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Message # 73038.1

Subject: None Is fun to be caught

Date: Sun 01/04/18 08:37:12 GMT

Name: Wetlooker2 se



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I pack my bag, jump on my pedal bike, maybe run in to a store and buy a watermelon

and after that its around 700 meters to the lake, come there make me ready for a bath

and swim around, eat some melon, if im lucky some people are around, yeah its a

place there many bikers, walkers and runners are coming close to the water.


Some people dont care if im clothed, but if they are going out on the pier

maybe i say hello to them and they think it sounds fun to see someone

swimming with clothes on.


I have a memorie of 2 girls around 20.-25 coming in a dingey maybe with a air leak,

they are try to padel from one much smaller beach to this one, and they are clothed

and jump in even them with clothes and dont care about the clothes they have.



I hope i meet some people even this summer, maybe someone who will take a dip :)

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By NEOhioWet - scottkn@hotmail.com us Sun 01/04/18 04:18:50 GMT


I have probably gotten wet and/or muddy at local Metroparks 75-100 times. Usually I wear running tights or shorts with the premise that I am out running in case I get caught. Which I am running for the most part until I get sidetracked by a mud hole or a dip in the lake, pond, creek or river (depending on the park). Rarely I hike in jeans and do this. I have a couple of times but have yet to be seen or caught. While running I have been seen all wet after a dip or a rinsing off of mud. No big deal. Also no big deal to be seen while running on a muddy trail to be splattered sometimes up to my thighs. I do usually try to squeeze in a wallow in a mud hole of some sort during these runs. Never been caught or seen before. The closest was a pair motorcyclists seeing me clean up in a river. I think they were more embarrassed or nervous than me for they were not allowed on park bridle trails. Well today I was caught while in full wallow. In the park with the bridle trail I had hit one mud hole early in the 2 mile loop. Backtracked to the first of the river crossings to rinse off. Continued on the trail to the second river crossing. This one with the sometimes sandy, slippery, gently sloping banks into the river, especially after a heavy rain. I found a low spot where it seems a tree years ago had fallen and the spot created by the hole where the roots used to be was perfect. Slippery, sandy muck leading into a foot deep water hole rising to more muck before sloping down to the river. I looked around, listened and all I heard was the wind. This is a actually a spot where I could be seen from almost 360 degrees for the river is in a very small valley with the loop trail on both sides above on the rim. I started slowly, sliding a little. Sitting with my feet in the water. Then sliding into the water, crawling up to the muck and into the river. This continued for awhile, churning up the sandy mud to a awesome consistency. I got more and more comfortable. Soon only my face and hair were clean. The only parts of my long sleeve running tshirt that hadn't wallowed in the mud I made sure had mud on them using my hands. I was covered. I actually was laying face down getting somewhat comfortable when I looked up and saw a pair of horses and riders coming from the rim trail to the river crossing right at me. I hopped up, waded in my watery hole and froze. A woman and a man, with the woman leading the horses to the crossing spoke first. She actually asked in a cheerful and not at all condescending voice "having fun?". I stammered actually yes and blabbered something about falling into the mud earlier on the trail loop so therefore I said what the heck I was taking advantage of already being dirty. She said have fun and they continued on their way their horses never stopping during the quick conversation. Of course I waited until they were out of sight and then resumed my wallowing. Probably my best ever for a had a confidence about me. One, what's the chances someone else would come along and two, if someone did based on that first encounter being caught it wasn't that bad.

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