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Subject: None Re:Not surprised, sadly.

Date: Fri 09/02/18 22:43:27 GMT

Name: Newwet fr



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First of all, i'll invite you to read the message i posted a year ago. http://forum.minxmovies.com/showc.cgi?69441.2


Now, why do i get worked up as you say? Lemme explain it.


1) Because asking someone who isn't aware of our fetish to take a shower under false pretenses (a so called challenge for example) is morally wrong.


2) If a few people discover that some wetlook fans are quite insistant in their demands on youtube, and on top of that they tend to fool people (including underage girls/boys) into doing things for their sexual pleasure, they might associate the whole wetlook community with these creeps. I don't know about you, but i don't want that to happen.


Now, as you said, if an "innocent youtuber finds out", what's the big deal? who cares?


Well, i do. Why? not because i supposedly "live in a cellar" and have no experience of the world (baby boomer spotted), on the contrary. It's 2018. Youtube is a social network. As we have seen with the Weinstein case and the #MeToo movement on other social platforms, information spreads fast on those social networks. Really fast. And social networks, in 2018, have a huge impact on the real world, wether we like it or not.


If a few youtubers are adding 1+1 and finding out about us, and to be frank i think it's kind of a miracle this hasn't happened yet since there are so many comments asking things like "get wet again plz, but wear this", it is a question of time before we are exposed. We only need one youtuber to make a video about that for us to be exposed to the world and shamed for the creepiness of a few by association. And it is very hard to counter these kind of denounciations since the outcry might grow very quickly.


I'll concede that i might be overcautious on this issue, but in the world we currently live in, we have to. Expecially if the matter involves sexuality. As i said in my January 2017 message, i'm in my mid-twenties, and i don't want my fetish, our fetish, to be associated with creepiness for outsiders and feeling the need to explain myself for the rest of my life. So yes, i worry about this, but it is far from being silly.

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By Soak_ed - soak_ed@hotmail.com pl Fri 09/02/18 18:27:11 GMT

Website: xfmbq

On the one hand it's sad that people have to leave stupid comments on YouTube videos or make outrageous requests.  On the other hand, it is pitiful that people here get so worked up about the rare occasion when some innocent YouTuber finds out who is really watching their videos.  There is a shit ton of free wetlook out there, some of it made for us, a lot of it from folks just having fun.  Go look elsewhere and don't be 'that guy', that's all.  The video in question wasn't even that good, she still left it up, and either way, it is unlikely she would have ever done any more wetlook.  Life is too short to worry about the silly things.   If this issue isn't silly to you, maybe it's time to get out of the cellar and experience the world.
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By Newwet - fr Fri 09/02/18 14:32:57 GMT


This was not a question of if, but a question of when. In the last message i wrote about this a year ago (69441.2), i warned about the dangers of these messages in the information age, but more importantly why it was wrong to ask random youtubers to do these kinds of challenges.


But i guess some losers can't keep their brain thinking straight when it comes to masturbation. Nicely done, you desperate c*nts.

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By Waterotica - us Fri 09/02/18 04:48:15 GMT

Website: https://sadkatler.com/2017/08/20/the-harrowing-truth-behind-shower-business/

Stay classy, forum.

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