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Message # 71791

Subject: Read This Wet clothed play at the beach with Dee in red & black - WSM html

Date: Tue 07/11/17 20:50:11 GMT

Name: WSM Productions ex

Email: webmaster@wsmproductions.co.uk

Website: https://wsmprod.com/updates

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For our Wetlook fans, come with us to the seaside to see Dee very wet in red top and red leggings in 24 min movie WSM163 plus 291 fabulous enhanced images in set W331.

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Image set W331 commences with a shot across the sea to the town of Tenby.
Brunette Dee dressed in long sleeved pale red top, bright red leggings, black thong and black strappy open toe heels, plays in the beach surf.
There is plenty of action as she immerses to her waist, before getting totally wet with her nipples standing out proudly under her wet top.
We have some great wet hair shots as Dee reclines in the sea.
She is a lady who loves to be wet and it shows.
There are 192 shots before she removes her top.
Next, she removes her leggings and we have 18 knicker and shoes shots.
Finally, there are 46 nude shots (except for shoes).
Some of these are quite explicit!
What a tonic this is!
A mature lady enjoying her clothed seaside bathe before stripping down for us.
And with 291 shots this is a true delight!
This image set is only available on the Subscription site.
We show you 5 sample shots of Dee’s wet play.

W331_Ad1 W331_Ad2 W331_Ad3 W331_Ad4 W331_Ad5

HD Movie WSM163 features mature lady DEE as she enjoys a wet clothed bathe in our favourite seaside town at Tenby in South Wales.
Dee starts on the sandy beach and the camera follows her down to the waters edge.
The sea is calm so the surf is quiet.
Dee splashes about among the small waves gradually getting wet.
She comments on her outfit ‘Nice and tight and red’.
What is it you like about wet shots? Is it:
Wet shiny clothes pants and top
Wet thighs
Wet legs
Wet clinging boobs
Wet boobs
Wet hair
Wet face
Wet knickers
Wet heels
Wet nude
Well you can see them all here!
The water is calm and inviting.
After 6 mins 33 secs her boobs are wet.
After 10 mins her hair is wet.
We see some fabulous wet hair shots as Dee floats and swims in the water fully clothed – see Clip 1.
As Stream 2 commences Dee removes her top.
There are some great wet boobs shots as Dee reclines in the surf – see Clip2
With just 6 minutes remaining, Dee removes her pants and continues in just knickers and heels and there are fantastic black wet knicker shots.
The final 3 minutes have Dee nude, apart from her heels!
There are very revealing shots at the end as Dee gyrates in the shallows.
This is a true wet mature lady……just for your delight!
We show you two Clips from 24 minute movie WSM163.

>>>>> SEE CLIP
>>>>> SEE CLIP

MOVIE WSM163 of ‘Dee wet clothed play at the beach’ has 2 HD Streams running 24 mins 13 secs plus 291 image shots in set W331.
This movie is not available as a download and can only be seen on the Subscription site.

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