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Message # 73977.

Subject: Read This Re:How about some common courtesy?

Date: Thu 12/07/18 10:47:22 GMT

Name: Newwet fr



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And you chose to be that guy.



Common courtesy (<- key word here) dictates that when you don't like something, and especially when it's something that involves sexuality (different strokes for different folks), you don't say anything and ignore it. There's so much choice available and yet you chose to express negativity about one particular model, on a matter of taste (which, again, is relative). Why waste your time on something you don't like? Just walk right by it and ignore it. This isn't constructive criticism, it's just stating your opinion, and the only answer possible is "too bad, don't buy it then!".



Constructive criticism is what this forum is about, among other things such as sharing picture and video finds and talking about our fetish. The best example is wetlooker: when he started his business, the technical quality wasn't great, and people told him so here. Since then, he has improved a lot. How do you expect your criticism of this model to be helpful in any way? Do you think that Mr. Elsas will just tell the girl "there's that one guy whom doesn't like you, i wont be doing shoots with you anymore" or "just be more beautiful, whatever that means"? He chose to work with her because he wanted to do so. It's his choice, also hers, and if you don't like it, well, too bad, but who cares? And don't tell me i do, because that's not the case.



What i do care about is you expressing it not in a nice way, because the way you expressed your opinion could be hurtful. Yeah, i know, "womp womp". But once again, we are human beings. A keyboard and a screen do not negate the power of words and feelings. It's not a question of self esteem inflation (nice straw man btw), it's about not being a dick when there is no definite answer to the question "what is beautiful?". Your definition of beauty isn't "better" or closer to the "truth" (which doesn't exist in this case) than anyone else's. A little humility goes a long way in life.

In reply to Message (73977.1.3.2) Sad Re:How about some common courtesy?

By gull - uu Thu 12/07/18 07:10:53 GMT


Whoops! Sorry, I thought this was the forum where we go to buy pictures and videos of girls getting wet in order to masturbate to them, I didn't realize it was a self-esteem inflation forum. Okay then: I'm sure she's a very nice lady with many attractive qualities. You're right, no one is forcing me to buy this set, however if I had paid money for a subscription - which this website offers - I would not be happy with this level of content. The models on this site are usually good and often great, which is why when they're like this girl (who, again, I'm sure has a lovely personality) it stands out.


But who knows, maybe I'm way off, maybe she's his top earner. It's all subjective.

In reply to Message (73977.1.3) Thumbs Down How about some common courtesy?

By Newwet - fr Wed 11/07/18 17:22:13 GMT


You don't like how she looks, fine. But you are not forced to buy these sets so there's absolutely no warrant for such disrespectful and rude comments.


On top of that, she chose to do wetlook modeling, which means exposing yourself in an intimate way, and whatever reason made her do it, that commends respect.


She is a human being you know. She has feelings. Maybe she cares about what people say on this forum, maybe she doesn't, but words have power, even when uttered anonymously on the internet. Remember that next time you say something about someone. That's something you're supposed to learn as a kid. Shame on you.

In reply to Message (73977.1) Depressed yeesh

By gull - uu Wed 11/07/18 07:26:25 GMT


Hard up for models? Yikes.
In reply to Message (73977) Pictures Movie & images printed pants, sweater and sneakers in lake html

By Erik Elsas-EE Wetlook-Unedited - nl Tue 10/07/18 22:47:00 GMT

Website: http://www.eewetlook-hq.com/index-unedited.html

A girl in a lake in printed pants, sweater and sneakers.

4:26 min. movie (MP4, 1080p) and 54 images.

Enjoy, Erik.

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