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Subject: None Not really... please see his point

Date: Sat 03/02/18 01:19:44 GMT

Name: MikeyABQ us



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I mean I respect you a lot WetCasual, as you are one of the long-term-wetlookers here, but the jeans issue is still big for many, who are not trolls. I mean, sure many producers prefer the pantyhose+dress wetlook, but when you combine candid non produced stuff (like youtubes or insta photos) with producers (like the most active Wetlooker), well it seems jeans are about 90 percent of candid/producer output. Which, while many people like jeans seems to be a bit too when compared what people like (numerous polls, sales etc). So the guy does not have to be a troll per se. He may just be someone who looks at all updates (with Wetlooker now providing the bulk of it by set numbers) and a but sad that they are exactly like the bulk of Insta photos or candid YouTube videos.


I mean I have my tastes, I like both some kinds of jeans and some kinds of dress/pantyhose photos. And only one of those is easily found using keywords in a few languages on the Internet and social media (so you might not even need producers), while the other type is very hard to find. I mean I don't post those links here as I cannot verify age (and I hate creepy comments on girls pics), but I'm quite adapt in using English, French, German, Russian, Polish, Czech, Hungarian (and trying to learn more) keywords while searching Instagram and other social media. And the result is at least 50% shorts and clothing which most of us don't like. Out of those remaining jeans form 95 percent of the photos at least. I mean I like dresses and pantyhose, which are a dying bread. I'm from Indiana, Midwestern USA. Yet I had to Google so much to find the Fountain Walk of the Polish city of Inowroclaw*  to find some nice Youtube, Facebook and Insta photos (sadly few from only those years which were not very hot). So people who like skirts, dresses, shorts etc with pantyhose may be frustrated. And imagine if you like something else, like dress-pants... good luck.


* disclaimer, I've been hated a lot for mentioning that Inowroclaw town here and not giving links, despite the fact that I have given the name you can search on Youtube of Facebook (photos which all can see). So before I'm flamed again I will mention the "spacer przez fontanne" (walk through fountain) key words which should be used with the city name. This tradition has been happening at the end of school for 6-7 years now, and it can suck (when it's hot) but it can be veeeeery nice (if it's coldish, as people still go through with it). But the fact is that the participants are mainly from middle and high school, so the 16+ category divides them almost equally. So per the rules I can't post links.


If you still don't see his point, look at MK'S fantastic Russian Candid Fountain serious. Basically the only place you can see dress/pantyhose candid wetlook (well, more than on YouTube). But still, even there jeans are king and shorts are queen. So really, those who are not in love with jeans have reasons to be frustrated, despite many producers trying to fill in the void

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By WetCasual - wetcasual@yahoo.com no Fri 02/02/18 20:25:44 GMT

Website: https://www.flickr.com/photos/8131233@N08/

Don't feed it
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By Michel Jobard - micheljobard@hotmail.com fr Fri 02/02/18 11:07:34 GMT


the girls make wetlook in jeans it is not wetlook

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