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Subject: Info Re:Problems with mp4 format

Date: Mon 09/10/17 17:44:22 GMT

Name: UFA ua

Email: waminstyle@gmail.com


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You're partly right.


A new version of the program for video editing appeared, there newer and more perfect codecs have been released. Quality in mp4 format is better than in avi at the same bitrate. We posted some videos (including the ID-393 in the store) with such codec settings where there is a problem - when rewinding, moving the cursor the video stops for a while, you can only watch from the beginning and to the end. But this problem has already been solved. The video about which you wrote - "V-371_Violeta in skirt suit gets wet near the waterfall.mp4" no longer has such a problem! And the quality of this video is a bit lower, not because of the codec parameters, it's just a very complex video for encoding, there are too many small objects in the frame - waterfall, trimming water and foliage of the trees - lots of small and different objects, even in the original video there are visible artifacts. And video in a uniformly illuminated blue pool or bathroom - does not have these drawbacks (no complex variegated background) and it in any case looks better. The new video in mp4 is at any case better in quality than before in avi, it was all compared on stop frames, screenshots with different encoding options.


p.s. Those who bought the video ID-393 and wants another option (in avi for example) - please write to me and I'll give you a new link.

In reply to Message (71541.1) Read This Problems with mp4 format

By Anonymous - de Mon 09/10/17 15:56:53 GMT


Some weeks ago you started changing the video format from avi to mp4.The new mp4 files have somehow a problem.


When you start the film and play the film to the end, everything is ok.

However, when you start the film, jump to the middle or near the end, the CPU load goes to 100% and the screen is not reacting for some minutes.

Up to now, jumping to points of interest could be done on all your films in avi format.

This is also could be done on all films of other suppliers in mp4 format.

Are you now using an mp4 codec which can´t not be handeled by normal players like VLC?


Your new "V-371_Violeta in skirt suit gets wet near the waterfall.mp4" has not this problem.

Somehow, somebody of you noticed this problem and converted the film to another mp4 codec.

Now the result is a complete reduction in quality.


Why are you doing these trials, everybody is happy with the old avi format as I think.

Is it possible that all subscribers get the avi version of these relatet films?


Best regards


In reply to Message (71541) Video Recruiting new girls for waminstyle - severe probation. html

By UFA - waminstyle@gmail.com ua Sun 08/10/17 11:25:27 GMT

Website: http://www.waminstyle.com/store/storesets/

      Recruiting new girls for waminstyle - severe probation. (ID-393)

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