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Subject: Read This Mrs. CC in 3 different Instant Wet clothed duckings - WSM html

Date: Fri 02/02/18 11:18:55 GMT

Name: WSM Productions ex

Email: webmaster@wsmproductions.co.uk

Website: https://wsmprod.com/updates

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21 min HD Movie CC120 has 3 Instant Wet movies as one, in the Cattle Bowl, Waterfall Pool and the River with the ‘startle factor’ as Mrs. Custard Couple (CC) takes her rather cold duckings.
For Messy, we have 20 minute SD movie WSM186-CC25 from Custard Couple (CC) in ‘Muddiest Couple Play’. This was shot at the time when Mrs. CC was the 9th competitor in the WSM muddiest goalkeeper competition.
428 sparkling full screen images in set M214 make this a Mud Classic!
Now available on the Subscription site as well as being available as a Download.

Are you aware that WSM now have 263 movies and 434 image sets available for the price of a Subscription.
Now that is some bargain for this superb library of material!
SEE ALSO THE WSM ONLINE STORE (no membership required)
Click on movie and page down for full description and sample images, for
PLUS 80 New ‘WSM Movies & Images’
PLUS 16 Movies with Images transferred from the Subscription Website and now also available as Downloads
and XXX section with 68 MOVIES with Images, only available as Downloads.

We also have a UMD STORE and transfer MOVIES and IMAGES regularly

A new HD movie as Mrs. Custard Couple (CC) takes not one but three clothed bathes in a Cattle Bowl, a Waterfall Pool and a River.

But these 3 scenes have the one common factor:
Instant Wetness!From Dry to Wet in a Flash!!
They have the ‘startle factor’ as Mrs. CC makes use of natural dunk tanks!
And the score is Tights 2Stockings 1

A brand new Download HD Movie plus 3 Image sets

“Mrs. CC – Instant Wet” Movie CC120
Run-time 21 mins 14 sec
3 Sample Clips in HD
3 Streams in HD

Stream 1 The Cattle Bowl runs 6 mins 18 secs
This Stream commences as Mrs. CC falls into the Cattle Bowl.
That was unexpected!
The Cattle Bowl has algae sediment and dirty water.
‘What a place to fall into! Says Mrs. CC.
But in a classic heels in the air pose, she goes in again and emerges half drowned and spluttering.
See her emerge from the Cattle Bowl in Clip 1

>>>>> SEE CLIP

‘What an idiot to do it twice!
How could I possibly fall in twice’, she asks?
Secretly, I think she enjoyed it, but I know that we voyeurs did!
Then she tries to dry off and removes her shorts in very breezy conditions!

In addition there are 52 images in set W395a The Cattle Bowl.
These are full screen images and are a great action record of Mrs. CC’s impromptu wet fun.
Including her encore, this makes terrific action viewing.
We show you 4 sample shots from image set W395a.

W395a_ads1 W395a_ads2 W395a_ads3 W395a_ads4

Stream 2 Waterfall Pool runs 8 mins 55 secs
Again, the clothed Mrs. CC takes an unexpected ducking.
Mrs. CC is at a waterfall pool.
After saying it is really slippy, she plunges headlong into the pool.
The coldness is a shock and she scrambles to the edge of the pool.
Then she swims across the pool to emerge at the rather noisy waterfall flow.
Here she exits the pool revealing a very tight fitting white skirt which has now become transparent!
She sits alongside the waterfall and we have some fabulous wet leg shots.
As she poses saucily, we can see up her skirt and her stockings and knickers.
Sitting on the rock where the waterfall enters the pool, she again plunges into the pool – see CLIP 2.
>>>>> SEE CLIP

She cavorts in the water then emerges.
Lifting her skirt we have great leg, stocking, suspender belt and knicker shots.
Then she removes her shoes, lies in the water and then swims off.
She attempts to get up before falling backwards into the pool.
She climbs out of the pool with some difficulty (remember she has no shoes on).
There are more wet stockings and bum shots.
She removes her blouse then her skirt.
Clad just in her underwear plus her stockings she looks a wet delight!
She dives back into the pool.
She tells us it is freezing cold as it is a mountain lake!
Mrs. CC makes her point in a remarkable close-up to the camera.
Finally, she emerges from the pool (still in close-up) and we see her boobs.
Some remarkable shots here plus unusual close-ups.

There are 56 images in set W395b Waterfall Pool.
These are full screen images and have been carefully checked over as with such a darkened setting, without adjustment you would have seen very little.
But WSM take great pride in our image shots and some of these are rather good!
We show you 4 sample shots from enhanced image set W395b.

W395b_ads1 W395b_ads2 W395b_ads3 W395b_ads4

Stream 3 The River runs 6 mins 01 secs
Sitting on the river bank Mrs. CC describes her outfit.
No prizes for guessing what occurs in this 3rd Instant Wet scene.
After some hesitation Mrs. CC jumps into the river.
We find out the reason for her apprehension – see CLIP 3.
>>>>> SEE CLIP

She gasps for breath.
Her dress is delightfully see-thru!
She swims around.
‘It is very energizing’, she says.
Then she exits the river and we follow her up the bank.
She removes her shoes then lies back relieved that her exhilarating river swim is over.
Finally, she leaves the river bank to go and dry off.

We have 60 images in set W395c The River.
Some terrific shots as Mrs. CC jumps into the river.
Plus a remarkable wet hair shot.
Everything in the movie is carefully captured here.
We show you 5 sample shots from this enhanced set W395c.

W395c_ads1 W395c_ads2 W395c_ads3 W395c_ads4 W395c_ads5

MOVIE CC120 has3 scenes of ‘Instant Wet’in3 HD Streams running 21 mins 14 secs.

£6-20 GBP
$9-30 USD
Euro 8-10

To Purchase this movie go to the Downloads – Online Store, then the ‘WSM Movies and Images’ section and find “Mrs. CC – Instant Wet” as movie CC120.

We continue to take SUBSCRIPTION payments in £ Sterling, US dollars and Euros, for membership of the WSM Website.
The Subscription site does not include access to new movie/images Downloads in the Online Store, which we have added during the last two years or any XXX movies.
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15 vintage movies and 164 normal WSM movies (excluding 23 duplicated joint production movies with Custard Couple).
PLUS 43,898 Images in 434 sets (being 157 W + 198 S + 79 M).
But if you want to see all these Movies and Image sets, then you need to take a Subscription to become a Member.
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