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Message # 73124.

Subject: Hello Re:Er, I don't think you've read my post, MK

Date: Fri 13/04/18 16:11:12 GMT

Name: MK us

Email: wamtec@comcast.net


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I did read your posting. I have just had the question in my mind for several weeks, wondering how come that video company has such expensive video equipments and such high video production standards, in a country where the supermarket shelves are empty and people are fighting in the streets and standing in lines for 8 hours to get loaves of bread. I just hope they are supporting their local community.
In reply to Message (73124.1.1.1) Talking Er, I don't think you've read my post, MK

By jollywetfellow - sx Fri 13/04/18 10:17:17 GMT


My post was not about any "video company", it's candid ladies getting wet for fun.    


And in finding these pics, I've looked through the Facebook channels of probably a couple of hundred different Venezuelan ladies from all over that country, and you know what, they don't look poor at all.    Their clothes look smart, and some of them seem to pose in a different new outfit every month; they post pictures of slap-up meals (often their clothed swim in the river is accompanied by a meat-filled barbie); some have cars (but seem to be rather good at crashing them!) though they do quite often seem to travel by moped or precariously in the back of pick-ups; they sometimes travel by plane; their houses, though different from ours, mostly look decently furnished and equipped; they obviously have access to electronic cameras (though of widely varying quality) and internet devices.    They don't post pictures of themselves in the toilet so I can't comment on the toilet paper situation.    


Obviously its not a random sample since genuinely poor people don't have the means to post on Facebook, but there's a lot of background detail to be seen in these pics (which detail I enjoy looking at just as much as I enjoy the wetlook, otherwise I would have got fed up with this long ago!) and I think I've got a pretty fair picture of conditions.    Also I've looked at lots of similar pics of similar ladies in other Latin American countries, and Venezuela doesn't look the poorest; I've looked at lots from Nicaragua, for example, which looks a good bit poorer than Venezuela.


I think its a case of "don't believe everything you read in the papers".    And anyway the statistics you quote for relative access to wealth are very similar to the west - in the seventies and eighties there was a radical theatre company in Scotland called 7:84, since at that time 7% of the Scottish population controlled 84% of the wealth; the statistics now are even more extreme.      


I assume the video companies you are referring to Cinibel Gomez and Pixel Atenas, MK.    I think you're right about their motivation; Cini's website says "Your support and your contributions will allow us to reach our goals and improve the conditions. Your generous donation will finance our mission." (at least that's how Google translates it from the original Spanish), and I agree that they don't look poor.     I found your comments about the likes of youtube exploiting video makers interesting, since I think that that's a variant of what Atenas thought when a wetlooker got them taken down from youtube - of course youtube doesn't give any meaningful explanation for taking people down, you're left guessing; and I am convinced that Atenas guessed that it was just another dirty trick by overbearing US capitalists to improperly control affairs in Venezuela - of course making Atenas even more determined to carry on, as the plucky little charity fighting for Venezuelan freedom from US interference!    That is how the world will end, through lack of dialogue and misunderstanding about motivations......


In reply to Message (73124.1.1) None OT - Re:Wet Latina ladies

By MK - wamtec@comcast.net us Thu 12/04/18 21:05:06 GMT


The Venezuelan wetlook producer's situation is somewhat unique, given that if you follow the news you will know Venezuela has been in an economic crisis for several years now. I have only travelled to Caracus one time, and that was in the 1980's when Venezuela used to be an oil rich nation and was a prosperous society. Over the last 30 years all the oil wealth has been plundered by a small handful of elities and currently today (according to Economic data) over 87% of the population now live below the poverty line, and the middle class making a livable income is very small and only 10% and the top 3% control 90% of the wealth in the nation. The inflation rate is currently 13,000% and people are fighting in the streets because all the supermarket shelves are empty and you cannot get the basic necessities of life.....such as bread, rice, diapers.....and toilet rolls arenow as valuable as gold in this country.




Contrast the dire situation of the Venezuelan people.....with the video production standards of this video company....which uses first class video equipments and editing standards. Only 3% of the people could even afford to own video equipment like this, and most people in the country would be willing to work all day for one loaf of bread or one toilet roll.


Yes....the age of some of the people in their videos is concerning.. This company is probably run by a rich family (one of the 3% in the Country) who are merely giving food and money to support their local town. In the 1980's the biggest Colombian drug lord Pablo Excobar was regarded as a local hero because he spent a lot of his ill gotten  wealth building schools and soccer stadiums amd handing out food to the poor in Medellin. I wonder if this Venezuelan producer is supporting his local community as well.  


