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Subject: None Re:Barbara Feldon completely soaked

Date: Thu 12/10/17 23:00:24 GMT

Name: MK us

Email: wamtec@comcast.net


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Jeez, you must just have turned 18 or been in a coma if you have not seen the telephone booth scene. I That is one of the most famous scenes in wetlook history.




The tv movie "Vacation in Hell" is not online. I taped if off the TV in the 1970's when it aired so I have it on VHS.



"The Name of the Game" is a rare CBS tv series that was not aired since 1970, but recently 44 of the 70+ epsiodes were re-aired on the COZI TV network, which is when I DVRd it. That series on not online either.


"The Nude Bomb" is not online but was released on DVD several years ago, which is how I got it.


I have never heard of any interview where Barbara Feldon expressed an aversion to water, The 2  famous actresses with an aversion to water (Aquaphobia)  were Natalie Wood and Carol Wayne (Johnny Carson's Matinee Lady on The Tonight Show) who both died in water under mysterious circumstances. Many believe the Carol Wayne case was murder because she supposedly drowned while swimming alone on a beach on vacation in Mexico, but all friends say she would never go swimming in the coean, let alone on her own, because she was petrified of water, Her used car saleman boyfriend drew suspicion because he was with her on that trip and then suddently checked out of the hotel, and a few years earlier that same guy had a prior girlfriend who was the daughter of tv celebrity Art Linklettter who also died mysteriously while with him.




The Natalie Wood drowning is still a matter of debate with some people blaming her husband Robert Wagner and others blaiming actor Christopher Walken wo was also present on the boat.


This is probably too much information but I don't think aquaphobia is a common problem in Hollywood.


You can see a re-creation of the Natalie Wood wetlook scene from "Splendor in the Grass" in "The Natalie Wood Story" which shows her reluctance to get into the water....see here.





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By soaking wet - us Thu 12/10/17 21:16:59 GMT


Not familiar. with those scenes.  Do you know where I can check them out?  Do you ever hear any interview about her not wanting to get wet?  I thought I read it on this forum.
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By MK - wamtec@comcast.net us Thu 12/10/17 17:46:37 GMT


Her best wetlook scene imho was the telephone box scene.


Also, don't forget her wet scenes on "The Name of the Game" and the tv movie "Vacation in Hell".


The best wetlook scene of any actress on Get Smart was the iconic wet see thru blouse scene with Cherť Bryson in the 1980 Get Smart movie "The Nude Bomb",




which was copied several years later by Leslie Easterbrook on "Police Academy 4".

In reply to Message (71563) Info Barbara Feldon completely soaked

By Soakingwet - us Thu 12/10/17 13:54:05 GMT


Great scene from Get Smart Season 4. In an episode called Schwartz Island. Barbara Feldon dressed in white long pants and a long sleeve blue button down shirt  is on a raft that sinks and goes in the water.  Later in the episode she sinks in quicksand up to her chest in the same outfit.  I read somewhere that she didnít like getting wet but I donít know if that is indeed true.  

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