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Message # 71541.3

Subject: None I love the socks!!

Date: Tue 10/10/17 18:05:12 GMT

Name: candidsocks uu

Email: candidsocks111@gmail.com


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I really love and appreciate that you usually put an emphasis on the girls wearing socks with their outfits.  Not many sites do this, which is why I don't subscribe or buy many videos from them, and yet I have from you.  It seems so simple and silly.  If the other producers would just put their girls in socks, at least for the beginning of the shoot, and then later have them go to bare, they would get so many more sales due to the fact that they would get a whole new audience, and they could cater to the socked and bare group at the same time.  Thank you for what you do.  I really appreciate it, and as long as there are socks, I will continue to buy your videos.  Keep up the great work!!
In reply to Message (71541) Video Recruiting new girls for waminstyle - severe probation. html

By UFA - waminstyle@gmail.com ua Sun 08/10/17 11:25:27 GMT

Website: http://www.waminstyle.com/store/storesets/

      Recruiting new girls for waminstyle - severe probation. (ID-393)

      Perhaps all of you have already seen Anita, Hannah and Ariel on waminstyle.com, but nobody has ever wondered how they got there. The choice of models that will perform in our wet pleasures is not an easy thing and it’s not enough just to be pretty to join us. Our girls must feel the water, enjoy being wet in full clothes and be able to share their feeling with the audience. So, before being shown on the site, the new girls had to undergo the probation which was to know will they really suit for being wetlook models. We are sharing their very first wet session with you.
      It was a hot day and the girl’s team lead by our casting director Wanda was near the pool to maintain their first wet experience. They were worried and excited before something completely new for them. Their first look was full-jeans outfit and white shirts. Wanda in her classy business suit and high heels went to the water first to cheer the girls up. Their first task was to fall into the water accidentally, then to swim under the water and on its surface. All of them showed their vivid, unpretended reaction to their first wetlook experience differently and each of them looked beautiful in her own way. Hannah was like a child, laughing and having fun purely from her heart. Ariel, a shy and sensitive girl, looked so natural with her surprise changed with excitement about the water. And Anita opened herself at once as a sexy seducing mermaid able to drag any man under the water with her charm. Innocent Ariel, hot Anita and lively Hannah – what a beautiful ensemble!
      Their jeans, jackets, and shirts were fully soaked with water, embracing their young bodies so seductively. They were exploring wetlook and when they got used to the water they began to show themselves off and to play with their wet full-dressed bodies to demonstrate how sexy and gorgeous they felt. When the first task was finished, all of them slowly went out of the water, beautiful, all-wet, with the water pouring from their jeans clothes. The second task was the famous wet T-shirts contest. The girls changed their shirts on white T-shirts. Then Wanda told them to take off their bras in water. Perhaps it will be one of the sexiest things you’ll ever see in your life – beautiful girls in white outfit that became completely wet and transparent, showing their lingerie, and then their boobs with the nipples protrude in cold water...
      But wait! It was only the first part of their casting contest. The second will be not less interesting, vivid and full of new gorgeous clothes that will be all wet on our beauties. Be patient, guys – you will see them in skirts, business looks and more! And what girl did you like the most – little shy mermaid Ariel, sexy siren Anita or naughty girl Hannah? Write us, we are eager to know!

      Price: $15

      Video: Full HD 1920x1080 59p, length 31:18, MP4-file (AVC), 2,22Gb.
      You can watch 61 video screenshots to this set in the store.

      Photos: 574pcs, High res 2128x1416, ZIP-archive, 432Mb.
      Find 12 free photo previews in the store.

      p.s. Full-size previews you can see (download) on the site: WAMinStyle Store

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