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Message # 71731

Subject: None a story that could become a video...

Date: Wed 01/11/17 23:04:22 GMT

Name: Catseyes uu



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It happened one year before in summer and I told it this spring, but no one cares. May be that's a pity... you decide.





I was enjoying my holidays in a very isolated camping. The place was quiet and nice, in full wild nature. One day before, a storm 15 kilometers away from us cut electricity grid. Nothing changed in the camping, except the laundromat service that was interrupted and there were some water restrictions before the return of water, available via the work of electric pumps, interrupted too... There was a big water tank but with around 200 tourists, the water level was decreasing quickly...


I was walking near the common sinks area, dedicated to people that want to wash their clothes by hand. But this morning the water was turned off and I already learned it two hours before. When suddenly I saw one of my favorite friend, a nice blond young woman, looking a bit annoyed. She wanted to tell me something… :


« - Hello, how are you this morning ?

- Well well thank you. You look in trouble, what happens ?

- I wanted to hand wash some clothes but it’s not possible now. But I run out of clothes.

- Indeed : only showers can work today.

- Oh ! How can I do ? Laundromat are not available, too !

- You just need to take a shower with your clothes on, to wash them while you wear them. Then you remove them and shower as usual.

- That’s a good idea ! Do you want to help me ? We can take a shower together…

- Truly ? I really like what you wear today… »


Sally was wearing blue jeans and a nice top, a marine blue Henley tee-shirt with ten white buttons in a row. I was wearing a light blue polo shirt and jeans too…


« - You will help me to soap my back. » she said, first. « After all, you can soap whatever you want, too… but I will do the same with you.

- Ok, it’s fair. I open the water… That’s really a big luck : hot water is still available. We have to try to avoid waste ! Show me your back, cute young lady… and now turn to wet the front too. Thank you ! Enough for the water, now. Time for laundry. Show me your back again. Thank you for your help ! »

I took a bottle of liquid soap I poured all over her shoulders, and began to spread it all over the fabric. Immediately, the transparent gel became more dense and turned opaque and sudsy. My two hands were rubbing and massaging the back of the nice Henley tee shirt. Its blue color was covered by a generous amount of lather and even big foam in some places. I tried to apply an equitable treatment to each part of the fabric.

«- It seems to me you are doing a good job, Rick !

- I try to. That’s enough for the back. You can show me your pretty face. Now the front of this nice tee needs to be given the same good soaping. »

I choose to change a little my strategy this time, processing step by step, small area after small area. I poured some liquid soap on her shoulders, one after the other, and rubbed each of them, one after the other, leaving them sudsy. Then I pre-soaped the right side of her tee, rubbing my hands all over the fabric to work it in a rich lather. The left side was soon in the same state...

« - Dear Sally, I just need to wash the chest area of your tee, now…

- I know !

- I will take care.

- No doubts about that… »

The middle part of her tee was only wet and free of soap at this time. I was only slowly massaging her tits through the fabric, with the only intention to wash her clothes, and her allowance to share a nice moment doing so. She was smiling with her angel face, her nice blond hair, her blue eyes. Most of her tee was all sudsy. I gave her a kiss on her mouth. Then I took her inside my arms a few seconds.

« - You are lovely like an angel. After laundry time, I could take care of you.

- It was already a possibility in my mind, you know… ?

- It seemed to me… It’s more than a simple tee that you wear today. It’s a Henley, and it’s a nice one…

- That’s the reason for the one you are my guest in this shower. I know that you love it.

- Truly. These ten glittering white buttons are enlightening all the top. Their contrasting color is eye catching.

- That’s the reason for the one it has been designed this way. It’s a big best seller, the previously stopped production has been released again. They sold thousands and thousands. I bought several different colors of this same tee.

- You did well. But now, I need to finish the work… »

There was some silence. I took the bottle of liquid soap and poured the gel all over the button placket, from the top to the end. Then I began to rub a hand to soap the tiny shining buttons, covering them with bubbles, more suds and even some foam. I stopped to unbutton the placket and work this part some seconds more with a bit more lather.

« - Almost done, dear Sally. You can finish with your arms your way, and the bottom part of the front of this lovely tee is easy to reach for your hands.

- Thank you ! But don’t forget it’s your turn in 2 minutes !

- I know. It was the deal. »


I tell you this nice souvenir like we lived it. It was really a wonderful experience...

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