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Subject: Talking That reminds me...

Date: Tue 03/04/18 11:31:03 GMT

Name: jollywetfellow sx



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You're very bold, Wetlooker2, talking about swimming in your clothes with shop staff - I bet there are very few people on this Forum who would do that - I certainly wouldn't.


It reminds me, though, of once, about twenty years ago, when I was shopping for a pair of leisure trousers.    In these days my waist was only 30", and the mainstream clothes shops were going through a phase of not offering anything less than 32", so having drawn a blank in these shops I thought I would try the local Scout shop.    (I should point out that this was in the middle of England, about as far from the sea as you can get in this small island).     


Having ascertained from the displays that they had my size, I described what I wanted to the young lady assistant, mentioning only that they were for hiking and summer/holiday leisurewear (though I knew that they were likely to get wet a few times too).     She immediately chose a pair, which were indeed exactly what I was looking for, and said "These should be ideal for you, I'm wearing the same type myself" [and she did a "fashion model" pose to demonstrate] "I find they're great; I wear them in the sea on Sunday and then into work with the same trousers on Monday morning" - and she gave me a kind of look that said 'you might find this comment significant'.


Well, what would you do?     I guess I should have entered into a conversation about where she went into the sea and in what circumstances, and how I loved going into the sea clothed too; and maybe ended up arranging to meet her in the sea next Sunday (or if I were Leon, I would have invited her to come and be a wetlook model).     But I'm ashamed to admit that I was so startled that I ignored the comment and carried on with my purchase as normal.    Oh, the missed opportunities of our younger days....   

In reply to Message (73048) None To search info about swimming with clothes

By Wetlooker2 - se Mon 02/04/18 08:34:11 GMT

Website: http://www.kladsim.se

Search info about swimming with clothes and all thing around it is fun, yesterday i was in to

Dressman and MQ and check some summerclothes, and there i meet a young lady and ask

her about the cotton jeans and how they react if they will be wet, if they will be "smaller" or

something but they will dont be more than a little thight just when they are wet she say.


On MQ i even ask for summerclothes and tell her a summer ago i buy some clothes to swim with.

-Yes that is something you can do to, but she not say anymore than that.

But in the summer17 i was there ask for clothes to swim with and she let me try some clothes,

another young woman help me and i try some shirts and pants, and i think i need to think about what

is the best. But they take care of me and help me like other customer. One day i meet one who say

she will try to swim with clothes that summer, feel how it is.


I have study some books in the library, only the swimteacher book have a page with one

picture and some text, not more than half page about it, its like


"You can try to swim with clothes to feel it, it will be harder to swim, younger people can swim with

a pyjama and older can swim with jeans" - something like that they write there.

Even another page, some ideas of younger swimmer can go bathing with clothes just to feel it.

But not about just swimming there.


I know its a fetisch and my little needs are maybe to be a little more openminded with that

and that is what i have been since around 2011, or 2012 when i move to a new place.


Feels great to talk about it, some people like my idea, some people are totally uncommitted

around it, and maybe younger people (18-30) are easier to talk with, they are thinking like me,

they like to hear new ideas and not afraid to hear about rare things.


I wish i have a good friend who will support me, I have even some support from the municial,

my contact there dont care of why i like swimming with clothes, i think she will not go in that,

she are glad to can help me forward.



But how to do with this, how to move forward, i hope i can start work on my page again soon.

Maybe someone here will help me make it better, i wish i have a little more aqua theme and some

pictures but even videos on girls who are swimming and shower with clothes.


On swedish tv we have a program called The Brain Office, a program for learning thing and sometimes

they try rare things, if they are going wet and be in water they will have clothes on.

I have a memorie of a program there they go to the indoor pool to try swim with jeans but never saw it.


So my idea are to make a something like "The bath-office" sounds maybe better in swedish,

a woman are going to the shower, but she will try to take a clothed shower, or go to a indoor pool

and try to swim clothed, and she will introduce the camera to it - the tv viewers.

That is something to try - like a tv reporter. My ideas are to:


Shower with the clothes, like a little *i will try something i never do before, i will try to take a shower with my clothes on*.

Go to a indoor pool and jump in with clothes, without changing clothes before, better to jump in with the clothes

she have when she arrive.


Go to a beach, walk out in the water with clothes, or maybe change clothes - and take some other clothes on to jump in.

Maybe take a walk in the rain, or try to go out or be indoors - in wet and soaked clothes.




I have some new thing on my way now, im very alone like many other people and bad thing going on in my life

since i was in the specialclass when i was 16-20, they kick me down instead for give me a education.

Maybe they can help me with a apartment on a place with some more service, a little support to help me

to a more better and healthy life, maybe they can help me be better to laundry and learn about to

laundry and how to deal with wet clothes, if they can be with me when i take a bath or shower

-with my clothes on, maybe,maybe not....for me maybe a good way to be more openmainded for it.

They know what i like, they know what my best hobbies is, and can support me forward if it is the right person.



So how to move forward? Find a pool i can go clothed in or rent it 2-3 times every year and go there to take a clothed swim.

I not like to be on deep water, wish i find a good swimteacher who will help me but even support me and give me some

good infos and input about swimming with clothes, maybe someone who are a private swimmingteacher with own business.

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