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Subject: None Re:Golden Globes and Angelina Jolie

Date: Sun 07/01/18 16:47:40 GMT

Name: MK gb

Email: wamtec@comcast.net


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You could be correct on your speculation as to why the camera crew completely dropped the ball and missed her entrance to pool, as well as missing her exit as well.


The camera crew were probably bored hanging out at the pool waiting for Angelina to come out, meanwhile inside the hotel they had a beautiful buffet and free drinks going, so they went inside to grab some food and drink, and then somebody shouted "look...she went in the pool"....so the Access Hollywood film crew said "oh crap...we missed it...better get out there and grab what we can get".


For me, wetlook is like the old philosophical question ""If a tree falls in a forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound?",


only my philosophy is "If a wetlook scene happens and no one is around to capture it, does anybody really care ?"



In reply to Message (72340.1.1) Talking Re:Golden Globes and Angelina Jolie

By AnthonyX - anthonyx@jowc.net ca Sun 07/01/18 15:46:11 GMT


Funny thing is that in the clip they say that they had a crew hanging out at the pool waiting and waiting for the moment, because they wanted to capture it, yet, as you say, they missed it anyway. To further your point, OK, so they station a crew at the pool, but should have had someone tracking her to know when/if she was actually on her way there to give a heads-up.


My speculation: All decked out as she was when she accepted her award, she insists "yes she's going in in her designer dress", and so the crew bee-lines for the pool. She decides, for whatever reason, that she's not going in wearing that dress, so she goes to her room to change. The crew gets wind of this and assumes she's done for the night and packs up. Then, out she comes in that other dress and in she goes. The crew then dashes to set up again, but have already missed the moment.

In reply to Message (72340.1) Confused Re:Golden Globes and Angelina Jolie

By MK - wamtec@comcast.net gb Sun 07/01/18 14:41:30 GMT


Well.....this is really a case where ,many people have created a legend out of something that was not really a legendary scene. FYI I just checked my original VHS recording of the scene as it aired and compared that to this latest remembrance version, and there is not single frame of new footage here. The only thing that is now added is more interview footage of the guy who recalls getting pulled in,, but there is no new footage of Angelina.


My main problem with the scene is that this is not really a wetlook scene....i.e. wetlook is something that needs to be seen....and the only way you can see wetlook is by seeing footage of the wet dress, and Angelina climbing out of the pool. There are zero wetlook shots in that scene because all you can see is Angelina's head and shoulders.....so....that is really a "wet hair scene" and nothing more.


The other big problem is that if you see all the pre-interviews with Angelina on that night,,,,she was clearly talking about jumping in the pool if she won.......and so it was journalistic malpractice when many journalists and photographers heard her threaten to go in the pool that not one slingle photographer or cameraman decided to stick close to her and capture her jumping in the pool....they all deserted their posts and only showed up AFTER she was already in the pool. That is a difference between mainstream cameraman and a wetlook cameraman....because if a celebrity was bragging all night long that she was going to jump in the pool....a wetlook cameraman would have stuck close to her like flypaper....but the Access Hollyood people were not interest in wetlook, so they showed up late to the pool and missed the money shots because they were too busy boozing at the bar instead.


This is akin to a sports photographer failing to capture a goal at a football match, and only capturing things after the ball was already in the back of the net. I have a friend who works as a cameraman for ESPN Sports operating the robotic cameras on wires at hockey matches....and he tells me any cameraman who fails to follow the puck correctly  and capture the goals.....gets fired on the spot.


So this really a UYI legend (use your imagination) because no shots of her jumping in the pool were capturing, and nobody thought to capture her exiting the pool, no wetlook was ever seen.....so it is purely a legend that lives in our imaginations.


This new Youtube adds nothing new to the original clip....and it also does not answer the long unanswered question of why Angelina was wearing a different dress in the pool than the one she had on when she accepted her award...it was not that spontaneous because she had time to change her dress first..



In reply to Message (72340) Hello Golden Globes and Angelina Jolie

By Francis Chu - francischu@iinet.net.au au Sun 07/01/18 10:00:40 GMT


It's the time for the Golden Globes again, and everyone should remember the ceremony 19 years ago when Angelina Jolie jumped into a swimming pool fully dressed.


The entertainment show Access (formerly Access Hollywood) has a new clip up of how it happened:




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