I can see why some people in Venezuela may resort to desperate measures in order just to put food on their table. I think the biggest exploiter of video producers is Youtube,,,,because if you monetize your Youtube channel the rev share system only pays out pennies per 1000 views, and then Youtube only pay out 55% and keeps 45% of your income. The only way to make a reasonable income on Youtube iis when you can get 100,000 + subscribers.......which is an impossibility for any wetlook producer to reach because there are only 35,000 wetlook fans in the entire world and the wetlook producer site with the highest number of subscribers is Mostwam....and they only have 12,000 subscribers. So, unless you can create a wetlook company that is 7-8 times bigger than Mostwam, you are wasting your time trying to make money from a monetized Youtube channel.


Google and Youtube are the biggest exploiters of small time video producers.


And don't get me started on Facebook and Mark Zuckerberg......the best quote I heard from a commentator regarding privacy was...."when something is FREE,,,,,,they are not the product.....YOU are the product".





In reply to Message (73124.1) Dancing Re:Wet Latina ladies

By Bruno - de Thu 12/04/18 15:20:36 GMT


Love your disclaimer and the lovely pix. Thank you.


In reply to Message (73124) Pictures Wet Latina ladies

By jollywetfellow - sx Thu 12/04/18 12:19:31 GMT


During the recent controversy about Venezuelans I decided to see how many candid pics of wet clothed Venezuelan ladies I could find on Facebook.    The answer is lots and lots and lots.    I have no wish to reignite that controversy, but I have decided to share some of them with you for your enjoyment, on an experimental basis.


As mentioned before, I am slightly nervous about this, since I do not want to subject these ladies to stupid wetlooker comments or other things which might make them uncomfortable.    I shall therefore just post a few samples to start with, and see what happens.    If there is no sign of the ladies themselves being made uncomfortable, or of me causing Mark Zuckerberg to have to testify before Congress again about another breach of privacy (joke!), and if the reaction from the Forum is generally positive, I have many more I could post (and that's just Venezuelans, I found many many more from surrounding countries which I didn't bothered to record).


In order to avoid unnecessary 'traffic' (and pointless complaints in the Forum), I'm going to tell you exactly what you'll see in these pics - if you're not interested in this, don't click:


1) Knee to ankle-length skirts and dresses - all the ladies are wearing these - no trousers - if long skirts don't turn you on don't click.

2) Latinas - almost all of these ladies are of typical latina appearance; if that look doesn't turn you on don't click.

3) All ages, from young adults upwards.

4) Religious ladies.   They all are.    As far as I can tell none of the pics are of baptisees, and in all cases the ladies have gone into the water just for fun, but in many cases they are on church-organised trips (inevitably, since for many of them their life seems to revolve around their church) and in a couple of cases had previously been spectators at baptisms - if that makes you uncomfortable don't click (and certainly don't leave lewd comments!).

5) Dudes along with the ladies.    Since these are pictures of real life, men often appear in them - in many cases also fully clothed.     If you can't bear to look at pictures of men, don't click.

6) Children in the background only.    I could triple the number of ladies on my list if I were to include the very common 'clothed lady in the water with her child' pictures.    I have tried very hard to avoid any pics in which there are children in the foreground (which requires a lot of concentration, since I tend to just see the wet lady/ies and not even notice the other people, so if I've missed one apologies!), but this being real life there are sometimes random children in the background or half-in-and-half-out of the side of the pic.    If that makes you uncomfortable don't click.


I have included a maximum of three pics for each individual poster (the pics are not necessarily of the poster, of course) - there are often many more in the channel, and frequently ones which show the wetness better, but which I have had to exclude because of the presence of children.


I'll start with the one which got me into finding these kinds of pics.    I had just been finding the usual 'throw her in the pool at a party' sort of pics when I stumbled across this.    At first sight it is a group of mature women, dressed in staid, almost frumpy fashion in calf-length skirts and blouses, sitting happily on a rock in the course of a country stroll.    But look closer - they're all wet - they have obviously been recently in the water in these outfits; Damaris on the right, in particular, has obviously been submerged to the shoulders.


And so I started looking for more like this, here's the first examples.

































Hope these links work!    If so,please enjoy responsibly.

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