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Subject: Info Results?

Date: Mon 05/02/18 20:47:08 GMT

Name: FatherChristmas fi



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I, too, have some doubts about this questionnaire, which I would like to put up for debate.


1) there are A LOT of situations mentioned that I don't find sexually interesting at all. In all of these cases I answered just that. Despite that, the test made it necessary to answer whether I would like to be a passive oberserver, the person doing something to someone else or the person being subjected to something. Since I am not sexually interested in these situations, and since, in fact, I would feel uncomfortable in most of these situations in any of the available roles, I picked the answers for those situations that i find most bearable. (And, in the cases that involve violence, the situations where the victim would be most likely to receive help!). Since I imagine a lot of your respondents might be behaving that way, I would worry that these answers might scew the results for people actually enjoying imagining these kinds of situations (or who might enjoy action them out).

2) Since most of these questions require respondents to imagne abstract situations, I am not sure that this study is suited to catch the people you are looking for - which to my understanding seem to incolude people who, as part of their condition, have trouble imagining abstract situations.

3) For the situations that I did feel sexually interested in, I am not particularly sure that the questions managed to present them in a way that relate the concrete things that I find arousing about these situations. For example, the questions concerning wetlook required me to imagine either watching someone else being soaked by another person or being either of the two. There way no option for people who enjoy the thought of other people getting wet deliberately - which is what I find by far the most interesting aspect of this whole fetish. (i.e. the thought that someone would be doing something that they know to be a - mildly - bad idea deliberately and for their own enjoyment)


Despite these methodological doubts I would be very interested in the results of your research. Will they be published on this forum, and if so, when?

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By Matthew Belmonte - matthew.belmonte@ntu.ac.uk gb Fri 02/02/18 20:48:59 GMT

Website: https://NTUpsychology.eu.qualtrics.com/jfe/form/SV_1ZIeVRBwFFhItCJ

I found this forum via a web search for unconventional sexual interests, have read the rules, and believe that this request falls under the "request for information" category of permitted posts:


One of my students, Will Simpson, is conducting a research study on the relationship between diverse sexual interests and certain personality traits.  Responses are entirely anonymous and no information will be saved that could be used to deduce respondents' identities or specific locations.  We are genuinely interested in what you think, and hope that the results of this work, when published in the psychological literature and publicised to counsellors and to the general public, would be of use in the context of relationship counselling and also to members of the public in understanding more about how unconventional sexual interests arise and function.


If you have about half an hour to spare and might be interested in participating, please go to https://NTUpsychology.eu.qualtrics.com/jfe/form/SV_1ZIeVRBwFFhItCJ to read further details.  We thank you very much for your kind consideration.


We would be happy to post in this forum- if deemed appropriate- a summary and theoretical analysis of the results, which should be available later this year.


Kind regards

Matthew Belmonte

Reader in Psychology, Nottingham Trent University

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