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Subject: Info Re:Question to wetlook producers

Date: Thu 05/10/17 01:11:03 GMT

Name: MK us

Email: wamtec@comcast.net


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1) It can vary depending on the location and the kind of scene being shot and how many girls were in each scene. In the 1990's I had 8-10 models staying at my ranch house for 6-8 weeks at a time  so every day we had 8-10 models on set and would have 5-6 camera guys and  2 or 3 separate camera crews working simultaneoulsy shooting pool scenes, hot tub scenes, mud pit scenes and pie scenes at the same time on the grounds of my 5 acre piroperty, and Ed knows (because he visited my ranch in those days) things were a "madhouse" in those days....and we averaged shooting  15-20 scenes per day. But when the girls were all needed to be in one pool party scene we would spend all afternoon or all evening to shoot only 2 pool parties per day. These days we do things at a far slower pace, and we only hire 3-4 girls at a time and do 5 scenes in one day.


2) For laundry I had a VERY long clothes line in my back yard.....and that was decorated all day like flags on a battleship. One time we did a custom video with  wet sweaters and the custom guy shipped several huge boxes filled with over 90 mohair and angora sweatera, and he wanted our 9 girls to change into a different color sweater for 10 scenes that day.....so 90 sweater made for a very long washing line. Not to mention that all that wool and mohair from 90 sweaters in my pool clogged up the filter system on my pool and the dye caused my pool to change to purple as well.


3) We did not spend any time trying to salvage clothes that had been used in a pie fight or mud shoot....those were just thrown in plastic bags and we often had to give the garbage man a big tip to haul it all away. The clothing used on wetlook and underwater shoots was mostly rescued and used on future shoots. Yes.....we did use a special laundy service for those items.....it was called MY WIFE.....who also did the makeup for the girls and the cooking wjhen we had up to 20 people camping at my ranch for 5-6 weeks. After several years of doing this routine my hair turned grey from all the partying at my house and my wife grew weary of all the clean up work....so it was fun running a madhouse for 9 years, but by 2001 we decided it was time for a slower lifestyle, so in 2002 I turned over the production and models side of the business to my partner Tracie and her husband, so they manage everything today and all I do these days is the editing work and website maintenance.


Bottom line thoiugh is....you need to be very productive and shoot at least 4-5 scenes in one day....and the reality is that most models we hire willl only show up if you will commit to giving them at least 4 scenes of work to do....models do not show up if you only offer them 1 scene to do....so you have to be well organized and productive and get a lot done in order to make it worthwhile for the model and for you as a producer.





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By GSK - uu Wed 04/10/17 18:21:16 GMT


I don't know if this has ever been asked but I am curious, it's about the logistics of a wetlook shoot:


1. How many sets/videos you usually shoot in one day on location with how many models on average? How many outfits would a model soak in one day?

2. What do you do with all the soaked outfits until the end of the day or until you get a chance to clean/wash them?

3. Do you spend a lot of time after a shoot to make those outfits presentable again, especially the shoes? Or do you use a special laundry service?


Thanks in advance for your replies.

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