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Subject: Thumbs Up Re:Question to wetlook producers

Date: Fri 06/10/17 16:01:21 GMT

Name: Reader de



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I´d also like to hear about the difficulties and the fun around the shoot as it makes photo or video sets more personal.
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By EdR - asplashofglamour@gmail.com uu Wed 04/10/17 21:53:55 GMT

Website: www.asplashofglamour.com

I for one don't mind answering questions… in fact it would be nice if more of these types of questions are asked more often.


1) How many sets?…It depends….Normally I book one model at a time. (usually on a weekend) And typically, I may try to get about three to four sets with her. Thats normal for us. We have also worked with a few models at a time. If I'm working with more than one model, I still try to get about three sets each. (if theres time) My busiest times were whenever we go on a trip to some exotic location. I may bring three models and work with all of them for about the length of the trip. Each model will do about 3-4 sets per day. That can be a lot of clothing and shoes. For those trips, we try to consolidate outfits by bringing things that can be used more than once, especially shoes as they are heavier and take up a lot more space in our luggage. The most I've shot in a week was during a trip (to a secret location) in the Caribbean. We met up with 7 models. Some we were only able to work with us for one day, while others were there for the entire week. The end result was lots of wet clothes and shoes. Some items had to get wet again, with little time to dry.


2) We just hang them out in the sun and let them dry. I have a ladder I use to drape clothes over, but if we are away from home, I use whats available. A tree branch, chair, hand rail, car fender and at least let them drip dry. In some situations, we may have to put wet clothes in a plastic bag. Just don't forget they are there.


3) After use, we usually launder the clothes ourselves and hang them up as soon as they come out of the drier. We don't do anything special, like ironing unless it's a particular item of clothing that happens to be terribly wrinkled and too noticeable otherwise. And we never use any sort of special laundering service. It would become cost prohibitive.


Shoes do take a beating. We try to use them as many times as possible before they begin to look terrible or fall apart. (They tend to be one of the bigger outfit expenses). After the shoes are used for a shoot, we rinse them off if they were in mud or salt water, then put them in the sun to dry. With wedge heels, we turn them upside down to allow the water to drain out. To keep some of the shoes presentable, (and we can get more use out of them) I have been known to make repairs as needed. It's a way to save a little money, but eventually we do throw out a bunch of clothes and shoes after each season.



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By GSK - uu Wed 04/10/17 18:21:16 GMT


I don't know if this has ever been asked but I am curious, it's about the logistics of a wetlook shoot:


1. How many sets/videos you usually shoot in one day on location with how many models on average? How many outfits would a model soak in one day?

2. What do you do with all the soaked outfits until the end of the day or until you get a chance to clean/wash them?

3. Do you spend a lot of time after a shoot to make those outfits presentable again, especially the shoes? Or do you use a special laundry service?


Thanks in advance for your replies.

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