Wednesday evening), while it was still hot and sunny.     Being a weekday it was less busy than at weekends (which is when most of my Bournemouth pics were taken), and this was compounded by a train strike in that area on that day - I once estimated that on a sunny weekend approximately 3000 people per hour arrive at Bournemouth by train, so that potentially makes quite a difference to the day-trippers, who are the people most likely to swim fully clothed.     


Nevertheless, there were quite a few people soaking themselves in the sea, and I got some OK pictures.     I've still not fully recovered my mojo; in particular I seem to be very prone to fumbling when I'm getting the phone switched on and on to 'camera', and missing the best opportunity - B408, B410 and B423 are all examples of a woman walking towards me in wet clothes, paying me no attention at all so could easily have taken a pic from the front or side, but I was so slow to get my act together that it ended up being from the back instead.    Here are the pics, anyway - B400 to B417 are from that first day:



At that point the weather forecast for Saturday still looked OK, and I thought I was beginning to come to the attention of the lifeguards, so I decided to give it a rest for a day and do some 'ordinary' sightseeing.    I arrived back about 6pm and headed down to the beach - to see what was probably the best sight of the weekend.      When I arrived I could see, further along the beach, two clothed people playing in the sea; from a distance they looked like kids, so I looked at some other people first.    When I eventually wandered along towards them, they decided to come out and ran up the beach, and I realised that they were slim but undoubtedly adult desi women in rather smart trouser outfits.    They went straight into the beach shower and showered quickly in their clothes - that's them in B418 just after their shower (behind the rather distracting advert on the splashguard of the shower).    Just after I took that picture they walked straight into Harry Ramsden's restaurant, which as you can see is not far at all, leaving a trail of splashes on the ground from their dripping wet clothes.


Saturday dawned very windy, with the sea a mass of white foam, and I thought "well, no wetlook today" - especially since the railwaymen were on strike again.    And that was true in the morning, but as I came back from the pub at lunchtime I could see several groups of people daring the waves, many fully clothed.     In one group there seemed to be only one woman who was clothed, so I decided first to look at another group a few yards away which seemed to contain more clothed people (who turned out to be uninteresting in fact), whilst watching out of the corner of my eye as the young woman in the next group allowed the water to foam right up to her chest, eventually falling right over in the surf.    That was obviously enough for her, because she came out and walked diagonally up the beach in my direction, and I saw that she was wearing a denim dress and leather jacket, now of course completely soaked!      This time I fumbled so badly that I got no picture at all, before she disappeared into a large group of others at the top of the beach - what a missed opportunity, sorry.


But I did get quite a few other pics of people getting wet in the wild surf, which I hope some of you will like.     


And I'm off back south tomorrow so hopefully some more pics soon.....

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